Surrogate Application Process

How to Be a Surrogate

If you’re looking for how to be a surrogate, you’ve come to the right place. Starting with a surrogacy agency is your first step to becoming a surrogate. We have many steps to the surrogacy process, but none of them are too difficult. When you first contact our agency about how to be a surrogate, you’re most likely excited about the prospect of making some money. Maybe you ask yourself, how much does a surrogate make? We’ve written articles on these subjects in depth, please consult them. For now, this page will describe each step in the surrogacy process to properly inform you of how to be a surrogate mother.

1. Fill out an Intake Form

This intake form takes the guesswork out of who you are, what state you reside in, and what your motivations are for wanting to be a surrogate. It helps us keep track of your contact information. Part of this intake will ask for your BMI. You can calculate that here.

2. Complete an Agency Application

This part in the process of how to be a surrogate includes a phone interview. The interview will be about an hour and go in-depth with questions about your motivations to become a surrogate and your pregnancy history. Try to schedule this appointment for when you are able to have a stress free conversation.

3. Obtain your OB and Delivery Medical Records

Perhaps the biggest determination in whether you can be a surrogate will be the IVF doctor’s review of your medical records. You will need to request your medical records from your provider and send them to us for review. We will have a third party review your records for both OB records and the hospital records. You’ll need to request them for each and every birth that you have had and each medical provider. We will also ask you to send 5 pictures to the agency for us to add to your surrogate profile.

4. Obtain an “OB Clearance” letter

Part of the determination of becoming a surrogate is whether your OB doctor thinks you are a good candidate for surrogacy. We ask all potential surrogates to obtain this letter from their physician after the surrogate application, as their determination will be recent.

5.  Obtain a current Pap Smear

On your surrogacy process we ask that you obtain a current pap smear within the last year. Most potential surrogates are out of date with this metric, but that’s not to worry, call your doctor to schedule. Send the records once you have them, which is usually within 10 days of the appointment.

6. Background Check

We have all potential surrogates and anyone 18 years of age or older who lives in their home complete a background check. This is mandatory as we cannot allow surrogates with felonies to continue forward in the surrogacy process.

7. Pass a Drug Test

It goes without saying that to be pregnant you should be drug free. The surrogacy process is no different, but at the agency level, we go the extra step before we have you meet with potential families. We will have you perform a 5 panel with nicotine at the nearest drug testing facility near you.

8. Provide a copy of health insurance and coverage booklet

Part of our surrogacy process with potential surrogates is to review your medical coverage for surrogacy compatibility. Some policies will cover surrogacy fully, which we call “surrogate-friendly”, though this is not usually the case. In the case your medical coverage does not cover surrogacy, we will find you a policy after you are matched with a family.

9. Home Visit

During this part in the surrogacy process we meet with you in your home. If we are unable to meet with you and see your living situation, we will ask you to attend this part of the process by Face-Time or Zoom.

10. Exclusive agency agreement

The last part in our process asks surrogates to sign an exclusive agreement. It goes over what we both agree to in the surrogacy process, and we ask that you remain exclusive to our agency as we search for a family for you! If you made it to this step, you’ll be matched with a family pretty soon so be ready!

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