Why Having a Baby While You’re Young Is so Important During the Age of Waiting

Why Having a Baby While You’re Young Is so Important During the Age of Waiting

Currently, many women are taking part in the Age of Waiting. They’re choosing to wait longer to have a baby. While women are able to become pregnant the moment they start menstruating until they stop, there is a peak time in which women are the most likely to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. On average, a woman’s fertility begins around the age of 12 and ends around 51.

However, the longer that a woman waits to have a baby, the more likely they are to encounter problems. Peak childbearing age is in a woman’s 20s. Once she reaches 30 years old, her ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy starts to decline.

Reasons Why Intended Parents Choose To Wait

#1 – Financial Stability

Intended parents choose to wait to have babies because of a few different reasons. The biggest is usually finances. They may feel that they’re not financially able to have a baby when they’re younger. This is likely because they haven’t fully settled down just yet. They may still be moving around the country in search of the perfect career for them.

They may also be focusing on reducing student loans that they have before adding the cost of a baby to their budget. Children are quite expensive, after all, and any parent wants to make sure that they’re able to provide for their child with all of their needs.

#2 – Focus & Advancement in Career

Another reason that people are choosing to wait is that they want to advance in their careers. Having a child often means that they have to focus on their baby instead of their work. Careers take a lot of time to advance. You often have to sacrifice a lot of time in order to achieve the promotion and rank that you desire. Often times intended parents have to attend professional school later in life even after having a college degree. Having a baby can limit how many sacrifices you can make.

#3 – Not Emotionally Prepared

One last reason that intended parents are waiting to have children is simply that they don’t feel that they are emotionally ready yet. You’re still quite young in your 20s. It’s understandable if you want to experience freedom and go traveling or do all of the things that can be more difficult to do with a baby included.

Yet despite these reasons, it’s still a good idea to have a baby when you’re younger. The chances of having a baby when you’re older aren’t good.

Infertility as You Get Older

As you become older, the chances of experiencing infertility increase. Fertility rates drop the older that you become. This is because you’re born with a fixed number of eggs. You have 2 million eggs at birth, and they slowly start to decrease over the years.

Each time you experience menstruation, you’re losing at least a single egg. Over the course of a few decades, you may find that you have very few eggs left to fertilize. The health and quality of those remaining eggs might not be the greatest either.

Becoming pregnant when you’re older is more difficult. When you’re 25, the chances of conceiving rest around 18%. At 30, that drops to around 16%. At 35, that drops to around 12%. Then at 40, it drops to a staggering 7% chance.

Decreased Fertility Reasons

Your decreased number of eggs is one of the reasons behind this drop in numbers. Another reason is the health of the eggs that remain. Those eggs that are still within your body likely have abnormal chromosomes. Those chromosomes can cause birth defects or might make you miscarry.

Your own health can also decrease the chances of a healthy pregnancy. For one, it’s riskier for older women to carry children because it can take a heavy toll on their health. You might develop heavy blood pressure or even preeclampsia. This could be a potentially lethal situation.

Alternative Methods

While it’s better to try and have a baby when you’re younger, there are options for those who still want to wait. One of them is to freeze your eggs in the hope of creating embryos. You and your partner can use IVF to conceive a child. That embryo can then be frozen for later use. This allows you to have a series of embryos ready for development at a time when you’re ready.

It’s a good idea to freeze embryos when you’re young because they’re more likely to be healthier embryos. Even if you don’t have a partner, you can also always choose to freeze your eggs. This will make needing an egg donor later unnecessary. Women who wait to donate their eggs may find that their eggs are unhealthy. They’d need an egg donor in order to try and have a baby with their spouse.

By choosing to freeze your eggs or embryos, you can preserve the healthy ones, and then still live life how you wish to for several more decades. Once you are prepared for parenthood, those embryos or eggs can be unthawed and used.

Using surrogacy is another great way for older parents to have a healthy pregnancy and child. This is detailed below.

The Process of Surrogacy

For women who chose to have their embryos or eggs frozen when they were younger, surrogacy is still a great option for developing their child. Even when you’re older, it’s still possible to have complications if you choose to carry the baby yourself. Even with a healthy embryo, your body might not be up to the task. This might result in the termination of the healthy embryo. If you chose to only freeze one, then all you might be left with are the unhealthy eggs in your body.

The process of surrogacy is a safer alternative. Younger women who have become a surrogate at a California surrogate agency can carry your baby for you. This completely eliminates your risk. You don’t have to worry about developing preeclampsia or any other pregnancy-related complication.

Becoming a surrogate at a surrogacy agency isn’t easy. Our surrogacy agency located in Roseville, California requires surrogates to undergo quite a few medical tests and screenings to ensure that they are healthy enough to become a surrogate. After they have been medically cleared, they’re officially able to help parents achieve their dreams of having a baby of their own. You can be sure that the surrogate mother carrying your baby is healthy and up for the task.

How to Find a Surrogate

If you’re young but plan on waiting to have a baby, then it might be a good idea to do some research, regardless, for when you are ready to have a baby. You’ll want to find a surrogate through hiring Made in the USA Surrogacy for all of your surrogacy needs. We have qualifications and regulations put into place to ensure that only healthy women capable of carrying children are allowed into the agency. Becoming a surrogate with a California surrogate agency means that they have also given birth to their own child before. They know they can become pregnant.

Why Having a Baby While You’re Young Is so Important During the Age of Waiting

While you can always use a surrogate agency to help you have a baby, it’s best to try when you’re younger first. At the very least, you can freeze your embryos or eggs to use with a surrogacy agency later. Otherwise, contact our California surrogate agency today to find out more about how surrogates can help you.