California Surrogacy Guide

A Guide for Surrogates and Intended Parents in California

Embark on the surrogacy journey in California. Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate candidate, learn and understand the laws, requirements, compensation, and resources for bringing a new life into the world through surrogacy. Be prepared for the greatest gift of life – life, itself.
California Surrogacy

California Surrogacy Laws

Whether you are an intended parent or surrogate candidate, California makes it easy to embark on your surrogacy journey. Stay educated with its laws covered under California Family Code 7960.
California Surrogacy

California Intended Parent Process

Prepare for the gift of parenthood through the surrogacy journey. Be aware of the laws, expectations, types, resources, and financial obligations of becoming a parent via surrogacy.
California Surrogacy

California Surrogacy Requirements

We are committed to ensuring a blissful surrogacy journey for all parties. With a rigorous screening of all potential surrogate candidates, we only match the best candidate with the right parents.
California Surrogacy

California Surrogate Compensation

Learn the compensation requirements for CA surrogates. Surrogate Compensation depends on a variety of factors, like pregnancy experience, single vs multiple pregnancies, and policies in place.
California Surrogacy

Become a Surrogate in California

Deliver life to a couple experiencing fertility issues. Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing decision for intended parents, but especially for the surrogate. Consider which option works for you.
California Surrogacy

Find a California Surrogacy Agency

Ensure the safest delivery of your child via surrogacy by understanding the surrogacy requirements in California. A professional surrogacy agency will guide you towards the right surrogate for your journey.