Become a Surrogate in Chico

Become a Surrogate in Chico, California

City of Chico, California

North of Sacramento, Chico is the largest city in that area. Due to the CampFire in 2018, many families flocked to Chico to get a brand-new start. Chico is considered to be the cultural, educational, and economic center of the Sacramento Valley. It’s home to California State University as well as numerous parks.

Chico has received the nickname of the ‘City of Roses’ due to its large park coverage in the area. Many families and singles love to hike, picnic, and casually traverse through Bidwell Park.

Currently, the city has a population of 94,776 people. Of those people, the largest part of the population is made up of those within the age range of 18-24. The area also boasts many retail shops and a large mall. With tons of different elementary schools available, more families than ever have been looking to make Chico, California their home.

Yet with a large population, you inevitably find that some couples face issues with their fertility. No longer do these couples need to worry about never having a child of their own. Thanks to California being a surrogate-friendly state, you can become a surrogate in Chico and help them realize their dreams of having their own very child.

Whether you’re new to the idea of surrogacy or you’ve been thinking about becoming a surrogate in Chico for a while, here are a few things for you to know.

What’s Involved?

Prospective surrogates should first understand that the process of surrogacy is a long one. It isn’t something that’s going to occur for a few months, and then be finished. You can expect around a year to two years for a full surrogate journey to be completed.

This long journey is broken up into pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. During the pre-pregnancy stage, you’ll have to go through all of the paperwork and surrogacy qualifications to ensure that you’re eligible to join a surrogacy agency in California. You’ll also need to be matched with intended parents.

Once you are matched through a surrogate agency, you are then given fertility treatments. This is to help prepare your body for the embryo transfer and IVF procedure. It helps your body believe that it conceived naturally. You might reject the embryo otherwise.

After the embryo has been accepted by the body, you’re pregnant. This is nine months of making good decisions for yourself and the baby. The goal is to have a healthy pregnancy as much as possible.

At the end of those nine months, you give birth for the intended parents and then recover physically and emotionally. Understandably, you’ll likely feel some attachment to the baby after carrying it for so long. Our surrogacy agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy in Sacramento, CA, can help you navigate through life after giving birth to a surrogate baby.

Clearly, there is a lot of time and energy that is put into being a surrogate. For those who live in Chico, California and still want to experience the incredible work that is being a surrogate, here are a few other things to know.

Chico Surrogacy Qualifications

Like any other job, you need to match some qualifications that a surrogacy agency in California will have. Our agency requires some of the following criteria to be met before becoming a surrogate with us.

The first is that you must be a legal resident or a legal immigrant of the United States. To ensure that you can provide for the baby while it’s developing within you, we also want you to be financially secure. You cannot be receiving financial aid from the government or any other organization.

In regards to your age, we prefer our surrogates to be within the range of 23 years old to 38 years old. To further ensure a healthy pregnancy, we ask that you maintain a BMI between 19 and 30.

Because drugs and smoking can negatively impact the health of the child, our surrogates must be non-smokers and refrain from using drugs.

It’s a common qualification for surrogacy in California that the prospective surrogate mother has had at least one successful pregnancy in the past. This can either be your child or a child you carried for someone else. We simply ask that you provide documentation that the pregnancy was, indeed, successful and without complications from your medical records.

Finally, we ask that you undergo a physical and mental evaluation. This is to ensure that you are both physically and mentally capable and prepared for the experience.

Compensation for Being a Surrogate in Chico, CA

For those wondering how much they’ll make after they become a surrogate, you can usually expect around $50,000 per surrogate birth. That number does change based on the surrogate agency involved. Some might offer their surrogates more and some might offer them less. Agencies can also provide additional benefits and bonuses to their surrogates.

For the $50,000, you can expect a monthly amount of around $4,250. This amount is often broken down into the following categories.

  • Base compensation: $40,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

As you can see, with our agency, we offer experienced surrogates an extra bonus. Clearly, you can make a decent amount of money alongside giving intended parents the chance of being a parent to their very own child.

The Process of Surrogacy

If you’ve decided to become a surrogate in Chico, then you’re ready for the next steps. When you choose us as your agency, you’ll need to fill out an online intake form. Once that has been processed, you can then touch base with our agency coordinator. They’ll help you fill out the official surrogate application form and answer any questions that you have.

Surrogacy in California also requires that you send us your medical records and documentation of your healthy pregnancy. It can some time to receive these records. For those who are eager to begin their surrogate journey, it would be worth it to get started acquiring those records sooner rather than later.

We will also need a photo of yourself and your family along with your medical records. In addition, once you have applied, you’ll need to undergo a PAP smear. This can also be done before you submit the application, but it has to have transpired within the year. Finally, you’ll need your OBGYN to send us a clearance letter stating that you are well enough to be a surrogate.

Once all of these steps have been completed, we’ll help match you with intended parents who are just as eager as you to get started. You’ll meet with a surrogate attorney that we can help you find. Together, you’ll discuss plans for the pregnancy, birth, and after the birth.

Once the agreement has been made, you can start fertility treatments for embryo transfer. IVF will be the procedure that’s used to fertilize an embryo inside of a petri dish. The embryo will then be placed in your body once it is deemed hospitable for it. With a little bit of luck, the embryo will be accepted by your body and start to divide.

From there, you have nine months to nurture the baby and ensure its healthy growth. You’ll likely be visiting the doctor a few times to keep a careful eye on the growth of the baby. Should a miscarriage occur, you are sometimes compensated per your agreement with the attorney and intended parents. You’ll be taken back to the fertility clinic where another embryo will be transplanted inside of your body.

Once the nine months have passed, you’ll give birth, and the baby will be given to its intended parents. You’ll be able to recover and enjoy the compensation that you received from the parents.

From there, you can rest as much as you like. When you feel that you’re ready to become a surrogate again, we can start the matching process all over again. As an experienced surrogate, you’re also eligible for a bonus.

Choose Our Agency

When you’re looking to become a surrogate, you have a lot of surrogate agencies to choose from. For those in Chico, CA, we want you to be part of our surrogate family. We can help the process become even easier. Besides answering any additional questions that you might have; we can also provide you with resources for finding a surrogate attorney and acquiring surrogate health insurance. Join our surrogates today.