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The Zika Virus and Surrogacy

Zika Virus and Surrogacy - Made in the USA Surrogacy

The Zika Virus and Surrogacy: A Comprehensive Guide About What You Need to Know About Zika Recently, there has been a lot of focus on the Zika virus and its role in pregnancy. Women who have traveled to countries where the Zika virus is prevalent suddenly found that their babies had birth defects after they […]

Surrogacy Success Rates

Surrogacy Success Rates: A Detailed Look At The Success of Surrogacy

Surrogacy Success Rates: A Detailed Look At The Success of Surrogacy Many couples are unable to conceive a baby or carry one to term end up needing to find a surrogate mother instead. A surrogate carries another couple’s baby to term for varying compensation benefits. Due to this increasingly successful method of growing a family, […]

5 Reasons to Consider an Older Surrogate

5 Reasons to Consider an Older Surrogate

Intended Parents: 5 Reasons To Consider an Older Surrogate Surrogate’s age: Does it really matter? Hello intended parents! We are so happy that you have reached our blog with many answers to your surrogacy questions and concerns. Please look further into the content and find there are many questions that are answered that you may […]

7 Reasons You Need to Hire a Surrogate

7 Reasons To Know When You Hire a Surrogate

Don’t let these reasons stop you from having a baby – let us help you find a surrogate! Hello, Intended parents looking to have a child through surrogacy. If you have reached our blog- you are most likely researching hiring a surrogate. Maybe you have explored independent surrogacy, or perhaps you are just gathering information. […]

The Search for a Surrogate: How Long Will It Take?

The Search For a Surrogate: How Long Will It Take?

Looking for a Surrogate? Your 6-Step Timeline To a Surrogate The process of finding a surrogate could take some time- but don’t worry! Hello Intended Parents and hopeful surrogate mothers. If you’ve reached this blog it’s probably because you may be having a hard time finding a surrogate mother, or you know that you need […]

6 Ways to Finance your Surrogacy Journey for Intended Parents

For Parents: 6 Financing Options for your Surrogacy Journey Hello to the parents hoping to start a family by way of surrogacy! We are so excited you found our blog! Here we discuss topics related to the surrogacy process for parents, surrogacy process for surrogates, and many other topics. If you have any questions regarding getting […]

7 Questions to ask your surrogate

7 Questions to ask your Potential Surrogate Mother

7 Questions to Ask Your Surrogate Questions for getting to know your surrogate mother on a deeper level Hello hopeful intended parents searching for surrogate mothers! So it’s been months or even a year since you’ve been on the hunt looking for a surrogate. Maybe you even had a few surrogate mothers fall out of […]

IUI Vs IVF – When to use Surrogacy?

IUI Vs IVF – What’s the Difference? When to use Surrogacy? Welcome to the Made in the USA Surrogacy Blog. Today we are discussing the difference between two fertility treatments common among those seeking fertility treatment. Unfortunately, you may be in the spot where fertility treatment is warranted, but we want you to take heart. […]