How much do you get paid to be a surrogate?

When you get paid to be a surrogate, you are agreeing to be there for someone else’s family like never before. Intended Parents approach us because they are infertile. They have wants and desires for a surrogate mother. If you match their criteria, we then start going over how much you get paid as a surrogate with the intended parents. When you become a surrogate, you might not only be asking how much you get paid to be a surrogate, but also when you get paid. These are all valid questions as you embark on the journey of being a surrogate, so we want to provide you with 6 ways you get paid to be a surrogate.

      1.Base compensation

Base compensation is minimum amount that you will receive when being a surrogate. But many candidates in surrogacy forget to remember when this compensation begins. Base compensation only begins when you are confirmed pregnant after an IVF transfer. This can take several tries, sometimes only one, but mostly likely a minimum of 2-3. This is why we ask surrogates to already be financially able to support themselves, without surrogate pay. Made in the USA has base compensation currently to be $60,000 for new surrogate mothers, and $65,000 for experienced candidates.

      2. Travel compensation

You asked how much do you get paid to be a surrogate, and that number can vary based on many factors. Whether you travel is a big factor for many surrogate mothers as it can be stressful with a family. This is why we make sure that intended parents pay the entire amount that it costs for you to travel, whether that’s for air travel, hotel, car and food. We even make sure that if you need a companion, the intended parents can pay you for your companion on these items.

      3. Other Compensation (work loss, medical insurance and bedrest)

Most surrogate moms may not know, but with Made in the USA Surrogacy, if you work, you are paid for hours lost. Lost Wages is critical in determining whether you want to become a surrogate. We know several surrogate agencies that do not pay you for lost wages because they loop it into your base compensation. Depending on whether you are a CA surrogate, out of state or otherwise. Don’t let that deter you from applying with our agency, since each surrogate is paid lost wages in addition to your base compensation. Each surrogate mother will also receive payment for her monthly health insurance premium, or a new fully surrogate friendly policy to cover the surrogacy.

      4. Bonus Compensation

Occasionally Made in the USA Surrogacy will run marketing incentives that include bonuses for surrogate mothers in California or for other factors. Intended Parents will be paying these bonuses if you come to our agency based on the bonus parameters, but they do vary and are not offered all of the time. For example, during COVID we ran a $10,000 bonus opportunity for those that signed on during that time. Other benefits are different but bonus opportunities do present themselves when you consider how much do you get paid to be a surrogate.

      5. Embryo Transfer and Medication Start Compensation

As noted above, you may need to go to embryo transfer multiple times, so in that instance you would receive $1,000 per transfer. In addition to this fee that you receive for your time and effort, you are paid $500 to start medication. We all hope these are paid just one time, meaning that the transfer was successful the first time! But rest easy that your efforts are not in vain!

      6. Lost wages and Spousal Lost Wages and Invasive Procedures

In addition to the compensation noted above, there can be other situations in which you can receive compensation. Being married is not an issue, but you can receive up to 10 days for lost wages for your spouse. If he makes $25/hour we multiply that x 8 hours and your surrogate pay is 10 days of that- $2,000 extra. Depending on the number your spouse makes that is verified, he will be entitled to 10 days of that daily rate.

Other ways that you can calculation how much you get paid to be a surrogate can include other complication factors, such as C-Section ($2500 for example), Invasive Procedures $1500, loss of reproductive organs (we hope this doesn’t happen!) and other surrogate pay.

Whether you’re interested in being a surrogate or want to know how much do you get paid to be a surrogate, inquire with us!

how much do you get paid to be a surrogate