Become a Surrogate in Fontana

Become a Surrogate in Fontana, California

City of Fontana, CA

Originally, Fontana was a sprawling area for farmers growing citrus orchards, chicken ranches, and vineyards. It would remain an agriculturally-focused area until World War II. By that point, Henry J. Kaiser would build the Kaiser Steel plant. He would also build a medical facility to help with the injuries of his workers.

During the 1960s, the area would also be known for its drag racing strip. While the original strip is gone, a new one made by NASCAR was created later.

Fontana is also home to a fantastic automobile museum. Currently, Fontana has an estimated population of 210,000 people.

If you live in Fontana, California, and you’re curious about how you can become a surrogate, then read on!

Time and Energy Commitments for Surrogates

Before you become a surrogate, it’s important to know just what you’re getting into. Surrogacy in California can last anywhere from one year to two years. You’re going to be carrying the baby for nine months. The rest of the time is spent with fertility treatments and matching you with intended parents.

Besides fertility treatments, you’re also going to spend a lot of time and energy at the doctor. Because the embryo might be fragile, it’s important for the doctor to keep a close eye on the baby to ensure that it’s developing correctly. You’ve likely experienced how much time is spent at the doctor’s already since you’ve been pregnant before.

If you think that you can devote a year or two to the process of surrogacy, then you could be an excellent candidate.

When thinking about surrogacy and joining it as a surrogate mother, you also need to speak with your family about your decision. Younger children might not understand that the baby you’re carrying isn’t their brother or sister. The support of your spouse is also important.

Compensation  for Surrogates in Fontana, California

When you become a surrogate, you can also make a good amount of money. At our surrogacy agency in California, we offer our surrogates a competitive rate of $50,000. That’s broken up into monthly installments of $4,250. We also offer benefits and additional ways to earn money. Here’s a general breakdown of our compensation:

  • Base compensation: $40,000
  • Twins/multiples: $5,000
  • Monthly allowance: $250
  • Experienced Surrogate bonus: $5,000
  • Maternity Clothes: $1,000
  • Housekeeping: $2,000

As you can see, we offer bonuses for experienced surrogates and for multiple children. We also offer work pay for your spouse. Your intended parents pay through your surrogate benefit package up to 10 days’ worth of work pay. This allows them to miss a few days in order to take care of you.

Besides monetary compensation, many surrogates also discuss the emotional fulfillment that being a surrogate provides. At a traditional job, you may receive decent pay, but it likely doesn’t do anything else for you. You may even feel just like another cog in the machine. Surrogates often talk about the sense of satisfaction and joy that they experience when they see the intended parents hold their baby for the first time.

It’s an incredibly emotional moment. You can work as a miracle worker when you become a surrogate.

Surrogacy Qualifications

Once you talk to your family and make the personal commitment to become a surrogate, you’ll need to find a surrogate agency to join. Those agencies have surrogacy qualifications that you have to meet before you can become a member. At our agency, Made in the USA Surrogacy, you must meet the following qualifications in order to join us.

You must be a legal resident of the United States or a legal immigrant.

Because we need to make sure that you can provide a healthy pregnancy, our surrogates must be between the ages of 23 and 38. Their BMI must between 19 and 30.

It’s also imperative that you are not a smoker, that you don’t abuse drugs, and that you’re not an alcoholic.

You must have had at least one prior pregnancy and birth that was successful. This means that the pregnancy didn’t have any complications.

To ensure the environment in which the baby will be developing is sound, you must also be financially secure.

Finally, you have to go through a physical and mental evaluation.

How to Become a Surrogate in Fontana, CA

After passing the qualifications, you’re ready to get started with surrogacy in California. To join our surrogate agency, you first need to fill out our online intake form. This form will show us that you are, indeed, an excellent candidate to be a surrogate.

Once that form has been cleared, you’ll be able to fill out the official surrogate form. At our surrogacy agency in California, we assign an agency coordinator to your case. That coordinator can help you fill out the application if you need assistance.

They’ll also be responsible for helping you keep your appointments together as well as assist you in other ways to make the process of surrogacy as easy and simple as possible.

After completing the application form, you’ll also need to speak to your hospital to acquire medical records that detail your previous pregnancy. This process can take several months for the hospital to complete. As such, it’s something that you should ask from your hospital as soon as possible.

You’ll also need to send photos of yourself and your family to us.

We also need a clearance letter from your OBGYN to show their support for you to become a surrogate.

Finally, you must have a PAP smear performed within a year of applying with us.

The Process of Surrogacy in Fontana, California

After you have been accepted into the agency, we’ll start working on finding your intended parents. We’ll also help you find a surrogate attorney and health insurance. The former is important due to the surrogate agreement that we must have you sign before you can get started.

This agreement essentially details the legality of the baby’s parentage and the birth plan. The birth plan will cover who is allowed in the hospital room with you and what kind of birth technique is used. The agreement also helps dictate the expenses.

As for health insurance, this is an important facet of being a surrogate that many overlook. They believe that their current health insurance can suffice. However, many of these policies are written for traditional pregnancies in mind and not surrogacies.

Finding a health insurance policy that is specifically for surrogates can be difficult to find on your own. Luckily, our agency has a few connections that can help you find a policy that best works for you.

After the agreement has been signed, you’ll be able to start the physical process. Your intended parents will begin fertility treatments for IVF. During IVF, their egg and sperm cells are collected and placed in a petri dish. In this controlled environment, the cells will be able to unite and create a fertilized embryo.

The fertility treatments that you’ll be receiving will be for the embryo transfer. During embryo transfer, the fertilized embryo is carefully placed inside of your womb. If the treatments are successful, then the embryo should be accepted by the body and start to develop.

For the next few months, you’ll be in charge of a healthy pregnancy to look after. When the baby is ready to be born, you’ll follow through with the birth plan that was established earlier.

Additional Agency Benefits

Many surrogates make the mistake of attempting to be a surrogate on their own. Freelance  and independent surrogacy is an option, but it isn’t the best one. For instance, your choice of intended parents is often limited. They may not always have your best interests in mind either. It can be easy to be taken advantage of by those kinds of people.

Another problem that you’ll run into through freelance is not having the legal protection that you should have. With our agency, we help you find an attorney who will ensure your rights are protected.

Those who join an agency are also able to utilize the resources that the rest of the surrogates provide. They can give you tips on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy and support you through every step of the journey. It’s not uncommon for our surrogates to become close friends with one another.

If you live in Fontana, California, and you want to experience a life-changing and emotionally fulfilling method of work, then contact our agency today to get started.