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The Search for a Surrogate: How Long Will It Take?

The Search For a Surrogate: How Long Will It Take?

Looking for a Surrogate? Your 6-Step Timeline To a Surrogate The process of finding a surrogate could take some time- but don’t worry! Hello Intended Parents and hopeful surrogate mothers. If you’ve reached this blog it’s probably because you may be having a hard time finding a surrogate mother, or you know that you need […]

A Guide to the IVF Process for Surrogacy

The IVF Process for Surrogacy

The Surrogacy Journey: 4 Important Steps to the IVF Process 4 Steps to the IVF Process and How It Relates to Your Success! For parents searching to start a family, many must turn to fertility treatments for infertility or boost their fertility. The causes of infertility can, unfortunately, be many, but that’s why IVF has […]

5 Questions About Becoming a Repeat Surrogate


Become a Repeat Surrogate: 5 Questions to Ask Hello Surrogate mother candidates! We are so glad you have come to our blog to take a look into surrogacy, the surrogate process, and answers to your questions about becoming a surrogate. We hope to be a resource for you in all of your questions regarding surrogacy […]

4 Helpful Tips for Intended Parents After the Birth of Your Baby

4 Tips for Intended Parents - After the Baby is Born

After the Birth – A Guide To Complete Your Surrogacy Journey Hello intended parents! We hope this blog is a resource for you for all information involving hiring a surrogate, information about finding a surrogate, the process of surrogacy and the process of after the birth of your baby. Now that you are going to […]

Independent Surrogacy Vs. Hiring a Surrogacy Agency


Independent Surrogacy Vs. Hiring a Surrogacy Agency: A Guide for Intended Parents Why you should think twice before going ‘independent’ for a surrogate? Hello, parents hoping to have a child someday by using surrogacy! Today we are going to discuss infertility, the want for a child and your need for a surrogate. We will answer […]

6 Ways to Finance your Surrogacy Journey for Intended Parents

For Parents: 6 Financing Options for your Surrogacy Journey Hello to the parents hoping to start a family by way of surrogacy! We are so excited you found our blog! Here we discuss topics related to the surrogacy process for parents, surrogacy process for surrogates, and many other topics. If you have any questions regarding getting […]

7 Questions to ask your surrogate

7 Questions to ask your Potential Surrogate Mother

7 Questions to Ask Your Surrogate Questions for getting to know your surrogate mother on a deeper level Hello hopeful intended parents searching for surrogate mothers! So it’s been months or even a year since you’ve been on the hunt looking for a surrogate. Maybe you even had a few surrogate mothers fall out of […]

What is Surrogacy?

What is Surrogacy? An Overview on Traditional and Gestational surrogacy Surrogacy is the process of having one’s child that is unable to conceive. Surrogacy is the ultimate selfless gift given by women who are able to have children without complications and see themselves as gifted with childbearing abilities! Surrogacy can be had by two methods, either […]

Natural Pregnancy Vs. Surrogate Pregnancy

Natural Pregnancy Vs. Surrogate Pregnancy

How is being a surrogate different than carrying your own baby? For a lot of women when they want to conceive a baby, they do not need the medical assistance of a fertility specialist. These women usually conceive, celebrate and prepare for the growth of their family! These women who have a wonderful experience conceiving […]

Surrogacy was my greatest accomplishment

Surrogacy was my greatest accomplishment When I think back on my greatest accomplishment I think about the day I helped another woman become a mother. I embarked on one of the scariest and exciting journeys of my life, aside from becoming a mother to my own children. This was the risk and choice that had […]