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Traits that Make The Best Surrogate Mother

If you’re a parent looking for traits that make the best surrogate mother, this article is for you. Or if you’re a prospective surrogate wondering if you have what it takes, read on!

There are a few key aspects of a surrogate’s personality that can help determine whether or not you should become a surrogate. Add to this your health and ability to carry a healthy pregnancy, and you can know rather well if you’re cut out for surrogacy.

This article will discuss the five types of people that make for great surrogates.

1) Motivated

Do you consider yourself to be a motivated person? When it comes to your normal work life, are you the type of person to take the initiative and do the job without being told? If so, then you might be a great candidate for becoming a surrogate.

Motivated people are the type to take action. They have a clear goal in mind and won’t stop at anything until they’ve achieved that goal. This benefits surrogacy in a few different ways.

As a surrogate, it’s your job to have a healthy pregnancy. The moment that something feels off, it’s important that you don’t wait on the opinion of others. You know your body the best. You’ll be ready to take yourself to the doctor if need be in order to check everything out. The sooner that a problem is detected, the better the results typically are.

Motivated surrogates also typically perform better. They’re not afraid to put themselves at the front of the group in order to be matched with intended parents. That sort of passion can be enticing for intended parents who may still be nervous and unsure about the process of surrogacy. It inspires confidence in them.

Another reason that motivated surrogates to make for the best kind of surrogate is that they are typically financially stable. This is important because being financially stable is one of the surrogacy qualifications that many agencies have as well as Made in the USA Surrogacy. As your surrogacy agency, we are required to ensure that our surrogate mothers are financially stable and not dependent on the income received from the surrogacy.

If you’re driven at work, then you’re also likely going to be driven as a surrogate. That makes you a great choice for becoming a surrogate.

2) Excellent Pregnancy History

Another aspect of traits that make the best surrogate mother is your pregnancy history. Obviously, when you become a surrogate, the whole point is to be able to carry a baby to term. Parents are taking a big risk in trusting their delicate embryos to a surrogate. Because of that risk, they like to know that their surrogate has a good pregnancy history.

One way that they can determine this is through the surrogate agency screening. Before surrogates join a surrogacy agency in California, they have to pass the surrogacy qualifications. Among those qualifications is to have had a prior healthy pregnancy without complications.

Medical records are supplied to prove that it occurred without any problems. If you want to become a surrogate, then you’ll need to be able to have your medical records ready to give to the surrogate agency proving your health.

Surrogates with an excellent pregnant history make for great surrogates because they’re able to carry surrogate babies without too much worry. You can also gauge yourself by asking whether or not you liked being pregnant. Did you feel happy or seem care-free as a pregnant mom? Did you like the feeling of the baby inside you and watching it grow? Most likely, you’re a great candidate for surrogacy.


3) Good-Hearted

Another great kind of person who makes for the best kind of surrogate is those who are good-hearted. Being good hearted could be one of the best traits that make the best surrogate mother.

These are the women who are full of compassion. Perhaps they even tend to self-sacrifice a little too much to help others. Their kindness is both a strength and a fault.

The process of surrogacy isn’t an easy one. You’re going to have to devote some time to it. You’ll also have to undergo fertility treatments in order to prepare your body for receiving the embryo. After that, you have nine months of carrying a baby that you will have to give to its biological parents after its birth.

Becoming a surrogate is a journey through selflessness. You can learn a lot about yourself during the process. For those who consider themselves to be compassionate, you have the right kind of heart and mindset for surrogacy in California.

Being good-hearted and compassionate means that you’re ready to embrace the challenges that come with the process. From the beginning of the process when you search “surrogacy near me” to find a surrogacy agency in California that’s perfect for you to the very end, you’re ready to withstand every challenge.

You’re devoted to the cause because you’re passionate about helping the parents have a baby of their own. As a mother yourself, you feel for their plight. You understand the joy that children can bring to your life. It’s something you want them to experience for themselves.

Good-hearted women also put the baby before themselves. Sometimes it may require a lifestyle change. Being good-hearted means that you’d make that sacrifice in a heartbeat. You understand your duty and you’re passionate about helping the parents assigned to you.

4) Patient

One thing to reflect on before you search for a surrogate agency in California is whether or not you’re a patient person. Do you know more traits that make the best surrogate mother?

Patience is vital when it comes to being a surrogate. There’s a lot of waiting involved. For one, the IVF process can take some time. It may require several months of fertility treatments and attempts for the embryo to take root inside of your body.

You’re also waiting for the parents to be successful with their fertility treatments. Since they’re struggling with their fertility, to begin with, this can be lengthy.

Then you have nine months of being pregnant to get through. Being a surrogate is a long process. Without patience, you’re not going to enjoy the journey. It’s typical that from beginning to end, our surrogate mothers will have a journey lasting about 2 years.

5) Excellent Communicators

One last type of person that makes for a great surrogate is those that excel at communication. Being a surrogate means that you’re going to need to communicate effectively. You’ll have to communicate with the parents, the agency coordinator, your employer, and everyone else involved in the process.

Being able to communicate your needs, concerns, and problems effectively are vital. A great candidate for being a surrogate is those that can communicate their thoughts or concerns in a way that doesn’t offend or ridicule those that they are working with.

You’ll also need to be prepared to be an open book. You’ll be asked about your history when you were pregnant, your criminal history, and your financial situation. Being open and honest is vital to joining up with an agency.

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