Surrogate Compensation

How Much Does A Surrogate Make?

Depending on multiple factors, compensation can vary.

For first time surrogates, base compensation begins at $50,000-$60,000, and experienced surrogate compensation can vary between $55,000-$65,000.

In addition to your base compensation, each surrogate can receive an additional $13,000 in compensation through various benefits detailed below:

  • Monthly Expense Allowance – $250/month
  • Medical/Psychological Screenings – $500
  • Commencement of Medication – $500
  • Embryo transfer fee – $1,000
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance – $1,000 – $1,200
  • Multiples – $5,000
  • Childcare (if applicable) – $75/child/day
  • C-Section – $2500
  • Lost Wages* – up to 6 weeks of your lost wages, if you are married your spouse is entitled to 10 days of lost wages- *unlike other surrogacy agencies in California, we do not lump lost wages into your base compensation. 

Why Our Compensation Package is Better

  • Your compensation will not change whether you are a resident of California or not
  • Your compensation will not change whether you are married
  • Your compensation will not change based on whether you work- you’ll receive your lost wages!
  • Your compensation will not change based on whether you live or work in California
  • Your compensation package will not change based on whether you have a “surrogate friendly insurance package” or if we use your insurance policy
  • Your surrogate compensation package

For us, we wanted to make the compensation package simple and not confusing. With other surrogacy agencies, you will be shown a large chart where you will need to fit into categories of whether you work, have insurance or are a resident of California or other multiple factors. This can cause confusion when you’re trying to find out how much you will make.

Our surrogate agency is different in the way we talk about compensation. Your compensation is based upon one factor, and that is your suitability to become a surrogate. If you pass your medical screening, you are eligible to move forward to receive compensation after you sign a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement with your Intended Parent, compensation details will be spelled out in this document.

The intended parents are responsible all surrogate compensation and benefits as well as for pregnancy-related expenses including medical costs, insurance, bed-rest, and travel (if applicable).

How Surrogate Compensation Works

How much a surrogate makes is a combination of “base compensation” and other “benefits.” Base compensation is only paid out when you become pregnant, however other benefits can be paid whether you are pregnant or not. For example, you can receive the payment for embryo transfer, whether or not the transfer is successful. Other benefits such as travel and reimbursements are paid out as well whether or not you are pregnant. The majority of your pay however, expressed as your base compensation, will only start once a pregnancy is confirmed.

Base compensation does vary based on what surrogacy agency you work with, and surrogate benefits are different as well.. We have found that prospective surrogate mothers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As a result, this is why we have chosen to structure surrogate compensation differently than other surrogate agencies. We are not as concerned about where you are located, or whether you are working or if you are working or how much money you make.

Your compensation package with Made in the USA Surrogacy is unique compared to how other surrogacy agencies structure compensation benefits. When you are matched with an intended parent or intended family, you will begin the process of your surrogacy journey medically.

After you are cleared medically, you then enter into a gestational surrogacy agreement with your intended parents. In addition, this gestational surrogacy agreement discusses your compensation and all details associated with how you are paid.

*Compensation funds are held and distributed from an escrow account maintained by a licensed, bonded, and insured escrow company.

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