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5 Reasons to Choose a Stranger as a Surrogate Over a Family Member

If you’re someone who struggles with fertility and have been searching “surrogacy near me” to find out more about the process, then we can help.

One of the questions that plague the minds of intended parents is who their surrogate should be. The process of surrogacy can be a long and involved one. It’s an intimate experience at its very core. Because of that, some parents may choose another family member as their surrogate. However, this isn’t always the greatest idea.

This article will discuss why you should choose a stranger over a family member to become a surrogate for you.

#1 – Genetics

Even if the family member that you chose to become a surrogate for you has had a healthy pregnancy in the past, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to for you. Genetics are shared between family members. If you struggle with fertility, then the chances that they also struggle with fertility is high.

When you choose a surrogate through a surrogacy agency, on the other hand, you have fresh genetics. These are women who have clean medical records. They have had a healthy pregnancy in the past and are capable of successfully carrying a baby without any problems.

The process of surrogacy can be a long one. It involves IVF. Sometimes IVF can take a long time in itself. It may fail which means you have to undergo more fertility tests and have more of your egg and sperm cells taken. For certain couples, they may only have so many cells. It’s important to get it right the first few times.

That’s why including a family member can be a risk. Their genetics may be making the problem worse. A stranger has a greater chance of carrying a baby successfully for you simply because they have been screened to ensure their health.

A surrogate agency has surrogacy qualifications for a reason. Before they can join the agency, the prospective surrogates have to showcase their medical records that they have had a healthy pregnancy in the past. Once that has been proven, they’re able to join the agency and work for couples like yourself.

#2 – Less Drama

You no doubt love your family. However, like all families, there’s always some drama.

When a baby is pulled into the mix, it can make the drama even worse. The last thing that you need is for your chosen family member to change their mind half-way through fertility treatment. All of that time and effort would be wasted.

When you’re looking for a surrogate mother, knowing you struggle with infertility, you want a surrogate who understands the job and is prepared for it.

At our California surrogate agency, our surrogate mothers have chosen to become a surrogate specifically to help intended parents. They understand that the process can take several months. It may even take years. They’re prepared to help you all the same without any of the fuss.

Another benefit is that there is less drama because you’re only interacting with the surrogate as much as you want to.

A family member is always around and always will be around. The surrogate is there for the appointments and whenever you want to meet with them to indulge in the pregnancy, and you can choose your preference for communication with your surrogate mother candidate prior to matching with her.

#3 – No Awkward Post-Birth Navigation

The job of a surrogate is to carry a baby for you.

When they give birth, their job is done. Becoming a surrogate is all about helping other parents have a baby of their own. Once the job is done, they return to the pool of surrogates at the surrogacy agency in California until they’re assigned to another couple.

Unless you have become great friends with your surrogate, the chances of seeing them again are slim. However, if you choose a family member to be your surrogate, you’re going to see them a lot. Every time there is a birthday, celebration, or even just a family get together, they’ll be right there.

For some parents, this might not be a problem. They may enjoy having the ‘Aunt’ of their baby a part of the baby’s life.

For others, however, this might be too much connection. They may feel that they already missed out during the pregnancy. With the family member close to their child frequently, they may feel like their role as parents are threatened.

With a stranger, you’re able to cut away completely if you choose to do so, and it’s worthwhile to note how healthy this can be for everyone. Or, at the very least, you can still remain friends with the surrogate and allow them to visit every now and then. Essentially, you’re able to control how much the surrogate sees the baby.

With a family member, that isn’t the case. You may be able to control the interactions to a certain amount, but because they’re family, they’re always going to be there. Surrogacy in California is made easy with Made in the USA Surrogacy since we have local surrogates who are not related to you but are willing to help you complete your family.

#4 – New Friendships

One of the perks of using a California surrogate agency is that it allows you to possibly make a new friend. Becoming a surrogate is a lengthy process. It involves meeting surrogacy qualifications that an agency has and jumping over hurdles. Surrogates do this because they want to help parents like you have babies of their own.

Surrogates are a selfless and good-hearted bunch that can make for great friends. It’s not uncommon for intended parents and their surrogates to become lasting friends. They learn a lot about each other during the process, and they experience a lot of highs and lows together throughout the journey.

You may already be friends with your family members. At the very least, you know who they are. There is nothing new to be learned about them. The relationship is already forged.

With a stranger, on the other hand, you may just find a brand-new best friend. They may share some of the same beliefs or values as you do. Throughout the pregnancy, you may find a kindred spirit. Your friendship can continue to blossom even after the baby is born.

#5 – Experienced

One last reason that you might want to use a stranger for surrogacy is that you can often find experienced surrogates at an agency.

Becoming a surrogate doesn’t always mean you do one surrogacy, and then you’re done forever. Many women choose to continue to do more surrogacies after waiting for 6 months or more and help more families form.

This is a great benefit for you because it means you can work with someone who is experienced with surrogacy. You may have a lot of questions and concerns. An experienced surrogate can help answer those questions and give you the guidance that you need.

A family member likely isn’t experienced. They don’t understand the process or IVF or what is exactly expected of them, they likely have not had fertility medications, and likely have not met with fertility doctors before in their life. They’re going to be walking into the process as blind as you are.

By working with a stranger who is linked to a surrogate agency, you can have a more relaxing and stress-free time because they’ve been through it all before.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Stranger as a Surrogate Over a Family Member - Made in the USA Surrogacy Roseville, CA

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