What to Expect as a Surrogate Mom: 5 Things NOT to Worry About During the Process

5 things you should NOT need to worry about during the process

Hello Surrogate mothers! Today we are discussing more on the surrogacy process. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we aspire to be your surrogacy resource. We want all potential surrogates to find us as a resource for all of their surrogacy related questions and potential issues. If you have any questions about becoming a surrogate, we encourage you to fill out this link and give us a call at 916-226-4342.

This blog is a continuation of our other blog post about the process of surrogacy. We want to make sure as your surrogate agency in California that you also know the subjects and things you should NOT need to worry about during the process of your surrogate journey.

Things you don’t need to worry about:

#1 – Surrogate Compensation or Payments

For more information on how much you will get compensated when you become a surrogate with our agency in Northern California- please visit this part of our website. The first thing most surrogates worry about is- “how much will I get paid as a surrogate.” Or even “when will I get paid for being a surrogate?”

As your surrogate agency in California, we need you to know that your compensation is set and a “for-sure” thing. It will not deviate or be “negotiated.” You don’t have to worry about your compensation coming late or not showing up when you need it. Your surrogate compensation or surrogate pay is set by our agency with the intended parents.

There’s no need for you to have any compensation talks with your intended parents or to have to discuss with them the rate of pay- or whether you will be compensated for random things of any kind. In fact, we ask every surrogate mother to direct all questions of compensation to us, and we will be able to figure out any questions you may have regarding this.

Compensation should not be anything you worry about during the process of surrogacy. Your pay will be detailed fully within your surrogate contract with the parents, and when your pregnancy is confirmed after transfer- you will be compensated your base pay every month on the first after we submit your request for reimbursement- also handled by our agency.

Again, you should not have to worry about compensation or surrogate pay- if you are worried about it, perhaps you should look into becoming a surrogate with our surrogate agency. We work hard to make compensation a painless process.

#2 – Travel Concerns

Where you live should not be an issue as a surrogate mother, other than whether you live in a surrogate friendly state. Many potential surrogate mothers ask whether or not their travel to the fertility clinic will be covered.

They ask whether the travel to and from doctors’ appointments will be covered. They ask whether or not they need to worry about putting together travel plans with a hotel or stick to a certain budget. All of these worries of travel should be negotiated within your contract, and your surrogate agency should be handling the majority of any needed travel plans.

There should be no worries with where you will be staying, whether you will have enough travel money for food, whether you will have transportation to or from your appointments. Your surrogate agency should be handling any aspect of your travel arrangements from beginning to end.

#3 – Surrogate Agency Responsibilities

When we state that you should not have to worry about your surrogate agency responsibilities, what does that mean?

It covers a wide range of subjects from billing issues, to medication issues, to handling complex topics with parents, escrow companies, travel concerns or arrangements and issues related to the process of your surrogacy journey. Everything that feels like too much to handle should be directed to your agency coordinator at your surrogate agency- that’s what we’re here for!

#4 – After Delivery Documentation and Process

You should not have to worry about anything post-delivery except your recovery.

  • Should you have to worry about the baby’s documents? No.
  • Should you have to worry about the baby’s shots or immunizations? No.
  • Should you have to worry about whether the parents will have travel accommodations to your state and city? No.
  • Should you have to worry about lawyer documents related to the birth of the baby? No.

Everything post-delivery except your recovery and own concerns with family should be dealt with at this point.

#5 – Agency Communication Issues

If it seems a little hard to communicate with your agency coordinator or your surrogate agency in general- this is not normal. At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we strive to return all calls, emails and text questions about your process, or problems that may arise.

The worst problem you can have during your surrogate process is bad communication with your surrogate agency. We want you to know that it should not be this way, and not all surrogate agencies are created equal.

If you have had a bad experience with a surrogate agency in the past, we want to be here for you. We are committed to your surrogacy journey success and work around the clock to make sure your concerns or questions are answered and completed in a timely manner.

Final Thoughts

If you have been wanting to become a surrogate or you were a surrogate in the past with a different agency- we encourage you to consider becoming a surrogate with us. We will partner with you through your journey and ensure that you have the best success on your journey to bless another family.

If you have had surrogate agency communication issues, your surrogate agency in the past has not handled your travel arrangements, they have not handled your surrogate baby’s documentation with the state and made sure to coordinate with the parent’s attorney on the completion of these documents, if you have not had your compensation payments on time or other issues with reimbursement of your surrogate compensation/pay- please fill in this form and give us a call at 916-226-4342.