Become a Surrogate in Laguna Niguel

Become a Surrogate in Laguna Niguel, California

City of Laguna Niguel, CA

One of the greatest aspects of Laguna Niguel is its median household income. It rests at 31% above the Orange County average as well as is nearly double the average for the whole of the United States. Besides having a great household income, the city also has a low crime rate, mid-coastal climate, and its bounty of parks and hiking trails.

Originally, the land was occupied by the Acjachemem Native Americans. Eventually, the Spanish would enter the area and built missionaries to convert the Acjachemem Native Americans to Christianity. Eventually, the missionary lands would be given as grants of land to Mexico after the Mexican-Spanish War.

Eventually, the land would fall into American hands after the Mexican-American war. A drought would further force farmers to sell parts of their land to owners who would slowly start developing the area for urban development.

It wouldn’t be until 1959 when Interstate 5 was finished and more people sought a suburban lifestyle outside of Los Angeles that the Laguna Niguel Corporation was formed. That corporation would go on to plan and build the city of Laguna Niguel.

While Laguna Niguel is considered a bedroom community, the planners wanted the occupants to have everything that they needed within their own community. They also included many parks.

Due to its planned community, the population has rested at 66,266 people for the past few years. A few fluctuations occur now and then, but because the city cannot expand any further, the number has remained around the 60,000 mark for several decades.

Laguna Niguel is an upscale city where many families and singles thrive. If you’ve been wanting to add something to your life that is meaningful and impactful along with keeping your regular job, then surrogacy in California might be something that you want to consider.

How Surrogacy Works in Laguna Niguel

For those who might want to become a surrogate, it’s important to understand how surrogacy in California works. Can you really become a surrogate and still have your traditional job? The answer is most definitely. While you do have to attend a few doctor appointments and allow the intended parents to visit you and be a part of the healthy pregnancy, your time is essentially yours to do what you want with.

You’re not doing much else aside from carrying a baby. You’re still able to work and do the same things that you were before. You just have to ensure that you’re making the best choices possible for the health of the baby.

Surrogacy in California, as a whole, is quite simple. You sign on with a surrogate agency, get matched with intended parents, and then receive fertility treatments for the embryo transfer. With a successful transfer, you become pregnant, and then you just carry the baby until its birth.

This is a great way to earn extra money while still having the same kind of lifestyle that you’re used to. You have the same amount of work hours, you’re still able to spend time with your own family, you’re basically earning money passively.

The best part of becoming a surrogate is that its meaningful work. A lot of surrogates choose to become a surrogate because they feel as though they’re lacking something in their lives. Their traditional jobs may pay them well, but it doesn’t give them the emotional satisfaction that they want.

When you become a surrogate, you become a miracle worker. You’re allowing your body to be used for a healthy pregnancy. The couple you’re carrying the baby for wouldn’t have been able to have a baby otherwise. You’re giving them a gift that would have been denied to them.

Living in Laguna Niguel, California, is a great place to start your journey as a surrogate. You’re already financially stable to care for your children. It’s easy to ensure that you’re able to care for a baby as well. You’ll also find that the compensation you earn through the process can cover the expenses of pregnancy as well.

Compensation for Surrogates

Speaking of compensation, each surrogate agency offers different rates and packages. At our surrogacy agency in California, we offer our surrogates around $50,000 per surrogate job. That’s broken up into monthly installments of $4,250. It’s also possible to earn bonus money under certain circumstances. Here is a brief and general overview of our compensation:

  • Base compensation: $40,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

The two main ways to earn extra income is when the intended parents ask for multiple children or when you become an experienced surrogate. Twins are sometimes more difficult to carry. Because of this, we ask the intended parents to pay their surrogates a bit more.

As for experienced surrogates, those who have had a successful and healthy pregnancy are coveted by intended parents. Not only have they gone through the process of surrogacy already and understand the ropes, but it also shows that their bodies are capable of carrying another person’s baby successfully.

We hope this encourages our surrogates to continue to work with us and help many intended parents out there who want a baby of their own.

Should your spouse have to miss work, your surrogate benefit package pays for up to 10 days’ worth of work pay that they miss.

Surrogacy Qualifications

Before you can become a surrogate, you have to join a surrogacy agency in California. Joining an agency can make surrogacy a lot easier. You’re able to be matched with intended parents in a safe manner. Going freelance and trying to find intended parents on your own can often lead you to be taken advantage of. You might not even receive the best price either.

To join an agency, you first must pass their surrogacy qualifications. As an example, here are some of the qualifications that we have for our prospective surrogates.

First, you must be a legal resident of the United States. You may also be a legal immigrant.

You must also be financially secure. Thanks to the high median household income of Laguna Niguel, this shouldn’t be a problem for you to demonstrate.

Our prospective surrogates must be between the ages of 23 and 38 with a BMI between 19 and 30. You must also be a non-smoker and do not abuse alcohol or drugs.

To show that you can carry a baby successfully, then you must have had a successful birth prior to joining our agency.

Finally, you must pass a physical and mental evaluation.

The Process of Surrogacy in  Laguna Niguel

After joining with an agency, you’ll be able to get started with the process. You’ll be matched with intended parents, receive a surrogate attorney, and surrogate health insurance. With all of the legalities handled, you’re able to start the physical process.

This begins with fertility treatments. This is something that the intended parents will be joining you in. They’ll be receiving treatments for IVF. To help boost their fertility as much as possible, the treatments will help make IVF more successful. The healthier embryo that is a result of the IVF will then be placed inside of your body during embryo transfer.

Your fertility treatments are designed to help make the embryo accepted by your body. Since the embryo isn’t your own, your body has to be tricked into believing that the embryo is a product of your own body. Otherwise, the body can treat it as a foreign invader and will likely destroy it.

With a successful transfer, you’ll be officially pregnant. At this point, you’ll need to follow the advice of your doctor to ensure that the pregnancy remains healthy and that the baby develops correctly.

However, you’re able to return to your life as it was before. You can go back to work and spend time with your family. You’ll just have to be mindful of your habits for the next nine months. You’ll also need to spend time with the intended parents, so they can be part of the pregnancy as well.

Join Us

For those who live in Laguna Niguel and want to become a surrogate, you can join us today. Your journey should begin by filling out our online intake form. You’ll be given the official surrogate application form once it is processed.

For a full list of steps, visit our surrogacy website today.