What is Florida Surrogacy?

What is Florida Surrogacy?

Surrogacy refers to the process in which a third-party is used to carry a baby. It’s typically chosen when intended parents struggling with infertility are unable to have a baby on their own. This may be because they need either an egg donor or a sperm donor in order to conceive the baby. The environment in which the baby would typically grow isn’t conducive to proper health.

There are many reasons why intended parents may be struggling with infertility. Yet surrogacy is one of the most effective and successful ways for them to have a baby. There are two types of surrogacy in Florida: Traditional and gestational.

Traditional surrogacy isn’t typically accepted by most surrogate agencies. Yet we’ll dive into a quick overview of what it is.

What Is Traditional Surrogacy in Florida?

If you search “surrogacy near me” then you may find some women offering traditional surrogacy services. This means that the surrogate both carries the baby and is the egg donor.

There have been several court cases in Florida and in the rest of the United States surrounding traditional surrogacy. These typically involve surrogate mothers who don’t want to give the surrogate baby over to the intended parents because of an attachment that has formed. Most of this is due to the fact that the surrogate mother is still the “mother” of the baby.

Because the surrogate mother shares half of the DNA with the baby, it can become difficult to determine who has legal parentship over the baby. Intended parents may, at the very least, find themselves having to share their baby with the surrogate mother.

That’s why several surrogacy agencies prefer the second form of surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is different from traditional for a few different reasons.

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Florida surrogacy advocates gestational surrogacy. Our surrogate agency in Florida only uses gestational surrogates. This type of surrogacy is different in that the surrogate does not donate their egg. Either the intended mother, a chosen donor, or an anonymous party donates their egg to the process.

This is beneficial in several ways. For one, there’s no legal cause for a surrogate mother to ask for custody of the surrogate baby. She isn’t related to the baby in any capacity.

Second, this gives intended mothers the chance to share their baby’s DNA. If some of the intended mother’s eggs are still viable, then they can be harvested through IVF and placed in a petri dish with the intended father’s sperm. In a setting like a petri dish, the egg and sperm have a better chance of becoming fertilized and forming an embryo.

Yet because the intended mother’s womb isn’t healthy enough to support a baby, a surrogate mother is needed. The embryo is then transferred into the surrogate where it grows and becomes a full-fledged baby.

While gestational surrogacy may involve a few more steps than traditional surrogacy, it is ultimately easier, safer, and far less dramatic. You can also visit our FAQ section to find out more about gestational surrogates.

Is Using Surrogacy Needed?

If you’ve just started searching “surrogacy near me,” then you may wonder if intended parents really need to use surrogacy. Surprisingly, and perhaps devastatingly, fertility problems affect around 10% of women in the United States. That’s just in women. Add male fertility problems to the formula and you have a lot of infertile couples.

For many of these couples, surrogacy in Florida is the only chance they have of growing their families.

Luckily, our surrogacy agency in Florida makes it easy to find a surrogate. That’s because our surrogate agency in Florida carefully screens each surrogate before allowing them entry.

This is done to ensure that only healthy women and those who are mentally healthy can become surrogates through our surrogacy agency in Florida. Not everyone can become a surrogate in Florida. Those who are seeking to earn extra money to help put their own children through college or for other reasons are always welcome to apply with our surrogacy agency in Florida.

However, few actually make the cut. That’s because we ask for several qualifications in order to become a surrogate in Florida. Part of those qualifications is attributes like having a successful birth prior to applying and being a non-smoker.

Working with our agency ensures that you find a surrogate in Florida that matches your values and health requirements.

You may feel tempted to try surrogacy out by using an independent surrogate. This is problematic for several reasons. The first is that you can’t guarantee that they are as healthy as they claim. As a result, you may find yourself paying for more and more IVF treatments because the surrogate’s body isn’t healthy enough to actually carry your baby, or needing to find another surrogate. There have been several stories of surrogates who have claimed they were healthy and never had any previous issues while pregnant, but we often become the surrogacy agency that is hired to fix those problems. We have heard of too many independent surrogacies gone wrong. For more information on this, please read this article.

To use surrogacy successfully, you need to join our agency. We cover all of the bases for you. All you need to do is prepare your family to welcome a baby.

Why Should You Use Surrogacy Today?

Using a gestational surrogate today is more popular than ever. Intended parents are choosing to wait to have kids in order to focus on themselves for a bit longer or to chase career goals. To safely have a child in their later years, they choose to find a surrogate to help complete their dreams of having a child.

It’s also more legalized. More and more states such as Florida, California, Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania and throughout the country are allowing the use of gestational surrogates. It’s easier than ever to find a surrogate in Florida or any of the above-mentioned states through our agency. These are women who are passionate about helping intended parents and are healthy in mind and body.

While gestational surrogacy may seem relatively new, it’s actually been around for a few decades. In that time, the technology and practices involved have become more refined and more effective. It’s more likely than ever that your IVF and embryo transfer will be successful.

If you’re an intended mother or father wanting to have their own baby but are thwarted by your own biology, then we implore you to use our surrogacy agency. Having a baby of your own is possible through surrogacy.

Our agency can help you understand what it means to use a surrogate and the steps involved in the process. One advantage of using our agency is that we also keep our surrogate compensation and agency fee low. It’s more affordable than ever to grow your family.

Get Started Today

What is Florida Surrogacy?

Because using a surrogate is so popular today for intended parents, it’s more important than ever that you get started quickly. It can sometimes take several months to be matched with a surrogate. The best thing you can do to begin your journey towards growing your family is to join our agency today by filling out our parent inquiry form.

This form can help us determine whether or not using a surrogate is right for you. It can also help you determine if you have the right budget for surrogacy. Once your form is complete, you can start working on other steps to ensure everything is ready once your surrogate is chosen.

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