Why you need to hire a surrogate agency to find a surrogate

Find a Surrogate the Easy Way by Joining Our Surrogate Agency in Florida

You’ve likely spent hours searching “surrogacy near me” trying to find a surrogate in Florida. Perhaps you’ve found a few independent surrogates on Facebook that seem promising. Yet in the world of independent surrogates, it’s often too good to be true. To ensure you can find a surrogate easily and safely, you should join our surrogacy agency in Florida. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we’ve made it a priority to make the process of surrogacy easier for both intended parents struggling with infertility and surrogates. Here’s why you should choose the easy road and join our surrogate agency in Florida.


1. We Make Joining an Agency Easy

One problem that turns a lot of intended parents off from joining an agency is that it can be difficult to do so. Some of those agencies are costly, the waits for a surrogate mother are long, and communication is labored or difficult even when starting out. When you join our agency, you will be refreshed at the ease of communication with us, and our commitment to great customer service.

We also have a streamlined process of consulting with you about the process of surrogacy, onboarding with our surrogacy agency, and matching the requirements that you have for your surrogate. We know that not everyone feels the same way about certain issues. That’s why we want to find a surrogate in Florida that matches your beliefs and values.


2. Our Surrogates are Healthy and Safe

A problem with just searching for “surrogacy near me” and choosing the first surrogate agency or independent surrogate that shows up in your feed, is that you can’t be sure if they’re trustworthy, or truly healthy and safe.

We screen every prospective surrogate that joins our agency for drugs, criminal history, health and pregnancy history. There are many reasons why prospective surrogate mothers are not accepted. Because Florida surrogacy can be long and difficult, we want to make sure we have the kind of women who are dedicated to helping intended parents struggling with infertility.

When you join our surrogacy agency in Florida, you can be sure that every woman in our agency has a safe environment to offer your baby to grow in and is healthy.


3. Our Agency is a Cheaper Option

Working with our agency can save you some money.

Larger, more well-known Florida surrogate agencies, charge larger amounts for their services. This is because they try to entice surrogates to their agencies with huge compensation rates and multiple integrated services.

Our agency does something different. We offer competitive pay for our surrogates while still ensuring the cost is low for our intended parents. You can expect to pay around $110,000-$120,000 for a surrogacy in Florida. This is substantially lower than what other agencies charge, topping $150,000 easily for one journey.

Besides offering cheaper services, you can also be sure that your investment is safe. Our surrogates won’t scam you. They’re all here to help you grow your family and all have been through our rigorous surrogate qualifications.


4. Finding a Surrogate May Take Time but It’s Worth It

Some intended parents may want to get started with surrogacy in Florida as soon as possible. This may convince them that a surrogate is easy to find and get their family started on their timeline. Chances are, you may find that surrogate agencies are increasingly having a hard time finding quality surrogate mothers. This issue finds many parents looking for a surrogate- the wait can be long and arduous.

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, each of our intended parents in the year 2020 was matched within one month! Sometimes dealing with a boutique surrogacy agency is to your benefit, because we do not have long lines for the surrogates that are available.

The perk of using our agency to find you one is that we work extra hard to ensure that you’re matched with a surrogate who fits you the best. There are ways that you can speed up the process as well. The first is to start searching for your surrogate the moment that you join our agency. While you work to find an egg donor or a sperm donor, or complete your IVF cycle or retrieval process, our team will be hard at work finding your surrogate.

It may take several months. Yet once we’ve found the surrogate that we believe will fit your needs the most, you’re likely going to love her. That’s because we look at things like shared values, shared hobbies, and even shared feelings about surrogacy and family.


5. We’ll Make Budgeting Easy to Understand

When you join other agencies, it may not be immediately clear what you’re paying for. When you’re hit with an expense later, you may be shocked at the amount and what it is that you’re paying. We don’t like those kinds of shocks. When you choose to join our agency, you’ll find that all compensation and costs are transparent.

We completely lay out what you can expect to spend and where it is allocated, and provide the best estimates possible to keep you from guessing. This helps you budget out your funds and also gives you a clear understanding of what exactly you’re paying for.

When it comes to escrow payments and bills, we can help you keep track of expenses and we stay on track with timely payments to vendors on your behalf so you are worry free.florida

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