Become a Surrogate in Davis

Become a Surrogate in Davis, California

Surrogacy Near Davis

Most people searching for surrogacy near Davis will find our agency. We are nestled in Northern California, and very close to world renowned IVF Clinics.

The best part about surrogacy near Davis, is the location to California IVF clinics that will be servicing you. You’re close to everything and will probably have a happy relationship with your Intended Parents in-person!

After deciding to utilize our services as your agency, you may wonder how you can become a surrogate from there. First, we need you to be sure that becoming a surrogate is something that you want. It can take some time out of your life. For example, most women typically devote a year to two years per surrogate experience. This is simply because the process of surrogacy can be a lengthy one.

You already have nine months of pregnancy to look forward to. On top of that, you also have fertility treatments that can sometimes span a few months. There’s also the period of time in which you’re waiting to be matched with intended parents. You should, at the very least, expect to spend a year or two per surrogacy.

If you’re prepared for that kind of time commitment, then you’re ready to take the next steps. You’ll need to pass some surrogacy qualifications, then perform a few steps to officially join our agency, and then the physical process of surrogacy can begin.

Surrogacy in Davis Qualifications

Surrogacy in California always aims to have their surrogate mothers and surrogate babies be healthy. Because of that, certain criteria need to be met in order for a woman to be accepted as a surrogate mother. Here are some of the qualifications that we require before you can join our agency.

The first is that you must be a legal United States citizen.

To promote that healthy pregnancy, we need our surrogate mothers to be between the ages of 23 and 38. So, if you’re a college graduate or a student attending graduate school, you could be the perfect candidate for our agency. We also require our surrogates to have a BMI between 19 and 30. Prospective surrogate mothers should be nonsmokers, possess no substance abuse addictions, and no alcohol abuse problems.

We also require that you have had at least one successful birth prior to joining. This is to show that you can carry a healthy pregnancy and deliver it successfully.

You must be financially secure.

Finally, we ask all of our prospective surrogate mothers to have a physical and mental evaluation.


How much can a surrogate near Davis make? A healthy pregnancy and delivery can make you $60,000+. It’s also possible to make more than that amount. You can expect compensation for the following categories, plus extra that is not shown here. For the full list, you can visit our website.

  • Base compensation: $60,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

City of Davis, CA

Davis, CA is also known as the site where the University of California, Davis is located. It’s the seat where most students learn about farming, animal husbandry, animal science, and other agricultural-related degrees. Before it was chosen as the site for a university, however, it was a simple farming area with a post office.

It eventually became involved in policies on agriculture and veterinary medicine. The area is also quite flat. Because of this, many bicyclists love to train on the area to improve their stamina and endurance before tackling the rougher terrain.

Surrogacy near Davis will always be thriving because Davis has an estimated population of 69,289 people. This is without the inclusion of the nearby University students and their families.

Another interesting note that Davis is well-known for is its bicyclists. The city tends to lean towards using bicycles to get around rather than using buses or cars. This is in an effort to both promote health.

If you’re a student who has a child, you might want to consider becoming a surrogate. There are couples both in the Davis area, across California, and across the country, who are struggling with fertility and conceiving a child. Some may have given up hope of having a baby of their own.

What our Surrogacy Agency Provides

There are many benefits to having a surrogate our agency help you. For one, we can match you with intended parents on a broader scale. Looking for intended parents on your own can not only take a long time, but it can also sometimes be dangerous. We offer a legitimate way for surrogates to find their intended parents.

You may not realize all of the laws that surrogacy in California possesses. While California is a surrogate-friendly state, it still has a legislature that must be adhered to. Unless you happen to know a surrogate attorney, wading through that legal paperwork can be difficult. Our surrogacy agency in California not only can help you find a surrogate attorney, but it also makes the overall process easier and simpler.

The final way that our agency can help you become a surrogate is by introducing you to health insurance policies that cover surrogacy. Too often, women believe that their current health insurance will cover being a surrogate. That isn’t always the case. Most traditional insurance companies haven’t quite figured out how to cover surrogates and all of the surrogate-related costs.

Overall, without health insurance, you can face some severe charges. We’ll help you with attain a policy that suits your surrogacy.

Steps with Us

In order to become a surrogate with us, you need to complete the following steps.

* Fill out Online Intake Form

* Complete a phone call with an agency representative to fill out the Official Surrogate Application Form

* Find your Medical Documentation of Past Pregnancy and Hospital Visits

* Send Photos of Your Family

* Ask your doctor to provide a Clearance Letter from Your OBGYN Delivered to Us

* Have a PAP Smear Performed Within a Year of Applying

Once those steps are completed, we’ll accept you into our fold as a surrogate mother. The process of matching you with intended parents begins from there. You’ll also be assisted with finding a surrogate attorney and surrogate health insurance. The attorney will help you and the intended parents come up with a birth plan and other elements of the entire process.


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