Florida Surrogacy Requirements

Florida Surrogacy Requirements

Surrogacy Qualifications in Florida

Joining a surrogacy agency Florida is a great way to help other parents in need. Couples who are struggling with infertility may turn to surrogacy in Florida as their last hope. Not only can you help intended parents, but you can also earn money for yourself. Before you join a surrogacy agency, you first need to pass our surrogacy qualifications. Here are the qualifications you need to pass before you join a surrogacy agency in Florida.

Health Requirements

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, you need to be healthy. That’s why our health requirements are so important. In order to join a surrogacy agency Florida, you must satisfy the following requirements.

1. You Must be a Non-Smoker

The CDC has released plenty of information and statistics about babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Even a healthy pregnancy can swiftly take a turn for the worst when a surrogate starts to smoke.

One of the problems that smoking while pregnant does to the baby is that it can increase the chances of a premature baby. This can sometimes be lethal if the baby is born too early. Critical functions and organs may not have been fully developed yet.

Babies born after being exposed to tobacco also have a greater chance of developing birth defects. It’s also important that you don’t smoke after the baby is born. This increases the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to occur.

If you want to join our agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy, then you cannot be a smoker.

2. You Do Not Take Drugs

Similar to smoking, you can’t be a drug user if you wish to become a surrogate. One of the worst crises currently undergoing is the opioid crisis. Prescription painkillers are easy to get. They’re also extremely addictive. If you’re addicted to opioids or other drugs, it’s essential that you get off them before you attempt to become a surrogate.

Some of the problems that may occur to the baby are premature birth, stillbirth, withdrawal symptoms in the baby, and maternal mortality.

Other drugs can have even harsher consequences for the baby. Since you’re carrying the baby for an intended parent, it’s important that you’re as healthy as possible without any drug addictions. You won’t be accepted into an agency otherwise.

3. Previous Successful Pregnancy

The best way to tell if your body is healthy enough to carry a baby is to become pregnant. That’s why we ask our prospective surrogates to have had at least one successful pregnancy beforehand. You’ll need produce your medical records to prove that your pregnancies went on without any serious complications.

It doesn’t matter how the pregnancy came to be. Even if you used IVF and an embryo transfer to have your own baby, as long as you were able to carry the baby and have a healthy pregnancy, that will satisfy the requirement.

We also like to use mothers because they understand what an intended parent is going through in being unable to have one of their own. You understand the joy that children can bring to your life. We hope this will make you more empathetic towards the intended parents and willing to stay as healthy as possible for their child.

4. Less Than Two C-Sections and No More Than Four Vaginal Births

While this requirement varies from agency to agency, for our agency, you must not have had more than two C-Sections or more than four vaginal births. The process of surrogacy can wear the body down. If your body is already exhausted because of the number of C-Sections or vaginal births that you’ve performed, then it may not be up successfully carrying a surrogate baby.

The more that you give birth, the more worn your body and reproductive organs become. With that wearying down also comes the chance of birth defects and other problems to occur. We want your body to be as fresh and healthy as possible.

5. Have a Healthy BMI Between 19 and 30

Your BMI is a general overview of your health in a physical sense. It helps determine how much fat you have and how much muscle. This number is important because it can tell you whether you’re normal, overweight, or obese. Being obese can make carrying children a bit more dangerous.

Obese women are more likely to develop gestational diabetes. Like all types of diabetes, this can have a dangerous impact on your health. It also threatens the life and health of the baby.

While gestational diabetes should clear up after you give birth, it may worsen if left untreated and make an early ejection of the baby necessary.

For a healthy BMI, you’ll want to be around 19 and 30. Since weight gain is expected while you’re pregnant, being at a healthy weight beforehand can ensure that you don’t become obese through the process of surrogacy.

6. Ages Between 21 and 41

Surrogacy in Florida requires you to be between the ages of 21 and 41. This is when you are at your healthiest and most fertile. This makes the process of the embryo transfer easier. Trying to become a surrogate earlier in life can be detrimental to your health. Your body may not just be ready for the harsh conditions that pregnancy can do to your body.

Whereas becoming a surrogate when you’re past the age of 40 is dangerous. Your body may not be able to handle the strain that pregnancy performs on the body. You’re also less fertile at this stage. This makes the embryo transfer less likely to be successful.

Our surrogate agency requires you to be between the ages of 21 and 38.

Medical Requirements

After passing the health requirements, you’ll be able to move onto the medical requirements. Surrogacy requires you to be of certain health medically speaking. As such, you’ll need to take a few urine and blood tests to determine how healthy you are.

A doctor will also evaluate you physically.

These tests are to ensure that you’re going to be able to handle the fertility treatments.

Psychological Screening Requirements

Surrogacy can be wearing emotionally. We want to make sure you have the right emotional stability to join a surrogate agency. Because the cost of surrogacy in Florida is so high for parents, we don’t want intended parents to have their surrogates flake out because of a mental disorder or because they weren’t emotionally ready for the process.

You’ll sit down with a few professionals and be psychologically screened. You’ll also be asked questions and complete personality tests.

Stable Family and Support Network for Surrogacy

It’s important that you have support at home or friends that can help with watching your kids when or if you are stressed. The process can be physically and mentally exhausting. If you’re in an abusive home, then that isn’t a good environment for the baby to grow either. While partners aren’t required, it is a benefit to have one.

Permanent Residency in the United States

When you search “surrogacy near me,” we’re hoping it’s from within the United States. Our agency requires their surrogates to be US Citizens, legal immigrants, or permanent residents.

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