Become a Surrogate

Become a Surrogate with our Agency

Here are some reasons you want to become a surrogate with our agency:

  • We provide local matches
  • We provide 1 on 1 service and answer questions the same way
  • We have the best surrogate compensation package
  • We know the surrogacy process and can help you navigate it
  • We provide Intended Parents who care about your needs as you sign a gestational agreement
  • We make the process easy
  • The opportunity is available for mothers who work (you do not have to quit your job for surrogacy)
  • We do not require COVID Vaccines for surrogates

Steps to Being a Surrogate

  • Apply with our agency: This will take place as an online form submission, and quickly we will interview you for further qualifications to see if you are a match.
  • Meet with potential intended parents: We will provide matches based on your intended parent preferences and you will meet them with your spouse or significant other to determine if it’s a good fit!
  • Medical: You must pass all medical qualifications, this will include drug tests with the IVF clinic, in person with your local IVF clinic and
  • Sign: You’ll sign a gestational surrogate agreement with them that spells out all details. After this, you will go to embryo transfer!

Why you Apply To Be a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate mother in California or any state is a selfless act of kindness. Most likely you found our page because you want to work with one of the best surrogacy agency in Northern California!

The main reason you are searching for how to become surrogate is to help a family who is in need who wants to complete their family. These families have most likely struggled with infertility for many years at a time, sometimes over 10 years when they come to our agency.

With so many surrogacy agencies, why choose our agency? It seems every surrogate agency has a different compensation plan, and a different track to become a surrogate. Some require you to be a certain height and weight, while others require you to be Covid Vaccinated. Some surrogate agencies require you to reside in California or you won’t get paid the most. Not our agency.

Surrogate Mothers Find Local Parents

One of the defining factors of whether you will want to become a surrogate is whether or not you have intended parents who are located near you. Maybe you value a close relationship, maybe you value the fact that intended parents could physically attend your doctor’s appointments.

We value California residents being matched with California surrogates. This means that if you are a surrogate mother located in California, your intended family will most likely be using a fertility clinic in California.

This will mean that your appointments are just a few hours drive away, or even 15 minutes!

We match surrogate mothers no matter what state they reside in, but typically hope to find everyone a local match.

This means if you are applying to be a surrogate on the East coast, we hope to match you with local intended parents who live on the east coast.

Surrogacy Timeline

After you apply to be a surrogate, how much time does it take? Here are 8 easy steps to reference:

  • Step 1: Application with the agency- 1 hour
  • Step 2: Gathering Documents- 2 weeks
  • Step 3: Matching with an Intended Family- instantly, or up to 3 months
  • Step 4: Medical Records Pre-Approval and Medical Screening- 3-6 weeks depending on the IVF clinic
  • Step 5: Legal Contracts- 3-6 weeks
  • Step 6: Cycling Medication for Transfer: 1 month prior to transfer (12 weeks continued if pregnant)
  • Step 7: Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound and Post Monitoring- up to 6 weeks
  • Step 8: Delivery- 40 weeks of an amazing surrogacy journey!

Overall, our surrogacy journeys can last from 1 year to 2 years depending on the hurdles and triumphs your surrogacy journey brings!

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