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4 Helpful Tips for Intended Parents After the Birth of Your Baby

4 Tips for Intended Parents - After the Baby is Born

After the Birth – A Guide To Complete Your Surrogacy Journey Hello intended parents! We hope this blog is a resource for you for all information involving hiring a surrogate, information about finding a surrogate, the process of surrogacy and the process of after the birth of your baby. Now that you are going to […]

Independent Surrogacy Vs. Hiring a Surrogacy Agency


Independent Surrogacy Vs. Hiring a Surrogacy Agency: A Guide for Intended Parents Why you should think twice before going ‘independent’ for a surrogate? Hello, parents hoping to have a child someday by using surrogacy! Today we are going to discuss infertility, the want for a child and your need for a surrogate. We will answer […]

6 Ways to Finance your Surrogacy Journey for Intended Parents

For Parents: 6 Financing Options for your Surrogacy Journey Hello to the parents hoping to start a family by way of surrogacy! We are so excited you found our blog! Here we discuss topics related to the surrogacy process for parents, surrogacy process for surrogates, and many other topics. If you have any questions regarding getting […]

7 Questions to ask your surrogate

7 Questions to ask your Potential Surrogate Mother

7 Questions to Ask Your Surrogate Questions for getting to know your surrogate mother on a deeper level Hello hopeful intended parents searching for surrogate mothers! So it’s been months or even a year since you’ve been on the hunt looking for a surrogate. Maybe you even had a few surrogate mothers fall out of […]

IUI Vs IVF – When to use Surrogacy?

IUI Vs IVF – What’s the Difference? When to use Surrogacy? Welcome to the Made in the USA Surrogacy Blog. Today we are discussing the difference between two fertility treatments common among those seeking fertility treatment. Unfortunately, you may be in the spot where fertility treatment is warranted, but we want you to take heart. […]