Why Surrogacy Is Not About the Money - Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, California

Why Surrogacy Is NOT About the Money – Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, California

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate, then one of the reasons pushing you into the decision might be a financial one. While surrogate compensation can be enough to help put some money away for a rainy day, it can’t exactly replace your full-time job. Surrogacy shouldn’t be about the money, anyway. At its heart, surrogacy is about helping people.

This article will discuss why the process of surrogacy isn’t just about the money.

Surrogate Compensation

How much can you actually make as a surrogate? Depending on what California surrogate agency you join, it’s possible to make a decent amount. At our Sacramento surrogate agency, we offer base compensation of $40,000 for new surrogates. Experienced surrogates receive $45,000. You’ll also receive a benefits package that comes with plenty of your expenses that are covered by the intended parents matched with you.

For some women, this amount may be on par with her part-time job or even her full-time job. For others, it may only help relieve them of some debt or put away a good portion for the future. The compensation is just enough to potentially help surrogates have some financial freedom but isn’t enough to rely on.

Because of this, we always encourage surrogates to keep their jobs if possible. Not only will this increase the amount of money that you’re bringing home, but you also have something to return to after the process of surrogacy is finished.

That brings us to the first reason as to why becoming a surrogate shouldn’t be about the money.

#1 – Not Sustainable

In order to become a surrogate with a surrogate agency, you have to fit into a few parameters. One of those is an age bracket. Only those within the age range of 23 and 38 can work as a surrogate, which is a female’s peak time of fertility and health. The chances of carrying a healthy pregnancy are at its highest.

After 38 years, you won’t be able to work as a surrogate any longer. It’s a little too risky for our surrogate agency to continue working with you due to this reason. That means you’ll be fresh out of a job if being a surrogate and you will continue your normal work.

Many women only choose to do one or two pregnancies before they call it quits. This is often because even a healthy pregnancy can take its toll on the body. While you’re free to have any many surrogate babies as you wish–as long as you fit into the qualifications for an agency—your body might tell you a different story over time.

Because of this, you shouldn’t rely on being a surrogate financially. It isn’t a sustainable form of income.

#2 – Helping Intended Parents

The goal of this particular job is to help couples struggling with infertility. That should always be the main reason why you chose to become a surrogate. These are couples that have been put through the wringer trying to have a baby of their own. Some of them may be using surrogates as a last resort.

While that might be a lot of pressure on you, the service that you provide is something they’ll be forever grateful to you for. You’re doing something that not many people can do. Only a few women are fertile and healthy enough to become a surrogate.

When you choose to sign on with a California surrogate agency, the driving force behind your decision should be a passionate desire to help those struggling with infertility.

#3 – You Love Children

As a parent, yourself, you understand how children can change your life. You love them. That love should drive you to help other couples who are unable to have one without you. Children can change someone’s world. For parents, it will define them for the rest of their lives.

If you’re someone who loves children and wants people to have their chance at parenthood, then you could make a great surrogate. It isn’t about the money for you, but rather, it’s about the chance of growing as an individual by having a child.

#4 – You Love Being Pregnant

As a surrogate, you’re going to have to love, or at least mostly enjoy, being pregnant. The entire job description is about having a healthy pregnancy. You need to be prepared to take the necessary vitamins, make certain lifestyle changes, and basically rearrange your life to ensure that you’re providing the best possible environment for a baby.

You’re also going to need to be prepared for all of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. Whether it’s weight gain, aversions to certain foods, cravings, or morning sickness, you’re prepared to handle them all.

Being a surrogate is a job as much as it is a privilege. You need to be able to love doing your job. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning out and wanting to get out of the situation. Unfortunately, unless your health is compromised, this isn’t a job that you can quit from whenever you want.

If the only thing driving you is money, then you likely won’t be able to handle being a surrogate. Especially since you’re not making a bucket load of money. Instead, you need to be someone who enjoys or at least can handle being pregnant, and is patient. This journey will be close to 2 years for most surrogates- you will inevitably burn out if it’s “all about the money” for you.

#5 – Meeting New People

Another great aspect of a surrogate is someone who loves meeting new people. Being part of a surrogacy agency means that you’re going to be talking to quite a few people. If you’re a social person who loves making new friends, then you could be a great surrogate.

An agency is a great place to meet new people. You have your fellow surrogates that you can speak to and get to know. They might even be able to provide you with support and advice.

You’ll also meet quite a few intended parents if you intend on sticking around for a while. Some surrogates end up becoming close friends with the parents for years to come. By becoming a surrogate, you can be introduced to a whole new circle of friends.

This is important because becoming a surrogate isn’t about the money. It’s about connecting with other people, sharing stories, supporting them, and making those relationships that can last for generations. The right kind of mindset is required to be open towards people and accepting of them. If you’re just focused on money, then you could miss the chance of a real connection with someone.

#6 – Role Model

One last reason that becoming a surrogate isn’t about the money is that it allows you to be a great role model instead. Because being a surrogate requires you to be a mother, you have children yourself. What better way to teach them about generosity and love than by becoming a surrogate?

If you’re focused on just the money, then you may not be the best role model for them to consider. There are far more important things than money that parents should teach their children.

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Why Surrogacy Is Not About the Money - Made in the USA Surrogacy in Roseville, California

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