Surrogacy Success Rates: A Detailed Look At The Success of Surrogacy

Surrogacy Success Rates: A Detailed Look At The Success of Surrogacy

Many couples are unable to conceive a baby or carry one to term end up needing to find a surrogate mother instead.

A surrogate carries another couple’s baby to term for varying compensation benefits.

Due to this increasingly successful method of growing a family, many couples worry about surrogacy success rates.

Before gaining the proper assessment knowledge of typical success rates for surrogate pregnancies and successful births, it is necessary to understand the specifics of how these statistical rates are obtained and the details making up those reports.

Top Reasons Why Couples Choose to Use a Surrogate

Not being able to have your own biological children in a natural way can be excruciatingly painful for couples to go through. Many couples that experience infertility has gone through extensive fertility testing and treatments.

Some common treatments and procedures that couples with fertility problems often undergo include in-vitro fertilization and reproductive surgeries like microscopic work to open tiny ovarian tubes among many others.

By the time that these couples realize that they aren’t getting any closer to their long-held dream of becoming parents, some are already approaching or beyond the recommended age for having children naturally.

Other reasons may include:

  • Health Issues Making It Dangerous to Carry a Baby
  • Genetic Problems that Increase Risks of Birth Defects & Other Problems
  • Woman Has Had a Hysterectomy or Partial One
  • Man Lacks the Proper Sperm Count or Has Had Reproductive Surgery that Resulted in Being Infertile
  • Woman Especially, but Sometimes the Man, Need to Take Potent Medications for Their Health that Increase Risks for Birth Defects
  • Woman Could Be Allergic to Man’s Sperm or Other Bodily Fluids
  • Age
  • Physical Disabilities Affecting Reproduction & Fertility
  • Same-Sex Couple Desiring Children
  • Too Many Failed In-Vitro Fertilization or Ivf Attempts
  • Woman Doesn’t Want to Bear Child Physically – Career Etc.
  • Many Other Reasons

How Do Couples Find a Reputable Surrogate?

When a couple deeply desiring to have a child make the decision to find a surrogate, they are often perplexed about how to do that. Some couples attempt to search the Internet by typing in “fertility clinic near me” to find nearby professionals to speak with about the topic.

Having an expert in fertility explain all of the pros and cons of the various reasons you may need to find a suitable surrogate is the best and smartest way to proceed.

As a local surrogacy agency located in the Sacramento and Northern CA area, Made in the USA Surrogacy has the proper resources and surrogacy process to get couples interested in surrogate mother the exact type of information that they need. We have lots of experience not only in vetting extremely caring surrogate mothers who will complete your family, but we have also developed the proper process to make your journey painless.

As far as finding the right surrogate, or to give the precious gift of life to another couple by becoming a surrogate, we offer truly dedicated services in Roseville, CA, and would be delighted to help in every way that we can.

Couples who are currently undergoing in-vitro fertilization may find that they need a surrogate even after undergoing treatment. If you are not currently undergoing IVF, or you feel that the process still may fail if you try it on your own- feel great about using our surrogacy agency to find a surrogate that matches your needs.

Why Surrogacy in California Has Recently Skyrocketed

Surrogacy is becoming popular in many regions these days. However, many have noticed that California has seen a profound jump compared to other areas around the country and across the globe.

If you are an intended parent looking for a California surrogate agency, you are in luck. Our team has been serving clients both in the Roseville, CA area and others from as far away as China and Australia. Read our inspirational story about our story and how loving Chinese parents who desperately wanted a child and had a healthy baby boy at last.

Intended parents and surrogates who work with us quickly realize that we really do understand this journey. Whether needing to locate a reputable surrogate agency in the US or abroad, our compassionate and top-notch services might be just what you are searching for.

Many happy couples have discovered that California is considered to be one of the best places to find a surrogate or to become one. This is because this state is known to have more surrogate friendly laws compared to other states.

In fact, some states still do not recognize all of the legal rights that intended parents should have when using a surrogate to carry their much-anticipated child.

A special bill in California regarding surrogate/intended parents agreements and the legal rights of both the intended parents and the surrogate herself governs the process of surrogacy in California. As a result, many other states in the nation have already or are in the process of modeling their state laws related to surrogate births in a similar fashion of this great state.

Because this state is seen as a leader in legal surrogate laws and agreements, more couples are using Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, CA and can rely on us for honest, transparent and high-quality service.

