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How Much Does IVF Cost? – Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, California

After you become a surrogate, you’ll start heading in the direction of having IVF performed. At our California surrogate agency, we use gestational surrogacy. This means that IVF is used for the embryo to be formed and placed inside of the surrogate. As the intended parents, you’ll be responsible for paying the cost of IVF. How much is that cost and what can you expect with IVF? Whether you choose to undergo IVF for yourself, or if you are using a surrogate mother, these prices you view will give you an overview of the cost of IVF which is often in addition to the cost of surrogacy. This article will shed some light.

IVF Costs Near Me

It can be difficult to give an exact cost of IVF because it varies depending on what fertility clinic you choose. You should expect high prices, however, because you’re using a fertility doctor who has gone to medical school specifically for the purpose of helping intended parents struggling with infertility.

Each fertility clinic will give you a different price based on various factors. Here is a general price for CCRM Fertility, which has several clinics throughout the United States including Orange County and the San Francisco Bay area.

For CCRM Fertility, their prices include:

  • Initial Consultation: $250-$450
  • IVF Cycle That Uses Fresh Eggs: $16,650-$18,730
  • IVF Cycle That Freezes Eggs: $8,500-$15,990
  • IVF Cycle That Freezes Eggs and Offers Genetic Testing/Biopsy: $12,300-$19,640
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: $3,860-$6,350

Another fertility clinic near you might be Northern California Fertility Medical Center. They have slightly different prices than CCRM Fertility. They also have other services that you may need that come with their own fees.

An example of their prices are as follows:

  • Cycle 1 of Fresh Egg IVF: $10,550
  • Cycle 2 of Fresh Egg IVF: $9,550
  • Cycle 3 of Fresh Egg IVF: $7,550
  • Cycle 1 of Freezing Eggs: $9,250
  • Cycle 2 of Freezing Eggs: $8,250
  • Cycle 3 of Freezing Eggs: $6,250
  • Cycle 1 of FET: $1,750
  • Subsequent Cycles: $3,500

Their other charges include:

  • ICSI: $1,900
  • Vitrification: $900
  • Preintemplatation Genetic Screening: $3,000-$4,000
  • Medication Costs: $3,800-$6,000

Pacific Fertility Center

Another fertility clinic near you might be Pacific Fertility Center. They offer two main packages for their fertility treatments. Those packages do not include additional treatments and services that you may require for surrogacy.

Their cost overview is as follows:

  • IVF without Genetic Testing: $11,595
  • Includes: Egg retrieval, clinical monitoring, FET, and lab processing
  • IVF with Genetic Testing: $16,085
  • Includes: Egg retrieval, clinical monitoring, lab processing, storage for one year, cryopreservation, CCS testing fees

Their additional charges are:

  • Consultation and Ultrasound: $375
  • IVF Medications: $2,000-$6,000
  • FET: $3,500-$4,500
  • FET Medications: $300-$600
  • Ongoing Tissue Storage: $600 per year
  • Third-Party Fees: Various

Clearly, the cost of this process can vary depending on the clinic and fertility doctor. What else can drive up the price of IVF? Here are a few examples.

Continuous Failed Attempts

Even if you pass all of the surrogate qualifications and become a surrogate with a surrogate agency, you may still struggle with IVF. Intended parents struggling with infertility may be unable to produce healthy egg and sperm cells. As a result, the fetus doesn’t last long once transferred into your womb.

Sometimes the medications simply don’t work well enough. You can be a healthy woman and have had a healthy pregnancy of your own, but sometimes the fertility variables don’t line up. One of the biggest driving forces behind increasing the price of IVF and extending the process of surrogacy is the number of times it takes for IVF to be successful.

It may take several attempts before IVF is finally successful. The parents struggling with infertility will have to shoulder this bill each time. What may have started out as a simple $12,000 price tag for one cycle, may quickly double or even triple in size by the end of the process of surrogacy. Costs of continual cycles will probably not include the cost of producing more eggs, but your individual experience will vary depending on the fertility clinic you choose and the experience you have of success.

Egg Donor

In other cases, the parents may have to use an egg donor in order to have a successful IVF and transfer. A surrogate who has successfully passed their surrogate qualifications can’t be the egg donor. At our California surrogate agency, we only recruit gestational surrogates.

This means that if a third party is needed for IVF, it has to be a separate donor. Unfortunately, this also means additional costs and time. The parents will have to find a suitable donor for their egg or sperm. They’ll also need to pay the clinic to have the egg brought to their location if it isn’t already there.

Using a donor, while it might mean a healthy pregnancy afterward, also means that the cost of IVF is increasing.

Fertility Medications

After you become a surrogate with a surrogacy agency, you’ll need to start taking fertility medications. There are various medications on the market and the ones you’ve given will be dependent upon your health and whether you’re a surrogate or an intended parent.

If IVF fails, then you may need to undergo another round of fertility medications. In addition, those prices will be added to your overall fertility price tag. The more medications that you need and the longer you need to take them for, the heavier the cost will become. Typically, fertility medications for your surrogate, yourself (for egg retrieval) and multiple doses will be anywhere from $3,000-$7,000.

Transportation Costs

In some cases, for an intended parent, you may also need to pay transportation costs for your surrogate as well as yourself if you need to travel to your fertility clinic, and also to the birth of your child. If you chose to work with a surrogacy agency outside of California, while you live inside California, then you may be responsible for paying for her transport to the fertility clinic near you.

Or, if you use an egg or sperm donor outside of your state or local area, then you may also need to pay for the transport of that material to your local clinic. Depending on how far away the organic material is, the price may become high.

Genetic Testing

Another variable that can sometimes increase the price of IVF is whether you choose to have genetic testing performed or not. Some parents may choose to forgo genetic testing, but this isn’t always a good idea. Genetic testing can help parents understand if they’re passing on any genetic defects to their babies. Typically, those defects can be the difference between successful pregnancy and failure. Also, genetic testing (usually called PGS or PGD testing) will cost anywhere from $6,000-$8,000 depending on the number of embryos being tested.

Financing and Installment Plans

Luckily, many fertility clinics offer financing or installment plans. Those may be subject to certain terms that your surrogate agency is unaware of, so it’s a good idea to check with the clinic, itself, to see if you qualify. Some financing plans may also have interest rates that could make the original price of IVF even costlier in the long-run.

Yet if you want to use our California surrogate agency and are worried about the price of IVF, then taking on a financing plan from a clinic may be the best step forward. Also, contact your health provider as you may have benefits for some IVF related treatments.

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Having a baby can be expensive. IVF can also be a pricey service, but it is one that’s required in order to have a baby of your own with our agency. Our California surrogate agency wants to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you. We want to make the process streamlined, so you only have to worry about having a healthy pregnancy.

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