Finding a surrogate and Dispelling common myths


Find a Surrogate in Florida to Grow Your Family

If you’re an intended parent struggling with infertility, then you may have considered surrogacy in Florida as a means to finally have a baby of your own. However, there may be a few reasons that are keeping you from fully committing to our surrogate agency in Florida. These reasons may be tied to a few common myths that float around the topic of surrogacy in Florida. Here are a few myths about surrogacy and how they’re incorrect.


Common Myths Over Florida Surrogacy

Some of the most common myths about using a surrogate or surrogacy in Florida are:

  • The surrogate will automatically have surrogate-friendly health insurance
  • The cost doesn’t exceed $100,000
  • My surrogate will live near me
  • I’ll be able to find a surrogate the same day that I apply
  • I’ll get my money back if the process of surrogacy isn’t successful
  • I need to wait to find a surrogate in Florida until my embryos are created
  • I need to wait to find a surrogate until I find a fertility clinic
  • I need to wait to find a surrogate in Florida until I’ve tried IVF
  • The surrogate has to reside in Florida
  • Every surrogate agency in Florida is the same
  • There are tons of surrogate mothers in Florida

Now, let’s dispel these myths.


Surrogates and Surrogate-Friendly Health Insurance

If you’re thinking about joining our surrogacy agency in Florida, then you need to be prepared to pay certain medical bills on your surrogate’s behalf. This will include premiums, copays, bill for the birth and any “liens” that the insurance company requires or negotiates with your surrogate lawyer.

It’s easy to think that surrogates have already gone through the process of finding surrogate-friendly health insurance. In the case of surrogates, it’s easy for them to assume that the health insurance they’re already on also includes surrogacy as covered. This isn’t typically the case. Most commercial health insurance companies don’t actually cover surrogacy, or they require a lien on her compensation.

This is primarily because they haven’t figured out who to hold responsible for certain problems and they anticipate issues with who will pay premiums or costs.

When a surrogate joins our surrogacy agency in Florida, we fully review their current surrogacy policy and help them find surrogate-friendly health insurance if their insurance policy doesn’t cover the surrogacy journey. It’s one of the perks of choosing to become a surrogate in Florida through our agency.

If a surrogate must have outside insurance, we help coordinate that as well, and have specific carriers that will cover the surrogacy. However, many of our surrogates are able to use their own surrogate insurance policy (depending on the company they have it with). Either way, insurance is nothing to worry about, we find a usable solution for each and every surrogacy.


Expect to Pay More Than $100,000

Florida surrogacy isn’t cheap. For many surrogacies, $100,000 is just the starting sum. IVF, alone, can quickly run up the bill. You have to pay for each new session of IVF if the first attempt at a transfer is unsuccessful. There are also other charges that you may be set to pay as they crop up.

Our surrogate agency is devoted to being transparent with both surrogates and intended parents struggling with infertility. We’ll always be honest with you about how much surrogacy can cost. After finding you a surrogate, we’ll run the numbers and give you an idea of what you might end up spending.

That can help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you can afford a surrogate. How much does a surrogacy cost in Florida, Texas or California? For the most part, without complications, and not including IVF costs of your own, your surrogacy will cost $120,000 or close to it. These numbers are our agency’s numbers, considering many of our completed 40births.

If you choose to go with a larger surrogacy agency, the cost of your surrogacy can easily eclipse $140,000-$150,000.


Your Surrogate Can Live Anywhere

While you may be choosing an egg donor in Florida and you may think that your surrogate also lives in Florida, this isn’t always the case. Though we do have surrogates who live in Florida, they are not always within driving distance of their intended parents. In the age of COVID and the prevalence of video conferencing, it’s easy to get to know surrogate mothers from other states, or distant areas. Remember they will be commuting to your IVF clinic and you will meet her on various occasions.

Our surrogates live throughout the United States in states that are friendly towards surrogates. You may discover that your surrogate lives across the country. This shouldn’t deter you from choosing her, however. She may match up with your needs in every other capacity.

If your surrogate is willing, then you can always fly her out to you. Or you can simply ask for photos of the progress of your baby’s development. Speaking with your surrogate regularly can help you feel a part of the process even if your surrogate is hundreds of miles away.


Expect to Wait to Be Matched or to wait for Medical Screening

When you type in “surrogacy near me” and find our website, you may think that you could be matched with a surrogate the same day. This isn’t always the case. Our agency takes a lot of pride in matching surrogates with intended parents. For many parents however, they are matched while they sign on with our agency, and we wait for their clinic to review and approve the surrogate and schedule her medical screen. To date- we have matched all of our intended parents within 2 months.

We carefully examine the details and requirements you have for your surrogate. Then we find the surrogate who we believe best matches those needs. The truth is it can take several months to find a surrogate.

If you want to get started with the process, then we recommend you get started with applying today.


You Can be Matched with a Surrogate Before IVF

Combining several of the myths listed above, you do not need to wait to be matched with a surrogate before you form embryos, visit a fertility clinic, or attempt IVF. In fact, in some cases, it’s better to wait until after you’ve been matched with a surrogate.

When joining an agency by filling out the inquiry form, you can start the process of finding a surrogate. While some intended parents do choose to find an egg donor before a surrogate, this isn’t something that’s set in stone.

Our agency, in fact, can help you find those donors and fertility clinics. We have several clinics that work closely with our agency. We know they provide incredible results.

Before you start searching for clinics or donors, fill out our inquiry first to start the process of being matched with a surrogate.


Our Agency is Different

It may be easy to believe that all agencies are the same. This isn’t the case. Some have different mission statements or values. Others have different compensation rates or benefit packages.

Our agency is different from others because we strive to keep costs low for intended parents while still awarding surrogates the compensation they deserve. We also work hard to ensure the matches are friendly between surrogates and intended parents.


Surrogate Supply is Low

While you may find surrogates listing their services on certain sites, you should never trust those sources. Independent or freelance surrogates don’t have the same kind of protection that an agency offers. That also means there are fewer surrogates than you may realize.

Many intended parents decide to inquire with multiple surrogacy agencies, only to find out that they wait up to 6 months or more for a surrogate. Especially during COVID- demand for surrogates has surged while the number of surrogates has dwindled, due to world events and fear of the unknown.

Also, because surrogates have to pass rigorous qualifications to join an agency, less than 2% that apply actually are accepted as a surrogate. This ensures they’re healthy and have the right mindset for the job.

If you want to get started finding your surrogate, then contact our surrogate agency in Florida today.