The timing for finding a surrogate?

How much time will it take to find a surrogate in California and throughout the USA?

Hello hopeful, prospective, intended parents!

Today we are going to speak more about the timeline for finding a surrogate, what to expect, and hopefully address any concerns you may have regarding “when to start” with your boutique surrogacy agency to find a surrogate that’s right for you.

If you’ve found this article, most likely you have been trying to have a baby on your own, perhaps via IVF, IUI, or other methods of fertility treatment. Maybe you have just started looking for a surrogate or thinking about the idea. However, by the time parents come to our pages and actually give us a call at 916-226-4342, they have been researching finding a surrogate for a long while. They have been in the process of trying to have a baby on their own for anywhere from 3-5 years or researching the best possible IVF clinic to produce their embryo if they have not already done so.

When do parents need to start looking for a surrogate?

If you found this article, perhaps you were thinking- when do we start looking for a surrogate?

  • Do I have to have my embryos made yet?
  • How many tries do my partner and I need to make having a baby on our own before looking for a surrogate?
  • How many miscarriages are normal to have before I know that I can’t carry a baby to term?
  • What if I don’t have an IVF clinic near me that I can use to produce embryos?
  • What if I don’t have the other piece of the puzzle? (The egg or the sperm?)

There are many signs that Made in the USA Surrogacy has gathered from prospective parents as signs that they need to start looking for a surrogate.

The truth is, there’s no better time to start than when you absolutely know that you should not be making any more attempts at having the baby on your own. Whether you have a clinic or not, whether you have started making embryos or not, the time to start looking for a surrogate is always sooner rather than later.

Why would you start looking for a surrogate now when you may not have an IVF clinic, or you may not have embryos made yet?

The truth about surrogates is that they are just like you. They are busy, they may have a full-time job, and every single surrogate mother that is cleared by Made in the USA Surrogacy is currently a mother of her own children.

Which means that many of them have very hectic schedules, school to drop children off at, maybe they are still nursing a child, maybe they are still attempting to finish school! What if your potential surrogate mother is not quite sure that she is done having children with her partner yet?

Timing is everything when looking/finding a surrogate

With all of the lifestyle choices that we make, there are many reasons that surrogates come and go. We receive inquiries daily from qualified individuals who would make great surrogate mothers, but sometimes, their life circumstances force them to sideline the idea of becoming a surrogate until they are ready.

But as a surrogate matching agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy has found that if surrogate mothers are not matched as soon as possible, a large majority of them may lose interest, or their life may pull them in other directions.

The truth is, whether you have started the embryo making process with an IVF clinic near you, or whether you have not started the process of finding an IVF clinic at all yet- there is no better time than to start looking for a surrogate than now! Once a parent realizes that he/she may not be having healthy pregnancies, or other extraneous circumstances that may cause you to look for a surrogate (age, no partner etc.), the right surrogate for you may have just inquired with our agency!

We have had instances where potential intended parents have inquired with our agency, looking for the right kind of surrogate for them and that surrogate is presented the next day. If parents are not ready for this information and not ready to get the process started with our agency right away, that potential surrogate that may have been right for them will inevitably be taken when they call back in another few weeks.

The truth is that the competition for surrogate mothers in California is higher than it has ever been. There is more competition for surrogate mothers in California than any other place in the USA- and if we make a suggestion to you that we may have the right surrogate mother for you- as a parent that has been wanting/wishing/waiting for the right opportunity to have a baby come into their life- you have to be ready to get stated as soon as you can!

You never know when the right surrogate mother for you is ready to help make your dream of a family come true- and if you let other circumstances such as not having an IVF clinic near you or not having embryos yet- you may miss out on the opportunity to be matched with a great surrogate mother!

Our research here at Made in the USA Surrogacy also says that when parents are matched with a surrogate and vice versa, everyone involved becomes lifted in their spirits. At that point, a major burden in the process of having a child and the process of finding a surrogate is over- and we can all focus on getting you through the journey.

Why would you not make one more IVF transfer try after miscarrying again?

We have had many inquiries from potential parents “intended parents” who have tried and tried on their own to have a baby. We realize how emotional of a process that having your own child can be, and the process of IVF transfer is not easy, nor is it cheap.

For this reason alone, we encourage you to really think about your options and to listen to your body. If you are considering continuing the process of IVF for yourself and your family after many/multiple failed attempts, there are a few things Made in the USA Surrogacy thinks you should consider:

How much will doing another IVF round cost you and your family?

We know that an average round of IVF could cost you close to $12,000-$20,000. This is a concerning figure if you are already in the hole for multiple $10s of thousands- should you consider surrogacy instead?

How many embryos do you have left?

Some couples may only have one embryo. Other couples may have a few, less than 3 left. Does this mean that after multiple miscarriages or the embryo “not taking” that you should try again? We have had many examples of parents that make one more “go” at the process of In-Vitro Fertilization- one more time on their own, only to literally lose the last embryo they had to the same reasons or incidents that they have already had happen in the process. Take a look at what has been happening- listen to your body, not just your heart. We know you want to have a baby- but that shouldn’t come at the cost of putting you in a worse off situation if you would not have any embryos left after trying one more time! Every surrogate mother that we screen has a healthy pregnancy history- almost always the exact opposite of the mothers that end up needing the help of our agency. With this type of pregnancy history, we want to give hopeful intended parents the best shot at having a successful pregnancy and ultimately healthy child!

Of course, we want you to follow the advice of your IVF doctor and IVF clinic, but we also want you to think- what if the last embryo you have could successfully result in a baby through surrogacy?

Could some of this money go toward you starting the process of finding a surrogate?

Doing another round of IVF can cost a lot of money for procedures and medications. What if you saved your last embryo, or the last two embryos for trying through a surrogate? The process of surrogacy and the process for finding a surrogate can also cost a lot of money. Upwards of $100,000. Wouldn’t saving that $20,000 on another potentially failed IVF round help towards your journey of finding a surrogate? We don’t want you to get the idea that we don’t want parents to try having a baby on their own. But we are proponents of trying something different- a surrogate mother- when multiple IVF attempts or other infertility treatments have failed.

If you tried another IVF cycle and it fails, can you afford to make more embryos?

This is a very real issue with parents trying to have a baby. Not only do parents have to stick to a budget initially, many parents end up spending more on the process of having a baby through these means than they originally thought. Maybe you are in this position- is the last embryo you have going to result in possibly having to retrieve more eggs and go through the process of making an embryo again?

Not only do you have to ask yourself if you have enough money to retrieve more embryos, you have to think- is my body healthy enough to make more embryos?

Some parents make embryos and they are literally the last in the “tank”, if you will. If your last try at implanting an embryo fails, you may not be able to make any more embryos to try with a surrogate mother!

This is a very real and sobering thought for many parents. They are torn between trying with their own body or trying with a surrogate.

We want to encourage you- we are screening healthy surrogate mothers every day that would love nothing else but to be your success story on your last embryo! Before you make the decision to go another round of IVF- please contact us to see if getting started looking for a surrogate is the better choice for you.

If you are a parent that has already gone through multiple rounds of IVF, you have embryos left, potentially just one- we want you to be encouraged to start the process for looking for a surrogate.

Our owner Samantha was successful at bringing the last embryo of her intended parent family to a full-term pregnancy and healthy birth of a baby boy. This is because the family finally decided to try having a surrogate only after losing the second of two baby boy embryos in trying to do it on their own. They really wanted a baby boy, but unfortunately, the baby boy that they transferred did not take. This left only one boy- which Samantha carried fully to term and he is now a healthy 1-year-old!

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