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Surrogacy has helped change the lives of thousands of couples who have struggled with reproductive challenges. In California, assisted reproduction laws are particularly favorable to surrogacy, making California one of the most surrogacy-friendly states in the United States.

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we are passionate about helping our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area realize their dreams of becoming parents. We are also committed to making the surrogacy process stress-free and seamless for women in San Francisco who are interested in becoming surrogates.

Why Made in the USA Surrogacy?

  • Match Intended Parents with a Compatible Surrogate

Our matching process involves a thorough pre-screening of potential gestational surrogates. Women who apply to be surrogates via our agency undergo drug tests as well as criminal and financial background checks. We review their past medical history to determine whether or not they have successfully carried a pregnancy to full-term and also interview each candidate to assess their readiness to undergo the surrogacy process.

  • Case Management of the Entire Process

Surrogacy is a complex process with many moving parts. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, our goal is to simplify the process for both intended parents and surrogates. We coordinate services between fertility clinics and surrogates; provide referrals to top-rate legal representation, if needed; and oversee the entire process from beginning to end.

  • Provide Ongoing Counseling, Guidance, Education, and Support

The surrogacy process is not without its emotional ups and downs, and our role is to help intended parents and surrogates navigate the challenges that may arise during the process. Our team provides counseling and support to intended parents and surrogates throughout the duration of the surrogacy. We also educate you on various aspects of the surrogacy process including IVF and embryo transfer education and address any concerns you may have.

Surrogate Compensation

Commercial surrogacy – in which the gestational surrogate receives a base compensation – is permitted in California. For surrogates in San Francisco, you can expect to receive a base compensation starting at $40,000. The base compensation amount varies, depending on a range of factors including whether you are a first-time or experienced surrogate and if you are carrying single or multiple pregnancies. In addition to this base amount, surrogates also receive compensation for other expenses. Below are examples of other compensation you can expect to receive as a surrogate in San Francisco:

  • Maternity Clothing Allowance: This allowance is usually given to the surrogate at the 13-week pregnancy mark.
  • Monthly Stipend: This stipend is used to cover travel expenses, medications, pregnancy test kits, prenatal vitamins and other surrogacy-related expenses that may pop up during the surrogacy process.
  • Embryo Transfer Fee: The surrogate is paid an embryo transfer fee after the medical procedure is done.
  • Lost wages (accrued because of missing works for medical appointments; recuperation after medical procedures etc.)
  • Invasive procedures including Cerclage; D&C (Dilation and Curettage); Amniocentesis (a prenatal test for diagnosing fetal infections, chromosomal abnormalities, and sex determination); Fetal Reduction; Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS).

Keep in mind that surrogate compensation varies depending on individual circumstances. It is important to work with an attorney when working out the details of surrogate compensation before beginning the surrogacy process. Your surrogacy agreement should include a comprehensive breakdown of surrogacy compensation so that both intended parents and surrogates are on the same page when it comes to how all surrogacy expenses will be covered.

How to become a surrogate with Made in the USA Surrogacy

Made in the USA Surrogacy is always looking to recruit high-quality surrogates in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before filling out a surrogate application form, be sure to check out our minimum surrogate requirements which you can find here.

If you meet these requirements, the next step is to fill out our surrogate intake form. You will then be asked to complete a surrogate application to determine if you are the right fit for our agency. After you submit the application, the next step is to provide the following:

  • OB and Delivery Medical Records
  • A letter of clearance from your OB/GYN, stating that you are physically healthy to undergo surrogacy
  • Recent (within the last year) pap smear results
  • Copy of your health insurance cards and evidence of coverage booklet

Made in the USA Surrogacy conducts criminal and financial background checks on all surrogate candidates. A licensed social worker will also pay a home visit to assess the living conditions of the surrogate to determine whether or not the environment is conducive to a successful surrogacy. All surrogate candidates undergo psychological evaluations before we accept them as surrogates.

After we have reviewed your application, medical documentation, background checks, home environment and the results of your psychological evaluation, our team will make an informed decision on whether you are a viable candidate for surrogacy. Once you are approved, the next step is to sign an exclusive agreement with our agency.

Medical Surrogacy Process

Made in the USA Surrogacy will guide all surrogates and intended parents as they navigate the medical aspects of surrogacy. It is important to have an idea of what the medical surrogacy process entails before embarking on your surrogacy journey. Below is a brief overview of the process.

  • Medical and Psychological Screenings

After signing with Made in the USA Surrogacy and matching with intended parents, surrogates will undergo a medical screening which involves a physical exam;  blood work and laboratory testing to screen for infectious diseases (the surrogate’s partner is screened as well); and an ultrasound. A psychological evaluation will also be performed to ensure that the surrogate is mentally and emotionally fit to handle the emotional demands of pregnancy and surrogacy. Once approved as a viable candidate for surrogacy, the surrogate proceeds to the next stage in the process.

  • Regulating of Surrogate’s Cycle

At a fertility clinic, the surrogate is given birth control pills and other hormones (including oral estrogen; vaginal progesterone; injectable progesterone; and Lupron) which help regulate her cycle and prepare her uterus for the embryo transfer.

  • IVF and Embryo Transfer

Gestational surrogacy involves using implanting the embryo of intended parents in a surrogate. This embryo is produced by fertilizing the egg of the intended mother with the sperm of the intended father through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The embryo is transferred using a catheter which is inserted into the surrogate’s uterus via the cervix. This procedure is done under anesthesia and is pain-free. After the procedure, the surrogate will need some days off to rest.

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy

About a week after the embryo transfer is performed, the surrogate will return to the fertility clinic to determine if the embryo implantation was successful and that she is pregnant. Pregnancy is determined by measuring the HCG level of the surrogate. An HCG level of 50 or higher usually indicates that the surrogate is pregnant. For multiple pregnancies, HCG is 200 or higher. The surrogate is tested again a couple of days later to make sure that the HCG levels are rising.

  • Pregnancy

Throughout the pregnancy, you will be fully supported and guided by Made in the USA Surrogacy’s team of surrogacy professionals. Your surrogacy coordinator will guide and support you as you navigate the emotional and physical demands pregnancy

  • Delivery

Delivery day is truly a momentous and exciting time for both surrogates and intended parents! There is nothing more fulfilling than helping bring life into this world and helping make the dreams of an individual or couple come true.

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we are dedicated to simplifying the medical process of surrogacy for surrogates and intended parents residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. We coordinate and oversee the entire process. For more information on what to expect during the medical surrogacy process, contact Made in the USA Surrogacy!