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What is Surrogacy?

What is Surrogacy? An Overview on Traditional and Gestational surrogacy Surrogacy is the process of having one’s child that is unable to conceive. Surrogacy is the ultimate selfless gift given by women who are able to have children without complications and see themselves as gifted with childbearing abilities! Surrogacy can be had by two methods, either […]

Common Surrogacy Fears & How to Overcome them!

BECOMING A SURROGATE – Common Fears & How to Overcome them! HELLO, HOPEFUL SURROGATE! In this blog, we hope to ease some of your fears by addressing some of the many concerns we have had coming from hopeful surrogates and women such as yourself that have long thought of the idea of having someone else’s […]

Happy Birthday to the First IVF baby!

Happy Birthday to Louise Brown, the First IVF baby! On July 25th, the world celebrated the 40th birthday of the first baby born through IVF. Her name is Louise Joy Brown. She is known as the world’s first test tube baby and is an example of hope and joy for many of those who struggle […]

Natural Pregnancy Vs. Surrogate Pregnancy

Natural Pregnancy Vs. Surrogate Pregnancy

How is being a surrogate different than carrying your own baby? For a lot of women when they want to conceive a baby, they do not need the medical assistance of a fertility specialist. These women usually conceive, celebrate and prepare for the growth of their family! These women who have a wonderful experience conceiving […]

Surrogacy was my greatest accomplishment

Surrogacy was my greatest accomplishment When I think back on my greatest accomplishment I think about the day I helped another woman become a mother. I embarked on one of the scariest and exciting journeys of my life, aside from becoming a mother to my own children. This was the risk and choice that had […]