Become a Surrogate in Clearwater

Become a Surrogate in Clearwater

How To Become a Surrogate in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater received its name from a few different springs in the area that provided fresh water to the locals. Although the area was once occupied by the Tocobaga people, it was relatively unused until the United States Army built a fort there in 1835. The fort would eventually be lost to time until the 1960s when Mark Wyllie discovered a bunker while he was planting a tree.

The settling of Clearwater originated when the United States passed the Federal Armed Occupation Act of 1842. In that Act, the land was given to those who would bear arms and start growing in the area. Several families moved to the area and started to cultivate it.

The population would remain minimal until railroads eventually connected it to the larger towns in the area. It wasn’t until Henry B. Plant built a Victorian resort in Clearwater, however, that the population really boomed. Attracted to Clearwater’s comfortable temperatures and beautiful nature, visitors came in flocks.

The city would also be used as a training base for soldiers in World War II.

Currently, the city has an estimated population of 116,478.

If you live in the beautiful city of Clearwater, then you may be eligible for signing up with a surrogacy agency in Florida. Here’s everything you need to know about how to become a surrogate in Clearwater FL.

Surrogacy in Florida

The state of Florida is a surrogate-friendly state. This means that they passed laws that legalize the use of surrogates. In Florida, both traditional and gestational surrogacy is permitted. However, most surrogate agencies only allow the use of gestational surrogates.

Traditional surrogacy involves the use of the surrogate’s own eggs to be fertilized. She’ll share half the DNA of the baby with the intended parents. Understandably, this may cause some tension between the surrogate and the intended parents.

To avoid that, surrogate agencies such as ours, Made in the USA Surrogacy, typically use gestational surrogacy instead. During gestational, conception is made via IVF. The pregnancy is carried out through an embryo transfer. During IVF, the intended parents are given fertility treatments from a fertility clinic. The medications are to help boost their fertility as much as possible.

The fertility clinic then harvests their egg and sperm cells and places them in a petri dish. Without many of the obstacles that may be causing their infertility, the egg and sperm cells should unite and form an embryo.

The surrogate is also being given fertility medications at this time. Hers is designed to help improve the chances of her body recognizing the embryo as her own. Once her body seems ready, the embryo transfer will occur. The embryo is placed inside her body and starts to develop. From here, a healthy pregnancy will, hopefully, progress.

If you wish to become a surrogate in Clearwater FL, then you need to be prepared for the time and energy commitments that come along with it.

Time and Energy Commitments

For most surrogates, the journey typically takes around a year to complete. However, it is possible for the process of surrogacy to be extended. Some may last two years. There a few reasons why the process of surrogacy may be delayed.

The first is in matching. A surrogate agency has to do its part in finding you the intended parents that best match your criteria. This can sometimes take several months.

Another delay, and perhaps the most likely, is during fertility treatments. Surrogacy in Florida is never an exact science. You’ll be started with some medications, but it may be eventually discovered that you need more or less of the medication. You may need to be on it for a longer or a shorter time.

The only time you’ll know if the medications are working or not is during the embryo transfer. If it is successful, then the treatments were spot on. If the embryo transfer fails, then you’ll need to start on a round of medications again. Because it can take several weeks for the drugs to have an effect, this can prolong the process.

You’ll also need to be aware of energy commitments. For example, you’ll need to be sure that you can get through a healthy pregnancy. It isn’t always pleasant, but your intended parents are counting on you to carry their baby.

You may also be facing a lot of traveling. While the expenses are typically covered by the intended parents, it will still be up to you to travel for several days in order to reach appointments and visits.

If you think that you’re up for the task, then here’s how you can earn money as a surrogate in Clearwater FL.

Surrogate Compensation in Clearwater, FL

It’s possible for surrogates to make around $40,000 to $50,000 with our surrogate agency. Different agencies offer different compensation rates and benefits. Our surrogate compensation allows surrogates to earn an extra income that can allow her to make great financial investments that can impact the rest of her life. The amount is broken up into monthly installments of $4,250. Here’s a breakdown of the earnings that a surrogate can expect:

  • Base compensation: $40,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

Our agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy, also offers surrogates a benefits package that provides spouses some financial bonuses. This pays up to 10 days’ worth of missed payments from your work. In this way,

your spouse can help get you around to your appointments and doctor visits.

For more information about our compensation, you can visit our website.

Surrogacy Qualifications

Before you can become a surrogate, you need to pass a few surrogacy qualifications. These qualifications help ensure the intended parents that you can carry a healthy pregnancy. It also helps ensure that you do not take any unnecessary risks to your own health as well. In order to join our agency, you must pass the following:

  • You must be able to pass a physical and psychological screening.
  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 38. This is when you’re in the best health possible to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Your BMI should be between 19 and 30. Remaining at a good weight can help limit the risk of diseases like gestational diabetes.
  • You must not be a smoker.
  • You must not take drugs.
  • You must not be an alcoholic.
  • You must have had a prior pregnancy before that was successful and birth without complications.
  • You must be financially stable without receiving financial or housing aid from the government.
  • You must be a US Citizen, permanent resident, or a legal immigrant.

Steps to Become a Surrogate in Clearwater, FL

If you think you qualify to become a surrogate, then you’re ready to take the necessary steps to join our surrogacy agency in Florida. The first is to complete an online intake form. This form goes over the basic qualifications that determine whether or not you’re a good fit for our agency.

When that clears, you’ll be given the official surrogate application form. You’ll also receive an agency coordinator who will help you keep track of your appointments, deadlines, and can be a voice of support throughout your journey.

You’ll also need to send us a photo of yourself and your family. This, along with your medical records, will help establish that you have had a successful pregnancy beforehand. Because medical records can take some time to acquire from the hospital, it’s recommended that you ask them for those records as soon as possible.

You’ll need to speak with your OBGYN to receive a clearance letter.

Finally, you’ll need to have a PAP smear performed within a year of applying with us.

Why You Should Join an Agency

When you first hear about becoming a surrogate in Clearwater FL, you may be tempted to try it on your own. However, this can be a serious mistake. On your own, you miss out on the benefits and safety that an agency provides.

It fields out intended parents who may be less than kind or too demanding on their surrogates. An agency also helps you locate a surrogate attorney and health insurance. Both of these are essential for your protection.

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