The Best Second Job in America Today

Most lucrative opportunities for hardworking moms in America? Is Surrogacy the best option for you?

Are you a hard working mom looking for other work? Maybe you found this blog from your searching for jobs that advertise work from home or looking for a great second job for mothers. Today I want to tell you about America’s best work from home opportunity. I want to tell you about America’s best second job opportunity for mothers. I’m going to tell you about the job that you may not have thought of, that magically meets all of your criteria for wanting a stay at home job.

Female job seekers: Meet Surrogacy.

We answer the question of what surrogacy is in our other blogs, but in a few sentences, surrogacy is giving the ultimate selfless gift by women who are already mothers. They gift their childbearing abilities to other families who struggle with having babies of their own.

Aside from what surrogacy is, you must fit these qualifications. The main qualification of being a surrogate is that you have to be a mother who has a healthy pregnancy history with no complications.  If you fit this qualification and the ones we referenced, let’s get into the specifics of the benefits of becoming a surrogate mother and why it truly is the best second job for women in America today.


It is a legitimate second job

Unlike other second jobs that may require you to wake up early, get involved with traffic at the worst times of the day, and or sacrifice your sanity by burning the candle at both ends- being pregnant with a surrogate baby does not require you to punch a clock or check in with your boss about that “second job” you may have that is competing with your current one. Surrogacy does not require you to compete with your current employer, and in many cases, the surrogate compensation package includes time off of work for embryo transfer and for the birth of the baby- so you are compensated for time lost from your main job in order to have the baby. What second job compensates you for time lost at your first job in order to make it to your second one? I know- none of them!

It legitimately can pay you $50,000+

Because surrogacy in California has become so popular, the rates for surrogate mothers has gone up. Base compensation for surrogates at Made in the USA Surrogacy make $40,000 for their first surrogacy, just as a base compensation. This is paid in monthly installments after there is a confirmed pregnancy over about a 10 month period. This $40,000 can easily become more with other benefits such as pay for time off of work, a monthly stipend of $250, pay for your travel (if need be), pay for housekeeping, and extra payments in increments of $5,000 if you carry multiples (twins) or if you are an experienced surrogate! As a second job for moms, we think $50,000 is quite a good second job!

Being a surrogate is flexible by nature

Do you still have to get to soccer practice? Or your child’s first band camp? Do you have a dinner appointment? Do you work 9-5 job during the week? Do you only have Monday’s off? By nature, being pregnant with a surrogate baby does not require you to fail on your commitments. The doctor’s appointments and IVF Fertility clinics will work with your schedule to make sure you are accommodated. Other than your doctor’s appointments, after transferring the embryo, surrogates are not required to fulfill any type of time schedule, be anywhere by a specific time, or give an accounting of why they are working another job- they simply continue on with their lives just how it was as if it were their own child!

California Law and some other states protect surrogacy

In order to become a surrogate and legally receive compensation for going through the process of surrogacy, a potential surrogate has to make sure that her residence state (the state she resides in and will potentially give birth in) will legally protect and allow the contract between parents and surrogates. Please see this page of our website that describes which states are the best for potential surrogates to qualify from. The graph shows states where surrogacy is allowed by the law and is half-way down the page.

If you are a potential surrogate, please know we are able to accept surrogates from the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. Beginning in 2019 we will be able to accept surrogates from Washington.

It’s extremely important that most of our surrogates come either from the states mentioned above, or that we receive the bulk amount of our potential surrogates from California and cities such as Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Pasadena, Sacramento, Roseville, and the Bay area. The reason why is because in order to become a surrogate, you will be signing a surrogate agreement with the intended parents and giving over the baby to them. We have to make sure that surrogacy is protected by the law and will protect the contract that is written as agreed between parents and the surrogate. As a surrogate agency, it’s our job to properly screen every potential surrogate candidate to make sure that there is no wrong interpretation on who’s baby the child is- because that has been known to be an issue in states that do not recognize surrogacy or understand properly that gestational surrogacy does not establish parenthood with the surrogate.

You develop a unique bond with a family other than your own

As a surrogate mother, your bond with parents who are going through the embryo making process to have a child is extremely unique and wonderful. Up to this point, the parents that you will be matched with have had no ability whatsoever to have children- and that is why they hired you, their surrogate, to give them this wonderful child they so desperately wanted. You develop friendship forever in some circumstances, and you can truly say that you had a part in their story of developing their family. This story of surrogacy will only be your and the parents to share together.

Surrogacy is an amazing way for an individual woman to “give back”

We are all searching for meaning these days. We want to have meaningful work, not just the 9-5 daily grind. Chances are, if you are California mother or you live in any other surrogate friendly state, you enjoy the benefits of motherhood. You couldn’t imagine how your life would be if you did not have a child or multiple children to fill up your day with laughter, early morning wake-up calls, food all over your floor 24-7, no ability for peace and quiet when they are around, constant questions of “why”, and the ever-increasing want for your children to stay the small size they are.

The truth is, having children is a wonderful blessing full of many trials and tribulations, but overwhelming joy. Giving that joy to another family in need because they are unable to have children- could be the best way for you as a mother to give back in this life. You will forever be enriched by the blessing you gave your intended parent family.

Even if you have no other amazing skills in life to become the next “Bill Gates”, as a potential surrogate mother, you have perhaps the greatest skill set of all- the ability to give life to a family in need.

If you are a current mother interested in becoming a surrogate with our agency- Made in the USA Surrogacy- we urge you to take full advantage of the amazing opportunity that is the best second job in America today, please fill out this form.

If you are a hopeful parent, and you are in the process of trying to find a surrogate, please contact our agency by filling out this form.