IVF and Surrogacy: Causes, Treatments and How a Surrogacy Agency Can Help You Start the Family You've Always Wanted

IVF and Surrogacy: Causes, Treatments and How a Surrogacy Agency Can Help You Start the Family You’ve Always Wanted

Tubal factor infertility accounts for 25 to 30 percent or higher of all diagnosed cases of infertility.

This condition is defined as a blockage in the fallopian tube of a woman that prevents or lowers chances of the woman’s egg and her partner’s sperm from meeting as nature intended. Under normal circumstances, the sperm would fertilize that egg that would then develop into an embryo.

Reasons Why Women Decide to Have In-Vitro Fertilization Treatments

Many women who have been diagnosed with tubal factor infertility eventually decide to undergo a fertility treatment called in-vitro fertilization at a fertility clinic. IVF, short for in-vitro fertilization, can be highly effective for women who struggle with the notion that they might never bear a child.

There are a number of different causes of infertility. A woman might be unable to get pregnant due to an issue with her ovaries not producing enough or required quality eggs. In this case, a woman might undergo IVF in hopes that her ovary will begin to function normally.

Other women choose to have IVF using an egg donor.

If the lack of children is thought to stem from the male partner, a couple could opt to use an anonymous sperm donor with or without an egg donor to achieve a pregnancy.

When Should Couples Contact a Fertility Clinic?

Many couples delay seeking professional reproductive help from a qualified fertility clinic.

Often, the couple decides to keep “trying” to get pregnant on their own. The decision to seek advanced fertility treatments and other care is a highly personal one that each couple should decide on their own.

Sometimes, the wait-and-see stage of planning a family can become years and even decades.

Many couples are afraid to contact a fertility clinic due to embarrassment, budget limitations, fears regarding treatments and other reasons.

Waiting too long can limit the amount of time that could be spent getting fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization that may be the answer to a couple’s hopes for finally having a child to love and nurture.

Take the Time to Locate a Fertility Clinic Near You Sooner

Many top fertility specialists highly recommend that couples or single adults desiring to have children should seek professional help sooner rather than later. These experts often witness the emotional distress that couples often are burdened with when they first come in for treatment.

Making the effort to get into fertility treatments earlier could save couples months and years of emotional and mental stress over the failure to conceive a baby.

To find a reputable clinic that offers state-of-the-art fertility treatments, just search for a “fertility clinic near me” or contact our surrogacy agency directly, and we can direct you to one of our fertility clinic partners.

These fertility professionals can also recommend whether or not a sperm donor or egg donor is something that the intended parents should be looking into.

Couples are urged get ahead of these necessary steps towards a successful pregnancy by way of an IVF treatment or from a surrogate birth to help ensure that time is on their side as these processes can be lengthy in many cases.

How Surrogacy Could Be the Answer to Growing Your Family

The practice of surrogacy is nothing new.

Many women down through the centuries have used this method of expanding their family. Surrogacy is again becoming a popular choice for many couples and singles trying to have children without success.

Some states are more surrogate friendly than others.

The laws on legal surrogate agreements are just now beginning to catch up with the times. Certain states allow surrogates to be compensated for their troubles and time while others either forbid this practice or simply leave questions without legal answers.

Best Way to Find a Surrogate that Passes Surrogate Qualifications

Even so, many couples are having babies through a surrogate mother.

To find a surrogate, many women consult with Made in the USA Surrogacy local agencies that help couples that need a surrogate to complete their families.

Other women already familiar with the fertility treatments many fertility clinics deliver are getting recommendations to surrogate agencies that work with both the surrogate mother and the intended parents that currently need a surrogate.

Why It’s Risky to Find a Surrogate on Your Own

The surrogate selection process can be difficult enough when working through established safe channels. When trying to bypass this safety net, some couples make the mistake of initiating a search to quickly find a surrogate from the general public.

This can cause much disappointment if the surrogate mother that a couple chose and already gave money to bails and the intended parents end up poorer and still empty-handed in the child department.

Please see our detailed article on independent surrogacy vs. hiring an agency.

Overview of the Current Laws for Surrogacy in California

California is considered one of the best places to pursue a surrogate pregnancy.

The friendly and clearer laws that oversee the process of surrogacy in California are meant to protect the interests of the intended parents and the surrogate mother chosen by the couple.

Unlike many other states, California allows intended parents to legally file for parental rights even before the baby is born. This helps to ease the intended parent’s concerns that the surrogate will back out of the deal after they have spent a lot of time, effort and money.

Why Intended Parents Should Work with an Established Surrogacy Agency

The entire process of finding a suitable surrogate mother, taking care of the financial arrangements, setting up a workable custom surrogate agreement and finalizing birth plans can take some time.

It is also a process where having experience in California surrogate laws would come in handy.

The best way to go about finding a surrogate is to contact our local surrogate agency in California familiar with state and federal laws that oversee these births.

Our surrogacy agency will thoroughly screen and vet potential surrogate candidates, set up the financial accounts, initiate the legal process and guide intended parents and the selected surrogate each step on this miraculous journey of life and hope.

Seek Treatment and Help to Overcome Infertility Sooner Rather Than Later

Sadly, couples often do not even find out that they are infertile until their best childbearing years are almost up.

This is often due to the fact that more women are in the workforce and have careers that keep them from starting their families until well established in their career. This puts the woman at an older age when the chances of a difficult pregnancy and certain birth defects are increased each year.

Many couples simply want to achieve financial security before having children.

This often backfires as couples often blame benign reasons for not being able to conceive or stay pregnant. Many causes of infertility do not cause symptoms in a large number of cases. This means that the average couple will often spend years simply waiting to get pregnant.

Starting IVF Sooner & Moving Ahead to Find a Surrogate is Wise

With the advances in fertility treatment options, more couples are getting pregnant faster than in previous decades.

It is wise for couples to initiate fertility treatments by setting up a consultation appointment with a fertility specialist early on in their family planning process. This alone can spare couples much agony and emotional stress that often occurs with being unable to have children on their own.

Discover more about in-vitro fertilization and surrogate options by getting in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable office staff.

IVF and Surrogacy: Causes, Treatments and How a Surrogacy Agency Can Help You Start the Family You've Always Wanted

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