5 Reasons You May Need to Hire a Surrogate - Made in the USA Surrogacy Roseville, California

5 Reasons You May Need to Hire a Surrogate – Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, California

Have you been struggling with getting pregnant? Perhaps you managed to become pregnant, but you weren’t able to maintain a healthy pregnancy?

For those who struggle with infertility, surrogacy may be your only option for having a baby of your own. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we want to help you find a surrogate. The process of surrogacy can be a safe and effective way of helping parents struggling with infertility to have their own biological children safely.

Here are a few reasons why you might need to hire one.

#1 – Declining Fertility Rates

According to this article, the overall fertility rate declined by 2% in 2018. While that may seem like a small percentage, it actually isn’t.

Those who study fertility believe that it has less to do with problems with infertility and more to do with women choosing to have babies later in life. However, choosing to wait until they’re older does come with its own consequences. The later in life that women choose to become pregnant, the higher the risk of birth defects. It also means that they’re less likely to become pregnant at all.

This might also be why there has been a steady decrease in the fertility rate. Women who have chosen to wait until they’re older suddenly discover that they’re unable to have children at all. It’s well known that egg count, as well as egg quality in women, decline rapidly by early thirties and into upper thirties.

These women can benefit from using a surrogate because it allows them to focus on their careers first. They don’t have to sacrifice their ambition just to have a baby. Using surrogates means your baby can be born when you’re ready, as long as you were able to create healthy embryos and have them frozen or met recently with a fertility doctor near you.

#2 – Declining Sperm Count

Another article describes the declining sperm count that men are facing. As each year passes, it seems that the average sperm count for a male is decreasing.

Considering that men typically have a large sperm count, this news isn’t distressing just yet. However, for a man who already has a low sperm count, this could be disastrous. The reasons behind the declining sperm count are still being debated. Some believe it may be tied to plastics.

The reason that a couple may need the service of a California surrogate agency is when they decide to try for a baby. Yet when they seek answers from a fertility clinic as to why they haven’t been successful, it may be revealed that the male partner’s sperm count is too low.

Add to this a decision to wait later in life to have a baby and being able to conceive could be impossible. In this instance, they may want to rely on a surrogate agency to find a surrogate for them.

#3 – Economic Reasons

One pressing reason that many intended parents choose to wait to have a baby is that they want to be financially secure. This is a great reason considering babies and children are expensive. As a parent, you want to make sure that you’re able to provide for them and help them develop.

Waiting until you’re older may be the best course of action in this regard. It allows you time to become integral in your career path. You may be able to receive a few promotions that come with an increase in pay. It also means you’re able to save more money for your future child’s benefit.

However, when you attempt to conceive your baby, you may find that your reproductive system is past its prime. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on a baby. Instead, you should just use a surrogacy agency in California to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Through a surrogate, they can safely carry your baby until its final term. By using a surrogate mother, you can focus on your career and finances to ensure that their future is as bright as possible.

#4 – Accident

No one ever expects an accident. A simple car accident can change your life forever.

For example, if a man receives a spinal cord injury, then he might be unable to conceive traditionally. Luckily, sperm can still be collected from him, but he won’t be able to conceive naturally. The opposite is also true, where intended mothers have been affected by an accident of some kind, or unexpected injury that has left her reproductive organs in bad shape.

Using a surrogacy agency in California and a fertility clinic near you, the sperm or eggs can be removed from the injured partner. They can then be placed in a surrogate through IVF who can then carry the healthy pregnancy to full term.

Other accidents may also occur that can damage the reproductive organs of both women and men. In this instance, what may have been a healthy and functioning womb may suddenly have blockages that keep sperm cells from reaching the eggs.

In this instance, the intended parents were previously capable of conceiving a child. However, after the accident, they have been rendered infertile. Yet through a fertility clinic, they’re still able to use a surrogate from a surrogacy agency in California to carry their baby.

#5 – Medical Conditions

While parents may start out healthy, a medical condition that they develop later could result in infertility. For example, if a woman ever suffers from pelvic inflammatory disease, it could damage her uterus or fallopian tubes. As a result, the sperm cells may be unable to travel to the egg cells for fertilization.

Other medical conditions that can cause damage to the fallopian tubes and uterus are infections, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, chronic illness, a birth defect, scar tissue, scar adhesions, and DES syndrome.

Men can also suffer from infertility due to a medical condition. For example, if they receive an illness or infection that causes inflammation to their testicles, then it could result in damaging their sperm cells.

A virus could make the veins in their scrotum swell. This can also make conception impossible or extremely difficult. Finally, if a medical condition resulted in their testicles not becoming fully developed, this can also lead to problems with their fertility.

Pregnancy is a complicated process. Even men and women who are at their fittest stage in health can struggle with it. All it takes is one bad medical illness to completely remove your chances of a normal pregnancy.

Hire a Surrogate Agency

If you suffer from any of these reasons, then your best bet for having a child of your own is to utilize a surrogate mother. The process of surrogacy is typically successful. It involves the collection of egg and sperm cells from the two partners and placing them in a petri dish. This completely removes any barriers or problems with a low sperm count for conception.

To ensure that the embryo grows into a healthy baby, a surrogate is used. The surrogate has a clean bill of health and has had at least one successful pregnancy and birth before. They’ll be able to carry the baby to its full term and eventually give birth to it.

As a result, the intended parents will have a baby of their own biological makeup. Your fertility doesn’t have to define you or decide whether or not you can have children. By using a surrogate agency in Sacramento matched with a gestational surrogate, you can take control and finally achieve your dreams of having a baby.

5 Reasons You May Need to Hire a Surrogate - Made in the USA Surrogacy Roseville, California

Whether your struggles stem from a medical condition, an accident, or a lifestyle choice to wait until you’re older, having a baby is possible. Contact our agency to get started with the process.