Traits you want in a surrogate mother


What You Should Know About Choosing a Surrogate Mother


If you’ve recently joined our surrogate agency in Florida, then welcome to the family! If you’re still in the process of searching “surrogacy near me” and researching everything there is about Florida surrogacy, then we’re your one-stop source for all information regarding surrogacy.

One important aspect of surrogacy in Florida is being able to get along with your surrogate mother. After all, you’re going to be relying on her for the next year or so to safely carry your baby. Although our agency is in charge of helping you to find a surrogate in Florida, we ultimately put forward our choices based on the information that you supply to us.

Here are a few important things to note about what you should look for in your surrogate mother.


Your Surrogate Mother Should be a Great Communicator

While our surrogacy agency in Florida is exceptional at getting back in touch with our intended parents and surrogates, this isn’t always the case with the surrogates, themselves. Some of them prefer to have minimal contact with the intended parents. They may just be too busy. Others love speaking to the intended parents who are struggling with infertility. They may even seek to be your friend.

If you want your surrogate mother to respond to you quickly and often, then you should note that down in your application. We’ll be sure to look through our files and find a surrogate that matches that level of communication.

We understand that you might want to talk to your surrogate mother in times of emergency. If something goes wrong, then you want to be notified immediately. Or even just being able to be a part of the pregnancy by speaking to the surrogate and learning about how the baby is kicking can be crucial.

Make sure you know the level of communication that you want from your surrogate.


Ensure your Surrogate is Healthy and Has a Healthy Pregnancy

One of the important things about our surrogate agency in Florida is that we check through the medical history of every surrogate that enters our agency. When you want to find a surrogate in Florida, you have to make sure that they’re healthy enough to be surrogates. Women with bad pregnancy histories have no business working as a surrogate. It wastes their time and yours. Perhaps even more importantly, it can cause their body harm.

In order to become a surrogate in Florida through our surrogate agency in Florida, our surrogates have to prove that they are healthy. They also have to prove that their previous birth was a successful and healthy one. This shows that their body is capable of carrying babies safely.

While you also need to be aware of the health of your egg donor, even more important, is the health of your surrogate. If you’re looking for a surrogate outside of our surrogacy agency in Florida, then you should ask the surrogate about their medical history. They should be able to provide medical records to you.

Another important detail is their PAP smear. If the surrogate you’re speaking to doesn’t want to have one done, then this should act as a red flag to you.

Or you can just skip the guessing and use our services to find a surrogate who has had their medical history checked and been given a recent PAP smear.


Check the Surrogate’s Motivations

The motivations of your surrogate is a bit more important than the motivations of your egg donor. The egg donor is simply supplying her eggs and then washes her hands of the business. A surrogate, on the other hand, has to take care of your baby for several months before it’s born. A surrogate who is motivated by the wrong reasons may not give your baby the extreme care that it deserves.

When you sit down with your surrogate after we find a surrogate in Florida for you, one of the questions you should ask her is what made her choose to work as a surrogate. Does she care that your family is suffering because of infertility? Or is this all just a big paycheck for her?

While we believe that surrogates should be paid generously for their time and efforts, but we prefer women who are eager to help intended parents because they want them to have a chance at parenthood.

While a few questions are understandable, especially if they’re new to surrogacy in Florida, it can direct a spotlight on what they truly want from the experience.

Surrogates should be in it to help intended parents and create a better life for them since they value being parents themselves. They should have a passion for helping them grow and develop their baby. Those who are only motivated by money may decide that Florida surrogacy isn’t for them at some point. They may think that it’s taking too long and choose to quit, finding some other way to get rich quick. Our surrogate agency helps narrow down candidates that are not motivated just by money, but are motivated by compassion.

While we can catch some of those who are just in it for themselves, it always pays to subtly inquire about your surrogate’s motivations or ask us as to why we accepted her as a surrogate mother.


What Is Their Support System Like at Home?

Another extremely important aspect of your surrogate is their support system. It is difficult to undergo surrogacy on one’s own. No matter where you search for “surrogacy near me,” you’ll find that agencies always want their surrogates to have a strong support system.

This is because they will often need help getting to appointments, going shop, and being taken to the hospital when it’s time to give birth. While your surrogate doesn’t need to have a spouse or partner, they should have someone there to help them in their time of need.

A support system is also indicative that the surrogate lives in a healthy environment. Because your baby is also going to be living in that environment while it grows, it needs to be secure.

You can ask them about their family and what their household is like.


Have They Been Psychologically Screened?

One final important question to ask them is if they’ve been screened by a psychiatrist yet. Surrogacy doesn’t just take its toll on the body. It can also cause a lot of stress and distress. We always strive to have mentally sound women as part of our agency. These are women who have been tested by a psychiatrist and passed.

We don’t accept women who can’t pass a psychological screening because it means that they’re not emotionally ready to be a surrogate. We don’t want any drama to occur between our surrogates and intended parents. Our strict regulations ensure that both parties can enjoy as smooth and easy a surrogate journey as possible.


Start Your Surrogate Journey Today

If you’re ready to start growing your family, then you should apply with us today to join our agency as an intended parent. Our surrogates are ready to help you achieve your dreams of parenthood. By asking them these questions, you’ll know if your surrogate is a great fit.