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Are you a couple or individual residing in Walnut Creek looking to expand your family via surrogacy? The process can be quite complex but it can be made much simpler by using the services of professionals who have extensive experience in surrogacy and expertise on all aspects of the process. That is where Made in the USA Surrogacy comes in.

Made in the USA Surrogacy caters to clients – intended parents and surrogates – living in Walnut Creek. We help intended parents bring to fruition their dreams of becoming parents. We also make the process simple and straightforward for potential surrogates looking to help couples struggling with fertility.

Why Our Agency?

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we are committed to matching intended parents in Walnut Creek with the most compatible surrogate who aligns with their unique preferences, needs, and values. Our vetting and pre-screening process for surrogates is thorough and rigorous to ensure that we get the best possible surrogate candidates. We also coordinate services and communication between fertility clinics, surrogates, intended parents and all relevant parties to ensure so that the surrogacy process runs as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to minimize the stress associated with the process so that both intended parents and surrogates can navigate and enjoy the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy is an investment, and intended parents in Walnut Creek can expect to pay between $90,000 and $160,000 on the entire process, sometimes, even more, depending on individual circumstances. Surrogacy costs include:

Made in the USA Surrogacy Fee

Our agency fee covers the services provided by our agency including:

  • Case management of the entire surrogacy process
  • Financial and criminal background checks on all potential surrogates
  • Rigorous pre-screening and selection of surrogates
  • Matching intended parents with the right surrogate
  • Psychological evaluation of surrogate and her partner
  • Referral to fertility clinics and attorneys with experience in surrogacy laws
  • Support and guidance for intended parents and surrogates throughout the surrogacy process
  • Coordination of screenings, embryo transfer and other medical procedures with the fertility clinic

Legal Fees

All legal fees are covered by intended parents. These fees cover drawing up and review of surrogacy agreements; pre-birth orders and parental right establishment; surrogate legal representation and egg donor contracts (if applicable).

Medical Screening and Procedures

Intended parents cover all medical screening expenses as well as psychological consultation fees, in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle fee, embryo transfer, surrogate medications, and other medical costs.

Surrogate Compensation

With commercial surrogacy, surrogates receive a base compensation for their time, energy and effort expended during the process. Surrogate compensation depends on a range of factors including:

  • First-time vs Experienced Surrogates: Surrogates who have successfully undergone surrogacy before usually receive a higher base compensation than first-time surrogates. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, first-time surrogates receive $40,000 while experienced surrogates receive $45,000.
  • Multiple Pregnancies: A surrogate carrying twins, triplets or other multiple pregnancies will receive more compensation than a surrogate carrying just one baby.

Surrogates also receive compensation for other expenses including:

  • Monthly stipend for expenses incurred during the course of surrogacy
  • Travel allowance
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Maternity clothing allowance
  • Embryo transfer fee (paid after completion of the transfer)
  • Housekeeping
  • Childcare
  • Invasive procedures including amniocentesis, D&C, cerclage, and CVS

Keep in mind that actual surrogacy costs will vary depending on your unique situation. For more information about surrogacy costs in Berkeley, contact Made in the USA Surrogacy.

Common Surrogacy Laws

For residents of Walnut Creek, it is worth noting that California is considered a surrogacy-friendly state due to its surrogacy laws. Unlike in other states – like New York and Michigan – both traditional and gestational surrogacy is permitted, and commercial surrogacy – in which the surrogate receives a base compensation for her services – is legal.

Also, surrogacy agreements between intended parents and surrogates are recognized and enforced; and California requires that intended parents and surrogates have separate legal counsel. In terms of establishing the parental right, California allows pre-birth orders which means that intended parents can establish parental right prior to the birth of the baby.

Finding a Surrogate

We strongly recommend that intended parents in Walnut Creek find a surrogate with the help of a surrogacy agency. This is because as an intended parent, you need to be sure that your surrogate is physically, emotionally and mentally ready to undergo the surrogacy process. A surrogacy agency does the heavy-lifting for you, rigorously screening and interviewing potential surrogates.

Surrogate Pre-Screening

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we screen all our surrogate candidates thoroughly. Before we accept any surrogate candidate, we review the medical history of each candidate to confirm that she has successfully completed a pregnancy to full term without any major complications. We also conduct a drug test for illicit drug use and perform criminal and financial background checks on all surrogates and their live-in spouses, if applicable. A licensed social worker performs a home assessment visit to ensure that potential surrogates residing in Walnut Creek live in a healthy environment conducive to a successful pregnancy.

Intended Parents Process

Once you sign up with our agency as an intended parent, we will offer you profiles to review of our surrogates who closely match your needs and preferences, and whose values and beliefs are in line with yours. With the help and guidance of a surrogacy coordinator, you will then choose the surrogate who fits in well with your surrogacy plan. A meeting will be scheduled for both parties to get to know each other; and if both you and the surrogate click and want to proceed, the surrogate will then undergo medical and psychological evaluations. A surrogacy agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties if the surrogate is deemed fit to be a surrogate after the medical and psychological evaluations.

For more information about our selection and matching process for clients residing in Walnut Creek, contact Made in the USA Surrogacy today!