8 Reasons Why Surrogacy is your Fertility Solution


Reasons for Infertility and Surrogacy as Solution

Struggling with Infertility is More Common Than You Know

We know how hard it is to find out that you can’t have children on your own. Perhaps you’ve been to every fertility clinic and the news has all been the same. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams to have children. The CDC states that 6% of married women are infertile. That increases to 12% of women who are unmarried but still trying to get pregnant. You’re not alone.

Luckily, there is still a way that you can have a baby on your own. Florida surrogacy is an effective and often successful method for pregnancy. Here are some reasons you may be infertile.

Common Reasons Behind Fertility Problems

There are a few reasons why you may be struggling to have children of their own. According to the NHS, those problems are:

  • Lack of normal ovulation process
  • Low-quality semen
  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis

There are also risk factors that can influence these causes and make fertility even more difficult. Some of these risk factors may, also, be causes in themselves. We’ll dig into them below.

1. Age

It’s a scientific fact that fertility decreases with age. Many intended parents choose to wait to have kids in order to focus on their careers or just enjoy a life without children for a time. These are both understandable reasons, but parents need to be aware that the longer they wait to have children, the more difficult it is going to be.

Age impacts the ovulation cycle. Women are born with a set number of eggs in their bodies. Each period releases one. Those that remain when they’re older are likely the least healthy of the bunch.

In this case, an egg donor can help you have children. The egg donor will offer their egg with your spouse’s sperm in a fertility clinic. The resulting embryo will then be placed in a surrogate from our surrogacy agency in Florida.

Because surrogate mothers are younger, their bodies will be able to support the child through its development. Once the baby is born, you’ll be the parents of a happy and healthy baby no matter how old you are.

2. Weight

Another risk factor that can impact fertility is your weight. The heavier you are, the less fertile you are. This also impacts ovulation. Blockages may occur in your fallopian tubes or endometriosis may be caused.

Whatever it is that triggers fertility problems, weight is often a factor that plays a hand.

Luckily, when you find a surrogate at our surrogate agency in California, you’ll find that our surrogates all maintain a healthy weight. This is because one of our qualifications to join our surrogacy agency in Florida is to have a healthy BMI.

We understand that BMI impacts not just fertility but the development of the baby as well. Obesity can negatively impact the growing baby and perhaps even cause problems. It’s vital that our surrogates are a healthy weight to give your baby its best chance at growing normally.

3. Certain STIs

One reason why some intended parents seek surrogacy services is that one of them suffers from an STI. This may cause them some concern like passing it onto their baby. Certain STIs, like chlamydia, can actually impact your fertility as well.

If you want to find a surrogate in California with a clean bill of health, then using our surrogate agency is a great way to do it. We take surrogacy seriously and thoroughly screen all of our surrogates before accepting them.

Any surrogate that has a serious STI that can impact the baby is rejected.

4. Drug and Alcohol Use

If you or your partner smokes or drinks alcohol, then these can also impact your fertility. Even being exposed to secondhand smoke or just smoking on occasion can have enough of an effect. This is because it tampers with the quality of your semen. It can damage the semen to the point where it’s unable to fertilize anything.

This is another problem that you don’t have to worry about when you choose to go with a surrogate agency like ours. When you search “surrogacy near me” and come across our agency, you’ll find that we carefully screen all of our prospective surrogates for drug and alcohol use.

Before they can join our agency, our surrogates must take a drug test. We check for illegal drugs as well as nicotine and marijuana. We can help you find a surrogate that is as serious about taking care of your baby as you are.

5. Environmental Factors

Interestingly enough, being in the presence of certain things like pesticides, metals, and even certain solvents can impact your fertility. Because most men often work in hard labor jobs, they’re the ones with the higher probability of having their fertility impacted as a result.

These kinds of environmental factors may also increase the risk of developing certain cancers.

If you were ever exposed to an environmental factor like this, then you can find relief with surrogacy. A sperm donor may be needed to help fertilize an egg. Otherwise, the embryo can be placed inside of the surrogate to grow healthily.

6. Miscarriages

One problem that brings a lot of intended parents to our doors is frequent miscarriages. If you’re tired of constantly having miscarriages, then surrogacy may also be your answer. There are several reasons why a miscarriage may happen. Sometimes there are no reasons. Yet it can be a heartbreaking experience all the same.

Our surrogates are carefully screened in regards to miscarriages. We want to ensure that if they experienced any that it wasn’t a large number. When you hire us to find a surrogate for you, you can be sure that the surrogate is healthy and ready to help you.

7. Stress

Finally, one of the biggest risk factors that can impact your fertility is stress. Whether you’re stressed about having a baby, stressed about your partner, stressed about work, or stressed about anything, it can influence how well your body is able to reproduce. Stress may cause ulcers or cysts that can then block your fallopian tubes. Or it may kill off sperm cells that were healthy.

To make having a baby easier on yourself, you should first do some research by looking for “surrogacy near me,” then by signing up with our agency. We can make it easy to find a surrogate in California and get started with the process. Having a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. We can make the process that much easier.

8. Lifestyle Choices

Surrogacy may also be for you if you don’t wish to change certain lifestyle choices or you’re not interested in carrying the baby yourself. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of being on maternity leave for a few months. No matter what your reasoning may be, surrogacy could be your answer.

Start The Process of Growing Your Family Today

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