Become a Surrogate in Rocklin

Become a Surrogate in Rocklin, California

City of Rocklin in California

Situated close to the bustling city of Sacramento, Rocklin is a city that has seen consistent growth throughout the years. With a population of 69,249 people and growing, the city first started to see decent growth back during the gold rush craze of the 1800s. It was also a key part of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Initially, granite mining was the main source of economic wealth in Rocklin, California. Since then, it is home to many multinational corporations, retail stores, and contains twelve elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Almost half of the population holds a Bachelor’s Degree of some sort.

In this educated and successful area, people still struggle with fertility and having a child of their own. If you’re thinking of an additional way to bring in income or you feel that you’ve been called to help struggling couples have a child of their own, then you may want to consider becoming a surrogate in Rocklin, California.

Become a Surrogate in Rocklin, California

Not every state is surrogate-friendly. Thankfully, the state of California has an open-minded view of surrogacy and alternative methods for fertilization. If you live in Rocklin, then you can benefit from California’s positive outlook on being a surrogate. This means you can legally obtain compensation for surrogacy, and receive benefits for the time you invest. However, you first need to ensure that you are prepared to deal with all of the time requirements and energy requirements that being a surrogate involves.

For example, you’re going to give up at least a year or more of your life to being a surrogate. You’ll have the full nine months of pregnancy, but you’ll also have several months beforehand to prepare your body for an embryo transfer. It can also take some time to match you with an intended couple. You’ll also need some time after birth to recover physically and emotionally.

The first step that you should take when considering being a surrogate in Rocklin, California, is whether or not you’re up for the physical and emotional strains that surrogacy in California requires.


Once you have decided that you’re prepared to take the incredible journey of being someone’s surrogate mother, then you can understand the compensation that you’ll receive. Overall, you should expect to make around $50,000 after the process of surrogacy is finished or more depending on some factors. Many women use that amount of money as their main source of income after working a job beforehand. Others use it for additional retirement funds or to use it to help their own children through college.

The breakdown of the compensation goes as follows:

  • Base Compensation: $40,000
  • Twins/Multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

In regards to the experienced surrogate bonus, after you have successfully gone through the process of surrogacy a few times, you are considered an experienced surrogate. You get a bonus for your experience. You’re also typically more sought after by intended couples because you have a proven history of being able to carry and give birth to healthy children and going through the process of IVF.

Rocklin Surrogacy Qualifications

Surrogacy in California follows similar qualifications for each surrogate agency. While each agency may have their own specific qualifications, by and large, you’ll find that the qualifications are similar. Some of the qualifications that we ask for at Made in the USA Surrogacy are as follows:

  • Legal Residence in the United States
  • Financially Secure
  • Not Receiving Financial Aid from the Government
  • Within 23-38 Years Old
  • BMI of 19-30
  • Non-Smoker and No Drug Addictions
  • Previous Birth That was Successful
  • Physical Examinations and Mental Evaluations

These surrogacy qualifications are intended to ensure that women who are looking to become a surrogate are of both sound body and mind. Unhealthy women shouldn’t seek to become a surrogate because it can endanger both themselves and the baby. It should also be noted that a surrogate agency might have different qualifications compared to another surrogate agency. For example, some might require you to be working before you decide to become a surrogate. Or others may require a certain household income prior to the start of surrogacy.

Steps to Become a Surrogate in Rocklin

Once you’ve passed all of the qualifications for a surrogacy agency in California, you can begin the process. For our agency, you’ll need to first fill out the online intake form. This just ensures that you do, indeed, pass all of the qualifications that we’ve established to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Then you’ll get into contact with our agency coordinator to fill out the official surrogate application form. This is a detailed form that will help us match you with intended couples who are waiting for a surrogate mother.

You’ll also need to send us multiple pictures of yourself and your family. Many intended couples prefer to see their surrogates as well as their own children before deciding on one to carry their child.

One of the longest steps to complete is receiving all of your medical records and medical documentation for successfully giving birth to a healthy baby. It can take hospitals time to coordinate and acquire all of your records. Most women typically have to wait around six months for all of their records to be collected. It can be even longer if your records are in different hospitals. Starting with this step is a good idea to help the process along.

Once you apply, you’ll also need to have a PAP smear performed. This is to further ensure that you’re healthy and can offer a healthy pregnancy.

Finally, you’ll need your OBGYN to give us a clearance letter. This is a physical examination and case history study that they perform to ensure that you are healthy enough to carry another child. It also means that they give permission to be your OBGYN for a surrogate pregnancy.

Being that you are also located in Rocklin, CA and looking to become a surrogate in Rocklin, we will specifically be able to do a home visit with you to meet your family and ensure your living accommodations are OK for a pregnancy.

Surrogate Agreement

Once all of these steps are completed, you’ll go through the process of being matched with an intended couple. We utilize an in-depth algorithm that allows us to match the best surrogates with the best intended parents. We’re a surrogacy agency in California that wants the process to go as smoothly as possible and be a positive experience for everyone involved.

After you have been matched with an intended couple, you’ll sit down with a surrogate attorney who can be assigned for you. The meeting, known as the Surrogate Agreement or the (GSA- Gestational Surrogacy Agreement), basically helping stamp down all of the legal details that can help avoid awkwardness and legal questions later on.

For example, this would be the time where you discuss with the intended parents whether or not you want them in the room with you when you’re giving birth. They may want to be present. Or they may not want your spouse to be present. You can also discuss the details of what occurs after you have given birth. They may let you see the child or they may prefer that it’s a clean break after you’ve given birth.

Many intended couples become close friends with their surrogate. The agreement is simply a way to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected and recognized.

IVF and Embryo Transfer

After the agreement is completed, to become a surrogate, you then have to undergo numerous fertility treatments. Your body may not be prepared to accept an embryo that isn’t your own. That’s what the fertility treatments will aid. They’ll prepare your body for the transfer, so it can take hold, and you can begin the process of a healthy pregnancy.

IVF is the main procedure for transfers. It involves the fertilization of an egg and sperm cell outside of the body. Once the embryo is fertilized and lives for a certain number of days, it is then placed inside of your body. The location varies depending on your own fertility and the health of the embryo.

Once it has been successfully implanted, the embryo starts to divide and grow, and you have yourself a growing baby within you.

Find the Right Agency

Clearly, there are many steps to take before becoming a surrogate. If you live in Rocklin, CA, and you’re thinking about how to become a surrogate, then contact our surrogate agency today. We are a local surrogate agency located in Roseville, CA and will treat you like family. We will provide you with all of the information that you need as well as match you with the perfect intended couple who needs your help.