Become a Surrogate in Granite Bay

Become a Surrogate in Granite Bay, California

Surrogacy Near Granite Bay, CA

If you’re searching for surrogacy near Granite Bay, you’ve found the right place. Our surrogacy agency is located in Roseville, just down the street. Many parents local to the area throughout the northern California region search for surrogacy near Granite Bay due to how close it is to Roseville and the surrounding IVF clinics in the area. Intended parents look for local surrogates in these places because of how great it is to raise a family!

Surrogacy in Granite Bay Qualifications

While California has its own regulations about surrogacy, our agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy, has the following qualifications that need to be met before you can become a surrogate with us.

Most of our qualifications are geared towards ensuring a healthy pregnancy for both the mother and the child. Because of that, we ask that you are between the ages of 23 and 38. We also need you to have a BMI of 19 to 30. Because smoking and drug usage can severely impact the health of a baby, even in development, it’s vital that our surrogate mothers are non-smokers with no substance abuse problems.

Besides that, we also ask that our surrogate mothers are United States citizens. They must also be financially secure.

A stipulation that surrogacy in California often requires is that you’ve had one successful birth in the past. Being located in the quaint city of Granite Bay, we’re almost sure you will have no issues with this qualification, since we know Granite Bay is known for its wonderful family community and great schools!

It’s acceptable if you’ve had a miscarriage also in the past. We just need proof that you have been able to give birth successfully to at least one child in the past. You’ll need medical records to prove this claim.

Finally, we ask that you have a physical and mental evaluation performed. Being that you are also located in a city near our local surrogate agency, we will require that you have a home visit with our surrogacy coordinator for the last part of your qualification.

Compensation for surrogates in Granite Bay

Because you’re carrying a baby for nine months, not to mention all of the fertility treatments you’ll receive prior, you’re likely wondering just how much you can make as a surrogate mother. While each surrogate agency offers different rates and packages, ours is one of the most competitive. We offer our surrogate mothers around $50,000 per surrogate journey. It’s also possible to make more than that if you’re an experienced surrogate.

You can see the breakdown of this amount in the following categories.

  • Base compensation: $60,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

You can typically expect to receive $6,000 a month as your base surrogate compensation. If you’ve been asked to carry twins, that amount can increase. It’s also possible for your spouse to earn lost wages of up to 10 days if they have to help you attend appointments.

In addition, many surrogate mothers speak about the feeling that they receive when they give birth and watch the child be presented to their parents for the first time. It’s an experience unlike anything else. The intended parents are a couple or individual that was unable to have a child on their own. They likely believed that they might not ever get the chance to be parents to their own flesh and blood. Yet because of you, they’re able to hold their child in their own arms. You’ve made their dream a reality.

Steps to Become a Surrogate with Us

As a local surrogate agency near you in Granite Bay, we have a few steps that you need to complete before you can become a surrogate mother with us. The first step in the process of surrogacy is to complete our online intake form. This form basically shows us that you meet our requirements.

Once that’s finished, an agency coordinator will help you fill out the official surrogate application form. The next part of the process can take a lengthy amount of time. You’ll need to speak to your doctors to have your medical records put together and given to us. A staple of these records is the documentation of your past successful birth.

We’ll also need a few photos of you and your family to present to the parents. Check this BMI calculator to make sure you have a good BMI.

Your OBGYN will need to send us a clearance letter that basically gives their permission for you to become a surrogate.

Finally, you’ll need to have a PAP smear performed within a year of applying with us.

Once all of these measures are met, you’ll officially join us as a surrogate mother.

The Process of Surrogacy

What is exactly involved in becoming a surrogate near Granite Bay? Once you’ve been matched with intended parents, you’ll be brought together with a surrogate attorney. Together, you’ll make an agreement called the Gestational Surrogate Agreement over the birth plan and any other detail to help promote a healthy pregnancy.

With that legal document prepared, you’re able to move onto the next phase. Over the course of a month or several months, you’ll undergo fertility treatments. This is to help you with the embryo transfer. IVF is used for surrogacy in California. The intended parents donate eggs and sperm. IVF is what allows for those two cells to meet and fertilize one another to create an embryo.

With your body prepared to receive it, embryo transfer is completed, and the embryo is placed within your body. If the treatments were successful, the embryo will be accepted and can start to grow and develop. If it isn’t accepted, then another embryo transfer attempt will need to be made. It’s not uncommon for fertility clinics to make a few embryos from a single donation appointment in the event that more need to be used.

Now that the embryo is placed inside of your body, it will start to grow into a baby. You’re relatively able to do what you like from here. You can return to your normal life. Some women choose to return to work.

All through the nine months, you’ll have appointments with doctors and visits with the intended parents. It’s a journey you’re all walking together, after all.

Once the nine months are over and it’s time to deliver the baby, you’ll follow the birth plan that was agreed to prior. The baby will be given to its parents, and you’ll be able to rest and recover.

What Does Your Local Surrogate Agency Provide

It may seem like you can be a surrogate on your own, but this isn’t the case. You’re in charge of a healthy pregnancy, but there are too many other factors that make going about it on your own dangerous.

For one, even in a surrogate-friendly state like California, it can be difficult to find a surrogate attorney and surrogate health insurance. You may wonder if an attorney is even necessary. While it’s always nice to think that there won’t be any legal troubles, sometimes situations can occur in which having a legal agreement on hand would have been nice. For your protection, it’s always a good idea to have a surrogate attorney available to legalize contracts and agreements.

Finding an attorney specifically knowledgeable about being a surrogate, however, isn’t always easy. An agency can provide you with a trusted list of surrogate attorneys who know the law inside and out. They can protect you and your rights.

The other aspect is health insurance. Many surrogates make the mistake of thinking that their health insurance covers being a surrogate. Most don’t. Finding a company or policy specifically designed for surrogates can also be difficult. An agency like ours knows exactly what we can provide for you.

Join our surrogate agency today if you live in Granite Bay, California. You won’t be disappointed joining your local surrogate agency from Roseville, CA and you will join a host of local surrogates from around the surrounding area to connect with to make your journey special!

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