Become a Surrogate in Antelope

Become a Surrogate in Antelope, California.

Surrogacy Near Antelope, CA

Surrogacy near Antelope will show you that our agency is close by in Roseville, CA. We like surrogates in Antelope because you are close to many other IVF clinics we partner with. Also, parents look for surrogates in Antelope because they are local!

While you can make a generous amount of money as using surrogacy in Antelope, it isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. Unless your health is placed in question, you likely won’t be able to abort the child since it isn’t yours. You’re merely carrying the child for someone else. Intended couples who seek the services of surrogacy in California are those who have struggled to conceive on their own and are diagnosed or have not been diagnosed with some form of infertility.

There are numerous reasons why they may be struggling. The woman’s fallopian tubes might be blocked. However, a surrogate can make it possible for them to have a child of their very own.

Surrogacy involves the process of IVF and embryo transfer for gestational surrogacy. The intended couple uses IVF to fertilize the egg cell with a sperm cell inside of a petri dish. When the egg cell is fertilized, it forms an embryo. Fertility specialists examine the embryo to determine if it’s healthy and likely to survive the transfer process.

If it does seem healthy enough, then it is placed inside of the surrogate through a process known as an embryo transfer. If all goes well, then the baby will start to grow, and the surrogate is responsible for the baby’s health until its birth.

The entire process of surrogacy can take a long time. Most surrogates can expect a year or two years for each surrogacy.

However, for others, the monetary compensation and the emotional rewards of being a surrogate are worth the lengthy time commitment. How much can you earn as a surrogate? Check out the compensation below.

Surrogacy in Antelope Compensation

Prices and benefits packages vary according to each surrogate agency. However our surrogacy agency compensation is around $60,000 per surrogacy. Bonuses and additional benefits packages are possible depending on your experience and case. The $60,000 is broken up into monthly payments of $6,000. You can expect the intended couple to pay this amount with the following expenses in mind.

  • Base compensation: $60,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

As a parent yourself, you understand the joys that a child brings to a family. Not only do you have someone to pass the family name along, but you can experience the world through a whole new set of eyes. Children teach us new things and new perspectives.

This is an incredible experience that some couples will be unable to have without the use of a surrogate. It’s something you can give to them. That’s why many surrogates love being a surrogate. They’re able to witness that sense of joy, love, and wonder when an intended mother or intended father hold their baby for the first time. They know that they’ve given them a gift that can never truly be repaid.

With both monetary and emotional rewards aside, if you want to become a surrogate with our surrogate agency, then you need to first pass certain surrogacy qualifications.

Surrogacy Qualifications in Antelope, CA

Not just anyone can become a surrogate. To ensure that a healthy pregnancy is likely, women have to be between the ages of 23 and 38. This is when a woman is at her healthiest for pregnancy. You should also possess a BMI of 19 to 30- check it here. In addition, you should be a nonsmoker and not possess any drug addictions.

At our surrogacy agency in California, we also require our surrogate mothers to be legal residents or legal immigrants in the United States. It makes the process of acquiring medical records just that much easier, among other reasons. You’ll need medical records as well as medical documentation that proves you’ve had at least one successful birth in the past. Successful means that it was a healthy pregnancy and the birth didn’t have any complications.

Surrogate mothers should also be financially secure. They are not receiving financial aid from the government or any other program.

One last qualification that we have at our surrogacy agency in California is to undergo a physical or mental evaluation. Again, this is to further ensure that the outcome is going to be a healthy pregnancy if you’re chosen as a surrogate.

Steps from There

Completing our online intake form will ensure that you meet the qualifications above. From there, you’ll also need to complete a surrogate application form. Our agency coordinator will help you with that process. Other steps that you’ll need to complete with our agency is to send us a family photo along with medical records dictating the successful birth that you had.

We’ll also need you to undergo a PAP smear and have your OBGYN send us a clearance letter.

Once those steps have finally been completed, you’ll be welcomed as a surrogate mother with our agency. Surrogacy in California requires that you have health insurance. We can help you obtain that.

Once an agreement has been made (Gestational Carrier Agreement) between the intended parents and the surrogate mother about the birth plan and other details, then you can begin fertility treatments.

If the embryo is accepted by your body, then you’ll have a baby growing inside of you in no time. You’ll continue to see the fertility doctor and your OBGYN to ensure that the baby is developing soundly.

Some women in Antelope choose to continue working while being a surrogate. If that’s the case with you, then you can resume work while placing an emphasis on the health of the baby. This is also a great way to bring in extra money.

Once nine months are up, it will be time to give birth. You’ll be taken to the hospital and follow the birth plan that you agreed to with the intended couple and the surrogate attorney prior. For many surrogates, this is the best part of the entire process because they’re able to see the joy on the intended couple’s faces.

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