The Average Cost of Surrogacy: How Much Does a Florida Surrogate Cost?

The Average Cost of Surrogacy: How Much Does a Florida Surrogate Cost?

If you’ve been searching several surrogate agencies in Florida to figure out just how much the average cost of surrogacy is, then you likely found several different numbers. It’s difficult to put an exact average on the surrogacy journey because there are plenty of variables that can quickly add to the price.

That being said, surrogacy in Florida can be split into two main expenses. There’s the cost of IVF and the cost of surrogacy. IVF revolves around $12,000 although this is if everything goes smoothly. In some cases, IVF can go up to around $30,000 alone.

It’s important that you first understand what surrogacy is before you decide to use it to have your baby. If the process sounds like something you’re interested in, then you can contact our surrogate agency to find out details about your budget and the overall cost of surrogacy.

Otherwise, here’s an overview of the cost of surrogacy in Florida.

The Cost of IVF

An important part of surrogacy is IVF. This is the practice in which an embryo from the egg donor is created and transferred to the surrogate. There are plenty of things that can go wrong during the procedure. Sometimes the sperm doesn’t unite correctly with the egg. Sometimes the egg wasn’t healthy enough for fertilization. Sometimes the embryo just can’t survive the transfer. And, in other cases, sometimes the surrogate’s body wasn’t ready to accept the embryo.

Whenever something doesn’t work, the entire process has to be started over again. This is because the body of the surrogate has to be “tricked” through the use of fertility medication in order to think that it’s pregnant. The right number of hormones need to be both expressed and reduced. Fertility medications can mimic this or force the body to produce certain hormones.

Yet those don’t come without a cost. The University of Florida Health states that the average cost of IVF rests around $12,000 to $17,000. However, that’s if the process doesn’t run into too many problems.

The fees that are associated with a single IVF procedure include the actual surgery, blood tests, medicines, processing both the egg and sperm and other steps. Should the IVF procedure fail, then intended parents struggling with infertility can expect to pay that $12,000 or $17,000 again for the second attempt.

Some intended parents may have tried IVF on their own to bypass their infertility. If your pregnancy still failed, then surrogacy in Florida may be the answer. All you need to do is find a surrogate and an egg donor. Or, if infertility rests with the sperm, then a sperm donor.

Florida Surrogacy Costs

Understanding the costs of an IVF procedure is vital to determine if your budget can also carry the cost of surrogacy, itself. When you work with our surrogacy agency in Florida, you’ll find that we clearly list out the expenses you can expect to pay throughout the process. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to costs.

This also helps those who want to become a surrogate in Florida. They’ll know exactly how much they can make at our surrogate agency in Florida.

When you search “surrogacy near me” you likely found various surrogate agencies all offering different compensation.

We believe in keeping things affordable for intended parents while still ensuring that our surrogates receive the pay that they deserve. Part of understanding the cost of hiring a surrogate is understanding the terms.

All surrogates receive a base compensation rate. This is similar to the base rate that an average worker receives. All intended parents will pay the base compensation rate of their surrogate no matter what surrogate agency in Florida they join.

Then there are additional costs that are considered benefits. These are additional charges that can be added to your overall total if they apply. For example, if you want your surrogate to carry multiples, then that is added compensation on top of their base compensation.

There are also a few other hidden expenses that should be considered. When searching for surrogate agencies in Florida, you may find that several agencies offer tons of money to their surrogates. That amount may reach anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 for base compensation alone. Our competition offers this when you are searching for “become a surrogate” in any state. You will see large figures for surrogate mothers’ compensation in all ad areas of search.

This is problematic because it pushes the cost onto intended parents. Those who are desperately trying to have a baby may not be able to afford the process to make it happen. The reason those agencies charge so high is that they need to advertise to bring surrogates into their agency, they have to expand their advertising to find surrogates in different parts of the country, and because they’re competing with other agencies for the same surrogates.

Clearly, hiring a surrogate can be extremely expensive. Yet it’s even more important that you choose our surrogacy agency in Florida over others. We choose to fix the cost of our surrogate mother’s compensation across state lines at a reasonable number to keep that cost down for you as the intended parent.

The Cost of Surrogacy at Made in the USA Surrogacy

If you want to find a surrogate in Florida that doesn’t completely bankrupt you, then you need to choose our surrogates. Our competition’s surrogate journeys will regularly put you over the figure of $150,000 between agency fee and surrogate compensation. Our average surrogacy is between $110,000-$125,000.

We give our surrogates a base compensation rate of $40,000. That’s considerably lower than the agencies that charge $20,000 more. It’s a great amount to give surrogates the money they deserve and give intended parents a chance to afford a procedure that can help them grow their family.

We do offer benefit packages to our surrogates as well. If you know that you need to find a surrogate that is open to multiples, then you should be aware that it is in addition to surrogate base comp. Some of these benefits include bonuses such as a COVID bonus (for surrogate mothers who are surrogates during the COVID crisis) and extra compensation if your surrogate mother has multiples.

Experienced surrogates are ladies who have successfully carried a baby for intended parents before. They are living proof that the process can work. If you wish to use an experienced surrogate to have your baby, then you should be advised that there is often a waiting list. This, on top of the extra compensation involved, as well as the fact that experienced surrogates are highly competitive, may encourage you to seek first-time surrogates instead.

Start Your Search to Find a Surrogate in Florida

Timing plays an important part in knowing how much surrogacy is going to cost. You may find that it’s more expensive to perform IVF later than it is now. It’s also important to understand that it can take some time to be matched with a surrogate. Prospective surrogates have to go through many hurdles in order to become a surrogate in Florida.

Our agency, in particular, works hard to ensure only healthy young women are able to work with us to serve intended parents.

You may wonder when your surrogacy will need to be fully funded if you choose to wait to find a surrogate in Florida.

Here is a short breakdown of your costs:

  1. You will pay our agency fee upfront if you are matched with a surrogate upfront. If you are not matched, you will only pay half of the agency fee.
  2. A few months will go by while we coordinate your surrogate mother’s medical screen with your fertility clinic.
  3. You will then be going to legal contracts to draft a surrogacy agreement with your surrogate and negotiate with her different aspects of your journey.
  4. At the time that you sign the agreement with your surrogate, you will be required to fund your trust account to the amount of your surrogate’s base compensation plus any bonuses included. This will be about 3-6 months after you are matched with your surrogate.
  5. The rest of the estimated cost of your surrogacy will be paid in three equal monthly installments to your escrow accounts. This is usually about at the 6-month mark after being matched with your surrogate mother unless your process went smoother than normal without delays.

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The Average Cost of Surrogacy: How Much Does a Florida Surrogate Cost?

To receive a detailed look into compensation and costs, you should contact our agency today. Otherwise, keep searching “surrogacy near me” to find out more about our surrogate services.