Surrogacy was my greatest accomplishment

When I think back on my greatest accomplishment I think about the day I helped another woman become a mother.

I embarked on one of the scariest and exciting journeys of my life, aside from becoming a mother to my own children. This was the risk and choice that had everyone wondering “how could you do that?” I have witnessed many loved ones struggle with conceiving a child and somewhere I hoped that I could provide a sense of fulfillment for them. I understood the innate desire to want a child and become a mother, I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to struggle to obtain that.

Through the power of social media and online searching, I learned more about this opportunity to become a surrogate and what was involved. I was fixated and became obsessed with the concept! I knew I loved being pregnant and I knew I wasn’t ready to have another child of my own, but I knew I had the ability to help because of my great pregnancy history!

I researched a lot about becoming a surrogate.

I researched various agencies and commitments I was going to agree to such as taking medication, attending several Doctor appointments, limiting my caffeine intake! I learned that there are various types of couples you can choose to work with.

I learned that you probably should wait until you are done having your own children for risk of secondary-infertility, or having adequate support while you go through this type of journey.

I learned that if I agreed to become a surrogate and I was qualified, I could potentially help my own family financially. I knew pregnancy came with exhaustion and possibly morning sickness, but I was excited about the opportunity of how it could not only further someone else’s family but also mine.

I was aware of the risks and the discomforts of pregnancy, but the deep desire to help another woman become a mother still prevailed. I had one of life’s greatest blessings in my arms as I rocked my son to sleep. It was as I was rocking him and cherishing his small years, that I realized I wanted nothing more but to give this same gift to someone else.

The application and match-making process to become a gestational surrogate

When I decided I would inquire about becoming a gestational surrogate, and then later apply I was nervous and excited! I quickly got all of my prenatal and delivery medical records turned in, completed the background screenings and psychological evaluations, and began checking off all the requirements necessary to be matched with a family.

Soon after I turned in all my paperwork and was approved, I was offered a potential match with a young family in China! I was so excited with the prospect that someone may have chosen me to be their surrogate! That prospect quickly turned into an official match and we were ready to begin.

I couldn’t believe I not only was becoming a surrogate, but I was matched with someone from China! I was scared our languages would be a barrier and I wouldn’t understand the couple. I also worried we wouldn’t develop a friendship I really hoped for. But I gave it a chance, and I’m so grateful I didn’t think twice.

They were eager to have a baby boy and had one remaining boy embryo remaining. After they had one failed match with a previous surrogate, they were nervous but eager to take a chance on a new surrogate who could potentially make their dream a reality.

Embryo Transfer Day and the Pregnancy

On embryo transfer day, I watched in amazement how fast and easy the doctor transferred the embryo into my uterus! I prayed to God that he would allow that baby to implant properly and grow. And over the months I felt him grow each day as he kicked and moved and even had hiccups. I was beyond amazed at the miracle taking place inside of me.

It was simply unbelievable that the process of in vitro-fertilization matched with an embryo created by its two parents was able to become a baby because of my decision to become a surrogate. Nine months later that baby came into the world and I’ll never forget the feelings I had when I looked into his face, it was truly a miracle!

I had the unique blessing of caring for this baby as we waited for his new mommy to arrive from China. And when she did, the pure joy of meeting her son for the first time was overwhelming. I realized in that moment that all the aches and pains, times of sickness and exhaustion, and even love for this new baby became all worth it in that moment.

Choosing to become a surrogate was life-changing and empowering

Becoming a surrogate and embarking on that journey is something I will never regret, and something I will forever cherish. If I had not made the decision to sacrifice my time and my body, that little boy would not have had the opportunity to life, and that family would not consider themselves complete.

I am impressed and amazed at the power of science and assisted reproductive technologies to help create life. The choice to become a surrogate was intense for sure.

I had to poke my skin with needles for several months simply to give that life a fighting chance at survival. I underwent countless ultrasounds and lab-work to make sure my levels were climbing satisfactory, and ultimately, I sacrificed my body to grow this tiny human. At the end of the day, when it came time to hand that precious baby over to his parents, the moment was full of emotions.

I felt weepy and excited, I felt suddenly sad that the journey came to a close, but I was immensely blessed to witness the creation of family, and to be the vessel to make that happen. The intended parents and their children are now my extended family, and we have created a beautiful friendship. I certainly believe that the journey changed my life.

It is my goal and hope to continue helping complete more families with the gift of life, and as a result, Made in the USA Surrogacy was founded. If you have any questions, please reach out anytime.