What is Surrogacy? An Overview on Traditional and Gestational surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process of having one’s child that is unable to conceive.

Surrogacy is the ultimate selfless gift given by women who are able to have children without complications and see themselves as gifted with childbearing abilities! Surrogacy can be had by two methods, either “traditional surrogacy” or “gestational surrogacy.”

Traditional surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy uses the egg of the woman “host” having the child with the sperm of the male father or donor. This form of surrogacy is largely unused any more due to the large emotional and physical complications that can come through its use.

Because the baby is biologically related to the surrogate mother and not the mother of the child, it has created many issues with connections formed between the surrogate mother and the child (being that the biological mother is related to the child, but not the intended parent).

That is not to say that traditional surrogacy does not have its uses or reasoning for being used. However, it is traditionally (pun intended) used by family members who are able to help their sister or close family member, and can help to avoid the issues of giving up the baby to the parents.

Gestational surrogacy

One of the major reasons why gestational surrogacy is popular, is that it does not use any genetic material of the surrogate. Not only has the In-vitro fertilization process become the premier way to help parents overcome infertility, but it also has become the premier way to help surrogates become pregnant.

Gestational surrogacy is truly a miracle, giving parents the ability to create an embryo with the use of the mother’s egg and father’s sperm, or donors if needed, and the surrogate does not have to give anything except her time and body to host the growing of this baby.

The process of gestational surrogacy is an excellent way of helping the surrogate with any issues they may of giving up the baby. Gestational surrogacy is known to help prevent unhealthy, emotional attachments to children that are born to surrogate mothers.  Please take a look at our frequently asked questions for surrogates to see more on this issue of surrogates giving up the baby.

Why do couples need to use surrogacy?

For that, we have to look into issues that parents have in their abilities to conceive a child.

Women’s physiological issues such as endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, scar tissue, infections of multiple kinds, or even issues unrelated to the reproductive system can be dangerous to pursue having a pregnancy.

Men’s issues of infertility can include low sperm production, sexual function issues, other health problems, a history of a testicle or prostate cancer and a host of other issues. According to the Mayo Clinic online, a staggering 15% of the male population is infertile.

Whether it’s male or female infertility, or whether the parent(s) do not have the ability to have children on their own- hiring a surrogate is the answer they have been looking for. A surrogate must have a proven pregnancy history with babies born at full term and without complications.

Having assurance in your surrogate agency such as Made in the USA Surrogacy and our extensive surrogate screening process will help you as a parent to be sure that you get a surrogate that will have a healthy baby! Are you looking into becoming a surrogate? If you’re a current mother and you have a healthy pregnancy history, please fill out our surrogate inquiry form.

Why is Surrogacy Used Today?

The major reason that surrogacy is used today as a method for having children, is that we don’t have “baby machines” yet! You know, the baby machines used on Krypton or the baby fields in the Matrix? Yeah, we don’t have those yet- thankfully!

The only baby making machine in the world is the wonderful woman’s body, created in such a way as to conceive a child. Surrogacy has made a way for hopeful parents to have biological children who otherwise would have adopted instead of having their own children.

Also, because gestational surrogacy has been used and practiced for 25 years or more in this country alone, thousands of successful child births have been had though this process.

If you are a parent that has had trouble conceiving your own child, or if you have already started the process of making and embryo by IVF (in-vitro fertilization), we encourage you to start the process of finding a surrogate as soon as possible! Surrogates in California go very quickly, and they are sparse.

Many couples are looking for a California surrogate, both domestic couples as well as international couples. If you want a qualified surrogate, please contact us by filling in this form and we will get you on your way as fast as possible toward finding a surrogate that is right for you! If you have questions that need answering right away, please feel free to call us at 916-226-4342!