How Much Do Surrogates Make?

If you’re wondering how much do surrogates make, surrogate mothers make $50,000-$70,000.

Surrogate pay is also a way of defining surrogate compensation and the surrogacy benefit package.

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate, then the time has never been better. Surrogacy is slowly starting to become more popular as a method for childbearing across the country.

With fertility rates declining, more intended parents are struggling to have a baby of their own. The process of surrogacy could be the answer for many parents struggling with fertility.

This also means that if you’re someone looking to become a surrogate, then you could stand to make a decent amount of money for the next few years.

This article will discuss how much surrogate pay is as well as how much a surrogate costs for a prospective intended parent.

Base Compensation For Surrogates

When you join a surrogacy agency, such as our surrogate agency in Sacramento, each agency offers surrogate candidates base compensation paid for by the intended parents. This is the base amount that all surrogates receive after they are determined pregnant. It’s possible to make more than through additional expenses that are paid for by the parents. Depending on your level of experience, you can also receive $5,000 extra compensation.

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, our intended parents offer our  No matter what else happens, you receive $60,000. For some surrogate mothers, this amount alone could be enough to put a down payment on a new home, relieve some of their debt, or can be saved for later use for their own children.

Experienced surrogates at our surrogate agency can receive base compensation of $65,000. That’s an extra $5,000 simply for having been a surrogate before. We welcome both new and experienced surrogates into our fold and pay them accordingly.

Other Benefits of Surrogate Pay

In addition to the base compensation, it’s also possible for a surrogate to earn even more. Intended parents will be responsible for paying for most expenses related to pregnancy.

For example, the additional expenses are considered part of a benefits package. Each California surrogate agency offers its own benefits package at different rates.

Those expenses include:

1) – Multiples – $5,000

If you end up having a set of twins or more, then the parents will have to pay a fee of $5,000. This is both if the multiples were planned or unplanned. You’ll also be given an additional $1,200 for maternity clothes. You’ll need to wear a bit more in order to compensate for your growing belly.

2) – Medical and Psychological Screening – $500

To ensure that you are healthy and mentally prepared for the process of surrogacy, you’ll need to undergo a few medical and psychological screenings. The medical screenings, in particular, will inform a fertility clinic whether or not your body is prepared to start treatments. Parents will have to pay $500 for those screenings.

3) – Fertility Medication Start- $500

Once you have been cleared, the treatments will begin. To commence medication, parents will pay $500. A mock cycle will be an additional $500. When your body is ready for the actual embryo transfer, the parents will have to pay $1,000 for the transfer to be performed. Because the embryo doesn’t always take, this step may need to be repeated a few times. The intended parent will have to pay for each transfer.

Travel Pay etc

4) – Travel Expenses -TBD

Sometimes, you may need to travel to the fertility clinic of choice. The surrogate agency can help manage your meals, transportation, and such. However, it will require the parents to pay for it. This amount is dependent upon the kind of transportation, the distance from the clinic, and a few other factors. Not all parents will be willing to pay for travel expenses. If you’re someone who wants those costs covered, then you’ll need to discuss it with your surrogate attorney. You can receive help finding an attorney through the surrogacy agency.

5) – Childcare -$75/day

Sometimes your appointments may conflict with your ability to watch over your own child. This is an expense that is paid by intended parents as well. Parents can pay $75/day per child. Your surrogate attorney can help ensure you receive this payment and that it reflects the needs of your family as well, as each surrogate mother’s family needs are unique.

6) – Miscarriage -$500

In the event that a miscarriage happens, the parents will pay $500. Miscarriages can be traumatic even if the baby you’re carrying isn’t biologically your own. They can also sometimes injure your body and make miscarriages more frequent in the future.

More Surrogate Pay benefits

7) – Invasive Procedure- $1,500

In the event that you require a procedure that is considered to be invasive due to the pregnancy, the parents will pay $1,500 for that procedure. This is a rare case, but you will be compensated if it needs to happen.

8) – Ectopic Pregnancy or Complication- $1,500

Similarly, the parents will also pay $1,500 for an ectopic pregnancy or any other complication of this nature.

9) – Loss of Reproductive Organs -$2,500/$5,000

Should the very worst occur, and you require a surgery that removes your reproductive organs, then the parents will pay $2,500 for partial and $5,000 for full loss.

10) – Monthly Allowance- $250/month

You’re also given a little bit of splurge money and money that will help you get to your appointments. Parents will give you $250 for 10 months.

11) – Maternity Clothing

If you have just a single baby, then you’ll be paid $1,000 to be used on maternity clothing. If multiples, then $1200.

12) – Housekeeping- $2,000

You’ll also be given $2,000 for housekeeping. This is broken up into 10 installments of $200.

13) – Lost Wages- 6 weeks

You’ll need to provide proof of paystubs, but parents pay for missed appointments and bedrest.

14) – Spousal Lost Wages- 10 days

This is paid as 10 days as a daily rate.

15) – C-Section $2,500

If you’re required to have a C-Section instead of a traditional birth, then the parents will pay you $2,500.

16) – Breastmilk- $250/week

If the parents wish to use your own breastmilk, then you’ll be paid $250 per week.

How Much Does A Surrogacy Cost?

Clearly, there are plenty of expenses and fees on top of the base compensation that a surrogate can earn. For parents, they may wonder about the actual surrogacy cost. That number ranges between each California surrogate agency.

However, intended parents struggling with infertility can expect a surrogacy cost to be around $140,000-$150,000.

A few factors can drive this cost up higher or lower. Our average cost for a surrogate through Made in the USA Surrogacy who is local to the Sacramento area and has local parents- will be around $140,000. This includes all estimated fees and the agency fee, but not IVF costs. After you find a surrogate, the process can begin. Yet the process may have a few bumps in the road that can add to the cost. For example, if more than one embryo transfer is needed, then that could drive up the cost.

At our California surrogate agency, we strive to make a financial balance between the parents and the surrogate. We want the intended parents to be able to afford to have their own baby while still giving the surrogate the income that she deserves, and we are committed to striking that balance.

If you’re interested in surrogacy fill out our intake form.

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