Why Made in the USA Surrogacy?

Northern California’s Premier Surrogacy Agency

Why Made in the USA Surrogacy

Made in the USA Surrogacy was born out of a passion to make a better experience for the surrogacy process. Because of our experience, Made in the USA Surrogacy has shaped itself into becoming the premier Surrogacy Agency in Northern California.

You should choose to work with Made in the USA Surrogacy for 3 reasons:

  1. We are the best surrogacy cost and offer the best surrogate compensation
  2. We source quality surrogates
  3. We know the surrogacy process and guide you one-on-one for the best

Best Surrogacy Cost

When you choose to work with our northern CA surrogacy agency, you want to make sure we have the best cost. Compared to many other surrogacy agencies in California, we are best surrogacy cost agency!

Our average surrogacy costs parents $140,000-$150,000. This cost includes estimates for your specific surrogate mother. Each surrogate mother will have a different costs, for example one will be employed and need lost wages, another will not. Or one surrogate mother will not be employed, but will be married and her husband receives 10 days of lost wages. Some surrogates will need to travel longer to your California fertility clinic. Others will not need to commute as far and therefore will not have as much travel cost. Some surrogate mothers will be experienced, or will need a specific health insurance policy that is costly. Others will have “surrogate-friendly” insurance. Regardless of the differences, our surrogate mothers and your journey will most likely cost $140,000-$150,000- not including IVF costs.

Best Surrogate Compensation for Intended Parents

When you choose find a surrogate with a surrogacy agency in California, you will be met with many compensation plans. There are various tiered plans if your surrogate is from out of state, if she works, or if she is married and works. We have found that working with these compensation plans is confusing and inconsistent. For this reason, we designed our surrogate compensation to be consistent across all surrogates in all surrogate-friendly states and all working mothers or otherwise. This way, everyone knows what they are receiving and what you are paying a surrogate. If she works, you know you will be paying for her lost wages, but if not, you will not be. Consistency is the key to success, and our surrogate compensation plan provides just this.

Compared to other California surrogate agencies, our compensation package is competitive but not the most expensive. Some other agencies will have surrogates making well over $80,000-$90,000. This is in addition to much higher agency fees than ours. This is why you should work with our agency.

Made in the USA Surrogacy’s Surrogate base compensation:

  • First-time Surrogates receive $60,000 base after confirmed pregnancy
  • Experienced Surrogates receive $65,000 base after confirmed pregnancy

Added benefits such as lost wages, travel and insurance can affect these numbers, but we will provide detailed estimates for each surrogate.

Quality Surrogates

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most important part of your surrogacy journey will be finding a quality surrogate. If you have a quality surrogate who meets the surrogate requirements of your fertility clinic, you will save both time and money.

However, if you found a surrogate mother on your own, or you ask family member, there’s no guarantee they will pass the surrogate requirements necessary to proceed. We find that parents who source their own surrogate mothers are most often not successful. They call us and we hear stories time and again about surrogate mothers found without an agency, or surrogates who are offered for free.

Free surrogates or family members

Unfortunately, surrogates offered for free by other California surrogacy agencies, or by any surrogate agencies for that matter, most likely are not offering their best candidates. The saying is true in this sense, “you get what you pay for.”

We have heard the surrogates offered with little-to-no agency fee will most likely be from out-of-state. This means not California- and therefore not subject to CA surrogacy law, and she may have a lot of problems that you don’t know about yet. Issues with these free surrogate profiles include serious health issues, STD’s, Marijuana use, or they may be seriously overweight or a combination of many of these issues.

You may think it is an amazing idea to have your sister or a close family friend become your surrogate. And while this cause is noble, and you are humbled by the offering of your family member, consider that surrogacy medical qualifications are numerous. Out of 60 inquiries and applications from prospective surrogate mothers, we may have 1 that becomes a surrogate. These odds are almost impossible and very unlikely for a family member to be completely free of any and all pregnancy complications, or other surrogate qualifications mentioned above.

Finding Quality surrogates is what we do

Our standards are high for prospective surrogates. Not only do we ask for them to be physically fit and have an active lifestyle, we examine their medical records with a trained IVF nurse to help us determine her eligibility. We closely examine every prospective surrogate’s responses, response times, and motivations for becoming a surrogate. Also, we examine their health policy for whether it is possible to use it for the surrogacy. By the time we provide our intended parents with a “profile” of a prospective surrogate mother, her budget is dialed in, and she has passed our many hoops to jump through.

By the time we’re done with her profile and show her to you, you’ll be ready to meet her and see her quality for yourself.

Made in the USA SurrogacyWe know surrogacy!

At Made in the USA Surrogacy, we have made it our mission to provide quality surrogates at a great cost, but also provide you with the knowledge to make it through your journey. We pride ourselves on efficient and effective communication, and no question is too small. If you’re a prospective surrogate mother who lives in California, we’d like to meet you. Please fill out our inquiry form today.

If you’d like to become a parent with our agency, please fill out our form here.

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