How to Overcome Your Fears About Becoming a Surrogate - Become a Surrogate in Florida

Are You Thinking About How to Become a Surrogate in Florida?

There are tons of intended parents looking to find a surrogate in Florida and across the US or Internationally. Yet not every potential surrogate is ready to commit. This is understandable. There are a ton of variables and fears that are normal to experience. In this blog, we’ll hope to alleviate some of these fears. This will allow you to take part in the incredible journey as a surrogate mother and help intended parents struggling with infertility.

Your first step should be to visit our FAQ page. Some of the questions you have may be answered there. Otherwise, here are a few common fears that surrogates have and how you can overcome them.

How to Become a Surrogate in Florida

One concern that some potential surrogates share is the process in which to become a surrogate in Florida. They simply don’t know how to join a surrogacy agency in Florida or if they should join one at all.

In order to join our surrogacy agency in Florida, we have several different qualifications that need to be met. These qualifications are both for your protection and those who are struggling with infertility.

Our qualifications are put in place to help keep unhealthy women from becoming surrogates. This is both for their safety and for the safety of the surrogate baby. It’s vital that you understand our qualifications and are honest when answering them. We’ll require medical records concerning some of the qualifications to ensure you’re being honest.

One of those is your BMI. In order to have a successful surrogacy, you need to be as healthy as possible. Having a healthy weight is part of that. Being overweight can negatively impact the baby in a few different ways. You can check your BMI using our chart here.

Joining our surrogate agency is relatively simple. If you believe that you have the right mindset and health for surrogacy in Florida, then we encourage you to apply with our surrogate agency in Florida.

Fear of Minimal Compensation Rate

One fear that many surrogates have is that the compensation they earn won’t be enough to cover living expenses. We tackle compensation differently at Made in the USA Surrogacy. For one, our surrogate agency in Florida ensures that its compensation rates are transparent. You can see how much you can earn as a surrogate here. That includes a recent up in compensation by way of the COVID Bonus of $10,000 that is described on that page. If you are not seeing the bonus, you are reading this page after the bonus time has ended.

One problem that many surrogates face when they join an agency is that the promised compensation rates an agency gives aren’t the same rate that they receive. Or, worse, an agency may offer that rate on an ad on google, but may also ask the surrogate to make certain sacrifices that go against their values and beliefs.

We don’t do that. Our staff works hard to ensure that both you and the intended parents are completely clear on the expectations during a pregnancy. You won’t be asked to make any sacrifices that go against your values, and you won’t be forced to make them either.

Our surrogate compensation rates are built based on the risks we know that surrogates take. When intended parents search for surrogacy near me to find a surrogate, they’ll understand how much they need to pay our surrogates from the very start. This will ensure the surrogate never feels awkward about talking about compensation with them, and as an agency, we always handle the questions intended parents have about surrogate compensation, so the match meetings are not filled with uncomfortable questions.

In regards to compensation not being enough, it’s important that you refer back to our qualifications. We ask that our surrogates do not live off of cash assistance programs. This ensures that each household is able to care for themselves and their children without any problems. That, in turn, reassures the intended parents that their baby is being brought up in a safe and caring environment.

If your household makes enough to cover your needs, then the compensation you earn through a Florida surrogacy is essentially a bonus payment. We also take into account all of the expenses that can occur during pregnancy like maternity clothes. Our surrogates even earn a small allowance with each payment.

Fear of Carrying Multiples

One important conversation surrogate mothers will need to have with intended parents, and the egg donor, is whether or not multiples are to be carried. Multiples refer to having more than one embryo placed within you at a time. Many surrogates fear this practice because of numerous health risks often associated with multiples. Or they may just not like the idea of potentially carrying twins or triplets.

While carrying more children at a time can make pregnancy a bit more stressful, a surrogate never has to feel that she is forced into a situation. At the very start of your surrogate, after the intended parents find a surrogate with our agency, the surrogate and intended parents sit down together. One of the topics they discuss is multiples.

For intended parents, the benefit of multiples is that it increases the chances of the surrogate becoming pregnant. It does not mean that there’s a greater chance of twins or triplets.

Considering how expensive IVF can be in the overall surrogate process, many intended parents may want to try on a single attempt for the surrogate to become pregnant. However, this conversation also involves the egg donor. If anyone is uncomfortable with the idea of multiples, then it doesn’t happen.

An advantage of multiples for surrogates, however, is that you do earn a bonus. This is because we understand that if the multiple embryos do end up forming a twin or triplet, then it can make the pregnancy even more stressful. The bonus compensation you earn reflects that stress.

Fear of Needles and Taking Medication

Understandably, many women fear the medication involved in surrogacy. Yet it’s a vital part to ensure the health of the surrogate baby and yourself. Much like anything, once you do it enough times, it basically becomes routine. You don’t need to take the needles yourself either.

Your husband or partner can administer the shots for you, and you should use copious amounts of ice- it will numb the pain and you soon won’t notice!

Fear of Including Your Family in Surrogacy

Many women also fear how their family will react when they learn they’ve made the choice to search for surrogacy near me and join an agency. Yet becoming a surrogate can open your family’s eyes to the wonders of birth and parenthood. It can bring families closer together as they realize just how lucky they are that they were able to have a family naturally.

Intended parents who aren’t so lucky, have to find a surrogate in Florida in order to build their family.

Fear of Abortion

How to Overcome Your Fears About Becoming a Surrogate - Become a Surrogate in Florida

No one becomes a surrogate just to lose a child. If you don’t believe that a woman should have an abortion, then we take that seriously. We’ll make sure to match you with intended parents who believe in the same values as you.