Types of Surrogates

There are a few terms that should be discussed to understand the various types of pregnancies using a surrogate mother. There are two main types typically used today. These two types of surrogates include:

  1. Traditional Surrogates
  2. Gestational Surrogates

Traditional Surrogates

The traditional surrogate is not as common today as becoming a gestational surrogate or using a gestational surrogate. For this surrogate pregnancy type, the surrogate uses her own eggs that are inseminated by the father’s or sperm donor’s sperm sample.

The actual insemination procedure can be done in a fertility clinic or doctor’s office, or it can be done via a kit that the surrogate uses in the privacy of her own home.

Although the method of carrying a baby for another couple is usually less costly than the other, there are some concerns that prospective parents of the intended child should be fully aware before going this route.

Since the surrogate provides her eggs from her body, in legal terms, she is then the biological mother. In the past, surrogates that got pregnant in this manner sometimes changed their minds later on. This was and can be devastating for the couple waiting to take their baby home.

Not to be unduly worried though, today’s process involves clearer laws and legal custody agreements making it harder for this type of incident to occur in these changing times.

Finding a traditional surrogate still remains a viable and perhaps necessary option for couples unable to supply either their own eggs or sperm. More states these days recognize the legal rights of intended parents. in these types of surrogate arrangements.

It is also important to remember that credible surrogate agencies use better methods of screening their potential surrogate candidates. This includes an exhaustive list of qualifiers that the surrogate must meet before being eligible to work with that agency. More on how our surrogate agency screens their surrogate candidates.

Gestational Surrogate

Using the services of a gestational surrogate is the most popular method of finding a surrogate or using a surrogate mother in the United States. More states are recognizing the legality of this type of arrangement, and many only allow this type of surrogate agreement for legal purposes.

A gestational surrogate does not contribute her own eggs. She achieves pregnancy with implantation of the intended mother’s eggs or eggs from an egg donor via the process of IVF. The intended father contributes his sperm, or the sperm is used from a sperm donor.

At any rate, the surrogate is not the biological mother as she shares no genetic material with the resulting baby growing inside her. This is one of the main reasons why more couples choose this type of surrogate. There is much less risk of the surrogate changing her mind or not abiding by the legal agreement.

Due to the usual need for IVF, gestational surrogates often require more expense due to the extra costs of this medical procedure.

Gestational surrogates become pregnant typically with three steps: 

  • Egg Donation – Either by Surrogate or Intended Mother
  • Fertilization – Egg Is Fertilized by Sperm in Lab & Grown Into Embryo
  • Transfer – Embryo Is Transferred to The Surrogate’s Womb

One of the most important benefits of utilizing a gestational surrogate for many couples is that the baby will be their actual child if both contributed their DNA through eggs and sperm. For those that need a sperm donor, at least the mother will be genetically related or vice versa the father with a donated egg.

Read more about the embryo transfer procedure all gestational surrogates undergo.

Note that a number of couples using this method elect to use both a sperm donor and egg donor. By going this route, the couple is less likely to encounter emotional issues with their surrogate mother. Having the surrogate only act as a carrier alone elevates the intended parent’s legal rights and emotional connection with the intended parents.

Both of these surrogate types have pros and cons to consider. The vast majority of couples that use either of these methods successfully gain one or more children without any legal problems. Again, it should be noted that the main method (over 90% of surrogate births) used by Made in the USA Surrogacy and the majority of the practicing states in the US, is gestational surrogacy.

Average Surrogate Success Rates & Details

Since the success rates for surrogate carried pregnancies are reported differently in different locations, exact numbers cannot be claimed.

Additionally, factors such as where the surrogate is living, type of agency used if any and health, age and number of previous pregnancies reported by the surrogate are also variables that affect the statistical numbers.

Generally speaking, gestational surrogate success rates in the United States are estimated to be about 75% or more of the population considered in ideal childbearing age.

Of these, an estimated 95% of these pregnancies carry to term and deliver a healthy baby.

These results though can differ somewhat if the surrogate becomes pregnant with more than one baby. A common procedure with standard IVF therapy is to retrieve enough eggs and sperm to create more than one embryo. Several embryos are typically transferred to the surrogate, and this process may result in a multiple birth pregnancy- this process is known as SET or DET (single embryo transfer or double embryo transfer). As a result, these statistics cannot be as accurate as experts would like.

Reasons for implanting more than one embryo at a time can include: a possibility of one or more of the embryos not implanting, treatment costs, and surrogate/intended mother stress of multiple transfer attempts.

Multiple birth pregnancies by nature are always considered riskier for both the mother and the children. Most of our intended parents are encouraged to transfer one embryo as the likelihood of your surrogate mother having more than two babies is more prevalent and many surrogate mothers are nervous about transferring more than one embryo.

