Become a Surrogate in Fair Oaks

Become a Surrogate in Fair Oaks, California

Surrogacy near Fair Oaks, CA

Surrogacy near Fair Oaks starts with our surrogacy agency located in Roseville, CA. Our agency finds surrogates local to the area and matches them with Intended Parents who use local IVF clinics.

The process of surrogacy involves the process of IVF and an embryo transfer to transplant a fertilized embryo into another person’s body. This is typically done when the intended mother cannot carry the baby herself. There may be a blockage in her fallopian tube or any other number of problems. For many couples struggling with fertility, surrogacy has been the answer to their prayers.

Not all states are so welcoming of surrogate mothers. Luckily, for those who reside in Fair Oaks, CA, you are able to easily procure protections, legal rights, and health insurance all dictated towards being a surrogate. However, finding those resources isn’t always the easiest. That’s when joining a surrogate agency becomes important.

Our agency makes the process easier. Not only do we help you find a couple seeking a surrogate, but we can also provide you with a surrogate attorney and surrogate health insurance. Both of those are necessary to have in the state of California. Especially if you want to make sure that you’re protected both legally and health-wise.

If a year or two years seems a little too much of a commitment, then being a surrogate may not be right for you. However, if the idea of giving a couple something they wouldn’t be able to receive without you strikes your heart, then you may be perfect for the job. In addition, surrogates are generously rewarded for their efforts.

Compensation for Surrogacy in Fair Oaks

While the emotional and spiritual reward of giving an intended couple their own baby is immensely satisfying, that feeling won’t feed you or your own kids. Luckily, every surrogacy agency in California is required to have their intended parents pay their surrogates. The surrogate compensation in Fair Oaks is quite generous, too.

Surrogates can expect to make around $60,000 per surrogate journey. Provided that you maintain your health and are within the age range that agencies require, you can be a surrogate mother plenty of times. That’s a lot of money that you can pull your way. For those who continue to work in Fair Oaks while being a surrogate, you can make even more.

In some cases, it’s even possible to make more than $50,000. Experienced surrogates, for example, often get a bonus and other benefits. This number is broken up into monthly installments of $4,250. To further break it down, you can expect the following increments for the following categories.

  • Base compensation: $60,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

Clearly, most of your needs are covered when it comes to being a surrogate. Health insurance should also help cover a lot of fertility treatments and other health costs. Before you can get started with the process of surrogacy and start bringing in money, you first need to meet the requirements that many agencies require. Here are the qualifications that you can expect from our agency.

Surrogacy Qualifications for surrogates in Fair Oaks

These qualifications are put into place in order to help surrogates maintain a healthy pregnancy. If they, themselves, are not healthy, then they’re not likely going to have a healthy pregnancy either. This is not only a danger to themselves, but it’s also a danger to the baby they’re carrying. Since some couples only have one or two shots at conceiving a child, even with IVF, those are risks best left untaken.

The first step to making sure you are a qualified surrogate candidate in Fair Oaks, CA, is that you must have had at least one healthy pregnancy. This is to show that you are capable of carrying healthy children. We’ll require medical documentation proving this. Also, one of the qualifications that you can expect from us is a requirement for legal residency. You must be a US Citizen to become a surrogate as well.

We also ask that our surrogates are within the age range of 23 and 38 years old. Again, this is to help boost a healthy pregnancy as this is when a woman is at her upmost ability for carrying a child successfully. In keeping with that, we also require a BMI between 19 and 30. Our surrogates must also be non-smokers and possess no drug addictions.

Other qualifications include having financial security without the use of government aid.

Finally, you’ll need to undergo a physical and mental evaluation to ensure that you are healthy all-around for becoming a surrogate.

Surrogacy in California

If you meet those requirements in Fair Oaks, then you are welcome to take our online intake form. That will begin your process to become a surrogate with us. Once the intake form is approved, you’ll be assigned an agency coordinator who will help you finish the surrogate application form.

It’s a good idea to start collecting your medical records and documentation at this time. Those records can sometimes take up to six months to obtain. If you’re someone who is eager to give surrogacy in California a try, then contacting your doctors and hospitals to put those records together quickly is vital.

We’ll also need you to submit a photo of your family alongside the medical documentation of your successful birth.

Within a year of applying with us, you’ll also need to have a PAP smear performed. While you’re at it, we’ll require your OBGYN to send us a clearance letter.

Once all of those steps have been completed, you’ll be officially added to the register of our surrogates. We’ll start the process of matching you with an intended couple immediately. This can sometimes take anywhere from a single month to three or six months.

Once you’ve been matched, however, you’ll meet with a surrogate attorney to help define the birth plan and other details about the journey. Fertility treatments begin soon after, and then you’re carrying a baby for nine months.

Contact us in Fair Oaks to begin.

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