Become a Surrogate in Irvine

Become a Surrogate in Irvine, California

Surrogacy Near Irvine

Surrogacy near Irvine is a promising industry. Many surrogates and parents alike search for surrogacy near Irvine and find a lot of surrogate agencies near the area.

The attraction to Irvine is undeniable as a family, tons to do, and it is an amazing place to live. Irvine is also close to San Diego, where many fertility clinics are that surrogates will commute to.

If you’re thinking about how to become a surrogate in Irvine, California, then it’s easier than you think.

Steps to Surrogacy in Irvine

The first step that you should take is to fill out our online intake form. Once it has been processed, you’ll be given the official surrogate application form. You’ll become a surrogate with us once that form is completed as well as after you have submitted the necessary documentation that we require from you.

This documentation includes photos of yourself and your family, medical records that detail your past successful pregnancy and birth, and a clearance letter from your OBGYN.

You’ll also need to have a PAP smear completed within a year of applying with us.

Once those steps have been completed, you’ll be welcomed into our agency with open arms. We’ll begin work on finding your intended parents, getting you installed into a health insurance program, and assigning a surrogate attorney to you.

The latter is important for the surrogate agreement. This step is performed after you have been assigned to the intended parents. You’ll sit down with them and the surrogate attorney to go over the agreement. This agreement details the legal rights over the parentage of the baby, what happens in the event of an emergency, and what the birth plan is.

With the legalities taken care of, the next step kicks off the physical part of the process. You’ll start receiving fertility treatments for the embryo transfer. The intended parents will be doing the same for IVF. Once IVF is completed, the embryo will be ready for embryo transfer.

This is an easy procedure in which the embryo is carefully inserted within you. If the treatments are successful, the embryo will be accepted, and you’ll be officially pregnant.

Compensation for Surrogates Near Irvine

Another benefit when you look for surrogacy near Irvine is finding competitive surrogate compensation. While every surrogacy agency in California offers different rates and benefits, ours is one of the most competitive. You can expect to make around $60,000. You can even make bonus pay depending on a few different aspects. Here is a general overlook of some of the payment that you can expect, plus a few bonuses:

  • Base compensation: $60,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

For a full look at our monetary benefits, you can check it out on our website. We offer bonuses for experienced surrogates who have completed a surrogacy before. We also offer bonuses in the event that intended parents wish to have you carry twins or multiple children.

Finally, you will receive compensation for lost wages as well as your spouse.

Surrogacy Qualifications

Before you can become a surrogate in Irvine, however, you have to meet a few surrogacy qualifications. These are to help ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. We want to keep both our surrogate and the surrogate baby as safe as possible.

If you pass these qualifications, then you could be an excellent candidate for our agency:

  • We ask that our surrogates are United States citizens.
  • You must have had at least one successful birth before. This shows us and the intended parents that you are capable of having a healthy pregnancy.
  • Because health is so important, our surrogates must be between the ages of 23 and 38 with a BMI between 19 and 30. It’s also critical that you are a nonsmoker and do not abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • To ensure that you can take care of the baby while it’s growing within you at home, you must be financially secure.
  • Finally, we ask that our surrogates have a physical and mental evaluation prior to applying with us.


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