Even so, the statistics for successful pregnancies using a surrogate are considered high especially in the United States. Remember too that the number of these surrogate pregnancies are higher here in the states than in most other countries around the world. This can alter statistic facts.

Successful Surrogate Pregnancy Rates in Other Countries

While surrogate mothers have been used for eons of time, the modern-day methods of this process are still a relatively new procedure. The US currently holds the world’s record for the highest numbers of successful births via a surrogate.

This due in part to the better healthcare systems here in the states compared to other parts of the globe. Poorer countries often lack good healthcare which can contribute to more high-risk pregnancies and births.

As a direct result, those with financial and travel means to come to the United States to utilize a surrogate. Overpopulated countries like China have strict laws on the number of births allowed per couple. More relatively wealthier couples from China are coming to the states for surrogate services.

If you are an intended parent considering surrogacy through a country other than the US, we encourage you to read this article– as it can be a very risky option and the practice is still viewed in a negative light in many cultures as well as the lack of defined laws leaves the opportunity for intended parents to be open to exploitation.

Why are Pregnancies & Births Through Surrogates So Successful Overall?

It might appear a bit strange to have such high success rates with surrogate births, or surrogacy in California. However, there are some valid reasons for this.

Some of these reasons follow:

  • Access to better healthcare
  • Typically overseen by fertility & obstetric specialists
  • Surrogates often do not work outside jobs when pregnant. They are better able to rest & are healthier overall
  • Surrogacy Agencies (particularly Made in the USA Surrogacy) adhere to a high standard
  • Lower age requirements for surrogates
  • Intense screenings by agencies that find surrogates
  • Better general health needed to meet surrogate requirements
  • Background checks required for surrogates and their loved ones who live with them
  • Access to funds if medical emergencies or issues arise
  • More frequent testing & monitoring during pregnancy
  • Psychological screen needs to be successful to become a surrogate with better agencies

Why Aren’t Available Surrogate Statistics More Recent?

Couples interested in investigating their surrogate options often can only find older statistics and other details on successful surrogate pregnancies and related information. There are a number of reasons for this.

Since surrogacy agencies in California, as well as, fertility clinics are varied in their success and there are not the same qualifications for obtaining the statistics, the information can be varied as well. Only some fertility clinics release their successful statistic rates to the general public.

As gestational surrogate carriers have become much more popular in just the past few years, laws and medical practices are constantly changing to keep up with the times.

Important Advantages of Working With a Qualified Surrogate Agency

There are some important advantages of working with a respected and qualified surrogate agency. If you are looking to find a surrogate, it can be tricky and unwise to do this on your own. While the great majority of surrogates do it in order to help another couple become parents, some have unscrupulous intentions.

Working with a reputable surrogate agency in California or surrogate agency in Northern California is the best way to guard against these most unfortunate situations.

A credible agency familiar with surrogacy in California is the best way to ensure better success rates of surrogacy. Most intended parents are not “in-on-the-know” of what surrogacy agency is the best choice or what makes them successful. The vetting, managing, and continual work on your individual surrogacy journey is what makes Made in the USA Surrogacy have great success rates.

Most professional surrogate agencies have a long list of requirements that each and every surrogate mother must pass and meet long before a potential intended parent couple becomes emotionally invested.

Every couple and surrogate will have different ideas on how they want the process to work as far as privacy and other matters. Agencies work as the intermediary between intended parents and their chosen surrogate and manage their entire surrogate journey.

There are clear legal documents signed and financial funds placed into a protected escrow account before the surrogate mother undergoes transfer. This protects the interests of both the surrogate and the couple waiting to be parents to the baby that she carries.

A professional surrogacy agency such as Made in the USA Surrogacy will also have the resources and contacts necessary (we work with premier fertility clinics near you) to ensure the baby and surrogate mother get the very best medical care possible.

Each surrogate mother screened by the agency must follow strict guidelines to ensure that she is truly using the funds and other benefits as was understood by the intended parents.

Look for an agency that has the best interests of all involved, and only work with ones that have a longstanding and excellent community reputation. Stay clear from shady operations that seem to promise far too much with little proof of their business practices, or who simply are lackluster in their response.

Surrogacy Success Rates: A Detailed Look At The Success of Surrogacy

We have heard too many times from intended parents that we are the only surrogacy agency that has responded to their request for information.

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we work hard on communication. You will feel comfortable, informed, and confident about the process you are about embarking on. We will be here with you every step of the way!

If you are currently receiving treatment at a fertility clinic, and/or would like to discuss the possibility of finding a surrogate with our agency- please fill out this form. We have local California surrogates who are ready to take the journey with you!

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