Find a Surrogate in Florida Easily: Here Are Some Great Questions To Ask Your Potential Surrogate

Find a Surrogate in Florida Easily: Here Are Some Great Questions To Ask Your Potential Surrogate

Intended parents struggling with infertility are likely already feeling a lot of pressure. They need to find an egg donor or sperm donor to help create an embryo. They need to prepare their family for the process of surrogacy. They also need to find a surrogate that they feel comfortable with.

Joining Made in the USA Surrogacy in Florida can make finding that surrogate easier than ever. We remove a lot of the barriers that other agencies put between intended parents and surrogates. Instead, we prefer a transparent approach. We want our intended parents and surrogates to feel like friends, if not a family.

As such, we encourage our intended parents to ask questions. Finding out more about your surrogate and where they stand on certain issues can make you feel more comfortable with the process of surrogacy.

Here are a few questions that you should consider asking your surrogate.

Ask Them About Their Family

A great way to break the ice between yourself and your surrogate is to ask about her family. After all, family and children are something you both have in common. Learning about your surrogate’s family can be a great way to understand them better. They may have stories of great sacrifice or vulnerabilities that can help you connect to them.

Once you understand what kind of parents they are and the family politics at home, you’ll feel more comfortable in choosing them as your surrogate.

Why Did They Choose to Become a Surrogate in Florida?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask your surrogate is why they chose to become a surrogate in Florida. Joining a surrogacy agency in Florida isn’t easy. It all starts with a simple search of “surrogacy near me” but the process involved in joining an agency is far from simple.

Women have to pass several tests and qualifications in order to join. This is to ensure that they’re the right for our intended parents and that they’re healthy enough to be surrogates. Knowing why a woman has chosen to jump all of those hurdles is important.

It can offer you an insight as to the kind of values that your surrogate holds dear to her heart.

Ask About Her Career and Interests

To further see just how similar you are and if you share anything else, you should also ask her about her career. Is she a working mom? If so, then you may want to ask her how she balances her work life and her home life. It isn’t easy being a mom and a successful businesswoman. Yet women come through every time.

If you’re a first-time mother, then you may want to know how an experienced mother like your surrogate does it.

Besides her career, you may also ask about the kind of hobbies that she has. Is there anything she does for stress relief, for example? Florida surrogacy can be stressful. It’s important that your surrogate has a few healthy avenues that allow her to relax and release some tension.

You may discover that you both love doing the same thing. This can help you bond and feel even closer to your surrogate. While our surrogate agency in Florida doesn’t require intended parents and surrogates to become best friends, we always strive to ensure there’s an amicable relationship between the two.

Ask Her About Her Willingness to Carry Multiple Embryos

One aspect of our surrogacy agency in Florida that is different than other agencies is that we help you find a surrogate that matches your needs. That means that before you even sit down to have a conversation with your surrogate, many of your goals and restrictions match. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

That being said, it’s a good idea to talk about certain sensitive topics like multiple embryos to ensure that everyone is still on the same page. Some surrogates will absolutely refuse to carry multiple embryos.

Yet if you know that you have an egg donor who is going to be available for only a short time, then you may want to increase the chances of a successful transfer as much as possible. That might include using two embryos instead of just one.

You may also want to consider multiple embryos if you know that you plan on having more than one child. Asking your surrogate how she feels about this is a great way to show her that you care about her opinion and welfare.

How Much Contact with the Family is She Willing to Have?

When you find a surrogate in Florida through our agency, another detail we consider before matching our intended parents struggling with infertility with our surrogate is how much contact the surrogate is comfortable having with her intended parents. Some surrogates prefer minimal contact. They’ll send some photos, but they prefer not to speak on the phone or contact in other ways.

Others love to share their pregnancy’s progress with the intended parents. They may even be willing to meet up or invite you to their doctor appointments.

You need to figure out your own comfort levels first. Then you can ask the surrogate how comfortable she is with contact. Understandably, you may want to know every second how your baby is doing. Finding the right surrogate for your needs is something our surrogate agency in Florida takes pride in.

How Does She Stand on Abortion or Termination?

This is a hard question to ask because it can offer passionate answers. However, it’s an important one to ask your surrogate. As with all pregnancies, there may come a chance that the pregnancy needs to be terminated for the health of the surrogate. Even surrogacy in Florida has its faults and pregnancy is never a guaranteed thing.

Knowing where your surrogate stands on the issue can alleviate certain problems later should they ever arise. Knowing that you both feel the same way on a certain issue like abortion can give you peace of mind.

Ask If She’s Comfortable with Diet Restrictions or Travel Restrictions You Wish to Include

Like all pregnancies, you may worry about certain diets that might impact the health of your child’s development. It may be a religious or biological reason. You may also have concerns about traveling to certain areas where diseases are easy to pick-up and can impact the baby’s health.

Asking your surrogate if she’s okay following diet restrictions and travel restrictions that you make is important. You may even feel that traveling after a certain point of pregnancy is dangerous. This may make you want to warn the surrogate off from traveling.

The good news is that your surrogate already likely takes a lot of precautions. She was pregnant before and likely made sure she did everything she could to ensure her baby was born healthy. She’ll do the same for your own.

Still, asking how amenable she is to these restrictions is courteous. If you discover that she isn’t interested in following restrictions, then you can either respect her wishes or find a new surrogate through our agency who better matches your needs.

From our recent surrogacy journeys, we can say that most surrogate mothers are not opposed to following reasonable diet restrictions.

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Find a Surrogate in Florida Easily: Here Are Some Great Questions To Ask Your Potential Surrogate

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