Surrogacy in 2024

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to spice up your life and help others this year, there’s no better way to do it than being a surrogate. How do you become a surrogate in 2024? What are the steps to being a surrogate? Here in this article, we discuss 5 successful strategies to being a surrogate in 2024!

Learn how to integrate the surrogacy process into your daily life

It’s no secret that surrogacy will be an addition to your daily life. When deciding to be a surrogate, you choose to go to the appointments necessary to examine your pregnancy ability. You will go to multiple appointments to make sure your body is ready for pregnancy and you will start taking medications. This will be in addition to the fact that you have your own children, their appointments, schooling and other needs to attend to. It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re ready for the process of surrogacy, knowing you’ll need to also carve out time for this choice. Surrogacy can be a long process, so we encourage all women being a surrogate in 2024 to be ready for the long haul!


Being a surrogate in 2024 means being open to travel

Part of being a surrogate in 2024 will mean that you’re open to travel. Whether you are matched with a local intended parent will differ based on your location, but most surrogate mothers will need to travel. If you’re asked to travel to a local IVF clinic, you will be reimbursed for mileage, your food for the day and your lost wages. As a general rule, most intended parents who are international will have IVF clinics in southern California. Also, most intended parents who are local residents in California will have IVF clinics in Northern CA.


Be open to multiple embryo transfers (and multiple embryos in one transfer)

Recently, we have had intended parents request that surrogate prospects be open to multiple embryos in one transfer. A “transfer” is the procedure that a woman goes through where the IVF doctor implants the embryo into your uterus. Many IVF clinics try to increase the odds of embryos “taking” (implanting) by increasing the number of embryos transferred at one time. Additionally, you may also not be successful on the first, second or third try with embryo transfer. Don’t worry, we have had multiple surrogates successful on their fourth try!


Be open to meeting with multiple families to find the right match

Even though it may be difficult, it’s important to remember that surrogacy is a process. Keep in mind that intended parents have certain needs when it comes to their IVF clinic and preferences. Those preferences will drive whether being a surrogate in 2024 is possible with a certain family or not. Often, we will not prepare you for a match meeting with a potential family unless these preferences are met. However, some IVF clinics may not approve you to continue forward as a surrogate for certain families due to issues in medical records. This will mean that you will need to be open to matching with a different family.


Continue to live a healthy lifestyle

It’s no small secret that being pregnant takes a toll on your body. We encourage all of our surrogates in 2024 to life healthy lives. Whether that means getting more sun, eating more protein or making sure you’re getting in your exercise. Each IVF clinic wants to make sure that you’re healthy and in great shape to have a baby.

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